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How To Grow Blue Roses?

Roses are one of the most liked flowers. These are of different colors, such as red, yellow and white. Roses have always been used as a symbol of love, immorality and prosperity, in art and literature all over the world. But there is one species of roses, the Blue Roses, which is perhaps the most favorite topic of literature and art.

Roses or the blue roses belong to the genus Rosa under the family Rosaceae. In fact, there are no natural species of blue roses; roses are most commonly white, red or yellow. Since the blue roses have been a hot and favorite topic in literature and art, scientists were keen to evolve a species of blue roses.

blue roses

For decades, this effort remained fruitless. In the year 2004, an Australian company (Florigene) in collaboration with a Japanese company (Suntory) created blue roses through genetic engineering with white roses which have a blue pigment known as delphinidin. But their color is close to pale mauve or lavender.


Another effort through traditional hybridization technique produced a type of blue roses called the “blue moon” but their color was also not true blue; rather it was more close to lilac. Despite all that, Suntory (the Japanese company) has succeeded in selling thousands of their genetically engineered blue roses.

A report says they have sold around 10000 blue roses between the years 2008 to 2010 at a price of 22-35 US Dollars per flower. Apart from its domination in arts and culture, blue roses are also associated with some traditions as well. In some old cultures, blue roses were associated with royal blood.

Since these are naturally available, blue roses also are a symbol of mystery and to attain the impossible. In some cultures, it was believed that the one having a blue rose will get his wishes accomplished. Since blue roses are not naturally available, people have also adopted various other techniques to produce blue roses.

blue roses

One such technique is dyeing the white roses in blue color. So, whenever you intend to buy some blue roses from the flower shop, make sure whether you are buying a dyed or genetically produced blue rose. Despite the fact, that these do not exist naturally, the demand for blue roses is increasing day by day, over the decades.

These are so beautiful that everyone likes to have it in his/her home for decoration. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to grow blue roses, at home.

Buy A Blue Rose

For growing blue roses in your home, first of all, you need to have the blue rose flower. Somewhat difficult and may be expensive as well, but you have to buy a genetically engineered blue rose flower from any reliable flower/garden shop. However, you need to take extra care while buying one from any flower or garden shop:

  • Make sure it is a genetically modified blue rose.
  • Make sure it is not a dyed blue rose.
  • Make sure it is a healthy and fresh flower, otherwise you will not be able to grow further blue roses from it.

When To Grow Blue Roses?

As with most of the flowers, the best season is the spring season to grow blue roses at your home garden. Spring season is most suited one, as you can get the fresh and healthy blue rose from any reputed flower shop in this season.

Once you have a fresh and healthy blue rose in hand, soak it for at least 24 hours. This will bring back its vigor and the moisture level will also be regained. If you feel necessary, the soaking period may be extended up to two days but be careful not to damage the flower.

Soil Preparation

Best place for growing blue roses is a place in your garden that receives plenty of sunshine during a good part of the day. Another factor to consider while selecting the site is soil; it should be a well-drained soil. Preferably the site should not be covered by large trees and plants, this may hinder the direct sunlight.

Dig out the soil once and then mix fertilizer in it. There are various specially manufactured fertilizers for blue roses, available in the market. Select a fertilizer from a reputable company. This type of fertilizer can also be made at home but that is a separate subject and for now, we recommend you to buy it from the nearest garden shop.


Once the soil is prepared with the mixing of fertilizers, the next step is to dig holes in the selected area. Holes should be approximately two feet deep and two feet wide. One plant of blue roses will be inserted in one hole with a distance of around 100 cm from each other.

Cover the roots with soil and water it thoroughly. Watering intervals should be fifteen days. Similarly, the rose plant should also be sprayed with water after a couple of weeks, regularly, so that they maintain their moisture level and remain fresh and healthy.

The second dose of fertilizer will become due after three months. Again, use the specific fertilizer meant for the roses. During this period, there is every possibility of growth of weeds around your rose plants. Remove these weeds carefully, without damaging the roots of your rose plants.

After a few weeks from here, it will enter into the blooming phase. At this stage, you will have to prune it. Pruning is always so important for the healthy growth of any plant. Once the plant starts producing blue roses, cut the flowers so that it has a long stem with it. This stem makes it easy to prepare you a bouquet of blue roses.


Since the blue roses are difficult to find in flower or garden shops, growing them at home is a good option and we strongly recommend it for you.

Once you have your own blue rose plants, always take care to preserve some blue rose flowers so that you can grow more plants of blue roses whenever required. Preserving blue roses will also make it possible for you to gift some to your friends and neighbors for further propagation of blue roses.

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