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13 BEST & Stylish Goatee Styles For Men’s Fashion in 2019

Goatee Styles- What is goatee, let’s start the discussion with this question. It is a beard style which is the most trending facial hairstyle these days. You might be seen many people opting this beard style, this style is common in business professionals and college students. Here we have listed the top 15 goatee styles among them. 


The Goatee beard styles are not quite a beard or neither a mustache, this style actually combines the elements of both a beard and mustache while leaving the cheeks shaven. A goatee name is derived from the fur under the chin of a goat. And the goatee beard styles have been around for a long, long time.

Goatee Styles

There are various styles of a goatee, maybe you have seen a lot of people with this style instead of full beard or short beard. The reason is, its easy to grow, no matter which style you choose. A goatee is ideal for all men in the early 20’s, and maybe for all others which can’t grow a full beard, but they want to have facial hair.

goatee beard

The goatee is one of the trending beard styles these days. It is perfect for a person who wants to change his look from shaved to shabby bearded look. In this beard style combine chin hair and mustache, just like a goat and that’s the reason for its name “Goatee”.

Generally, almost all Goatee styles are similar, the difference among all styles are shape, design, and length. Top 15 Goatee Styles are briefly discussed below:

1- Van Dyke

Van Dyke style was most popular in the 1960s and 1970s, now its again in the trend especially in the young generation. This style especially refers to chin hair and mustache while rest of face shaved clean.

chin beard

This style will suit more on a person with a longer face and pointed chin because it would make the chin appear more rounded. This style is named after the 17th-century Flemish painter Anthony van Dyck, whose self-portraits helped to popularize this look.

2- Classic Goatee

Classic Goatee is very easy for adopting as in it you have to grow chin beard under your lips, while cheeks and mustache hair should be shaven clearly. This style will suit a person who has a round face.

circle beard

Academy Award-winning actor Benicio del Toro has worn this classic goatee style and he has worn it well.

3- Rap Industry Standard

This style is named after the rappers, maybe you have seen many popular rappers with this beard style. This style consists of a thin ring around the mouth and also following the jawline along the chin. The main key is that it is thin.


This style will suit a person who has a round face because this style will narrow the face at sides and will make it seems slightly longer.

4- Full Goatee

Most people think about the Goatee styles and they usually go with Full goatee. In this style, you need to grow mustache around the mouth to combine with the unshaven beard while cheeks hairs have to be shaved neatly.

mustache and goatee

Full Goatee will suit a person who has a diamond-shaped face. You can check the actor named Will Smith who wear this style.

5- Balbo

The Babo Goatee Style is referred to as a beard with two or three parts, in this Goatee style, the mustache is combined with the chin hair and also including a soul patch. This style will be perfect a person who has a square or diamond-shaped face.

how to trim a goatee

Balbo goatee style is named after the Italo Balbo, a Mussolini goon during World War-II and these days you can check a famous actor Robert Downey Jr who opted this style.

6- Goatee and Mustache

The name of this Goatee style described well its shape, in it a mustache is connected to a goatee. It can be changed into various other styles. But it’s a reality that its a classic look.

extended goatee

Such a style will be perfect for a person who has a square face and who may not want to wear a full beard. There are many famous actors who worn this style such as Tom Selleck and Jeff Bridges.

7- Soul Patch

Soul patch is a small patch of hair under the bottom lip, the main thing about is popularity is, it can be combined with many other beard styles.

beard names

It will suit a person who has a round face shape. Maybe you have seen actor Kevin Costner who opted soul patch style.

8- Anchor

Anchor Goatee style is named as Anchor because of its shape, as it looks like the nautical ship equipment of old. In this style, you need to combine a chinstrap beard with the groomed and well-shaped thin mustache and soul patch which extends to the chin.

men's beard styles

Anchor Goatee style will suit a person who has a round face or it also looks great on a triangle faces.

9- Goatee with Chin Strap

Chin Strap requires discipline, it should be kept clean or clearly enclosed to the jawline and combining with the classic goatee. Such a style will suit a person who has long or oblong face shape.

how to grow a goatee

10- Extended Goatee

The extended goatee style is a mustache extending into a beard but without sideburns. This style is very similar to the Hollywoodian beard style. This style will be perfect for a person who has a long or oblong face shape.

goatee types

11- Goat Patch

Goat Patch style has probably the least hairs among all the goatee styles. Its look vertical rectangle just below the bottom lip up to the chin. It is perfect for those who are struggling with growing facial hair.

what is a goatee

Goat Patch style work with almost all face shapes but it looks perfect with a person who has s diamond-shaped face or triangular-shaped face.

12- Chin Puff

Many goatee styles have what is called a chin puff,  but the real chin puff has no mustache. The hair on the chin must be left high up to the lips on both sides. Some people claim the top of this goatee style looks, as the Batarang.

Chin Puff goatee

13- Handlebar and Goatee

In this style of Goatee, a handlebar mustache is combined with a goatee. Neither are connected. Such a style will look perfectly on a person who has a long face and also provides a better foundation for the goatee and handlebar.

Handlebar and Goatee

14- Norse Skipper

The Norse Skipper is a lengthy chin puff which goes no broader than the corners of the mouth. It suits perfectly with a person who has a round face, as though it focuses attention on the chin.  Its also look good with some other facial shapes.

Norse Skipper

15- Petite Goatee

Pettie Goatee style starts just below the lips and extends just ahead the chin to combine an upside-down teardrop. This style will suit a person who has a squared-face shape.

goatee style beard

There are many actors which opt this facial hairstyle such as James Hetfield.

Probably you will need the best quality trimer for shaving in order to opt neat and clean Goatee styles or you can visit the Barbershop and Saloon for men for proper trimming a beard for better goatee style.

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