How to Know if Grapes Have Gone Bad?

Grapes are a much-loved fruit, probably due to the very small amount of preparation needed before eating them, unlike some of the other harder to eat fruits (pomegranates I’m looking at you!). Grapes can be eaten raw or used to make delicious desserts, salads, juices, etc.

They are a good source of Vitamins C and K and have little to no fat. But how to know if your grapes have gone bad. Surely you would like to know if the grapes you are buying are good to eat.

How to know if grapes have gone badIn this article, we will tell you a few ways by which you can determine if your grapes are still fresh and okay to use in recipes.

Look at the Color

There are different types of grapes, they may be green, blue or red.

Dark green grapes are actually not yet ripe and will be far too sour. Ripe grapes are yellowish green in color. If the grapes are brown in color, that means they have gone bad. Before buying, Make sure that all the grapes are the same color, this ensures the same distribution of nutrients throughout the bunch, also make sure that none of the grapes are brown or moldy. Because a single bad grape will make the rest go bad in just a day or two.

Check the Firmness

Fresh grapes are firm in consistency, whereas old ones are easy to press and misshape. Press one grape, if it is soft and doesn’t stay firm, this means it is overripe and about to go bad. The outside of the grape should not have any wrinkles or cuts and bruises. Grapes, on starting to go bad, will start shrinking in size and may leak fluid without cutting.

Taste Them

The most important thing to do before buying grapes is to taste them. You can simply tell the quality of the grapes just by tasting. Some grapes may look good, but they may be of bad quality. Also tasting them enables you to select the ones that you prefer, as some people like sweet grapes while others prefer a more sour taste.

Smell Them

If you suspect they might be going bad, try and smell the grapes. If they have almost gone bad, they will have gotten a vinegar-like sour and unpleasant smell.

Tricks for Buying Grapes

  • Before buying a bunch, hold it up and gently shake it. If a few grapes fall off, that means it’s not very fresh. If all the grapes stay attached, that means it is fresh.
  • The second thing to notice is the spot on the grape where the stem is attached, the spot should be green and not brown or dry.
  • Always wash the grapes right before you eat them, do not store grapes after washing them as this will make them go bad quicker. If you have to, wash them, dry them completely and then store in the refrigerator

Best Way to Store Grapes

  • Grapes can be stored in an airtight container
  • You can also store them in a plastic bag.
  • Make sure that the grapes are dry before storing them in the refrigerator.

If you store them properly, they will last for a week to 10 days easily. Leaving them at room temp, they will merely last you up to five days.

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