How To Have A Good Morning Routine?

Everyone wants to wake up in the in the best of moods and in order to feel productive, it is important to set a routine that will energize your system after a sound night sleep to help you start the day in a good way.

Have A Good Morning Routine

This will be advantageous for your physical and mental well being. Getting into a routine in the morning will help you be ready for the day that lies ahead for you as full of life.

In this article, we will describe some tips how to have a good morning routine, so if you are interested to know more, read the article till the end.

For Each Task Set A Specific Time

For Each Task Set A Specific Time

In order to have a good morning routine, you need to set a time for each task that you will perform in the morning. This means that you should not give one or two hours for each action but you must set a certain number of minutes for each work.

List down all of the things you do in the morning routine and add a specific number of minutes for each task for example:

  • 5 minutes for a shower.
  • 15 minutes for breakfast.
  • 20 minutes for hair and makeup etc.

Doing this you will know how long before going to the office or college you have to wake up. This thing will not only keep you to your schedule but you will never be late to your work.

Prepare The Things At Night Before

Prepare The Things At Night Before

If you want to avoid the morning stress and extra work you have to prepare things at the night before so you can save up the time in the morning. In this regard you can:

  • You can prepare your Tupperware lunch while you are preparing dinner.
  • Select the clothes you have to wear tomorrow and set them aside so you only have to take them in the morning. It is because most of our time is wasted on debating what to wear.

Make It A Habit To Spend Time On A Healthy Break Fast

Make It A Habit To Spend Time On A Healthy Break Fast

It is important for you to know that breakfast is the most essential meal of the day so must make it a necessary part of your routine. Make it a habit to give yourself a proper breakfast having protein, vitamins and carbohydrates so you have all the energy and the mental skills you need throughout the day.

Fiber and vitamins are provided by fresh juices while wholegrain oatmeal with coconut milk will give you the increased energy that you need. An egg will add up to all these energies.

You should never skip breakfast as this will leave you dizzy and tired throughout the day. Try to stay away from sugary and heavily processes food in your breakfast. Always eat a healthy breakfast containing protein, fruits and whole grains as mentioned above.

Always look for something like fruit, yogurt, a green smoothie or oatmeal. Stay away from the things like pastries donuts or microwaveable breakfast foods.

Beauty Routine

Beauty Routine

If you think that you do not have enough time in the morning, you can shower at night, but it is recommended that even if you live in a humid climate it is better to shower in the morning. Some more beauty tips are recommended below:

  • Moisturize your face and skin evenly.
  • Brushing your teeth after breakfast to get rid of the germ is best.
  • It is better to wait for 30 minutes before brushing your teeth if you have had citrus fruits in your breakfast so you will not damage your enamel.
  • And if we talk about makeup, you must keep it simple and natural. You do not have to do so much with yourself to go to work.
  • Just apply some powder foundation, if needed, cover your eye bags and dab some nude eye-shades, lipstick which is in a natural tone and in the last, mascara.
  • Brush your hair properly and forget about curling or ironing as it will not only waste your time but also damage your hairs. If possible create beautiful up-dos as it will help you to feel comfortable at work.
Remember: It is also a fact that to have a morning to its best you need to sleep well. So try to have a sound sleep of 8 hours with no noise.

Right Time For Brainstorming

Right Time For Brainstorming

It is said that your brain works to the fullest in the morning, that is why you should spend some minutes with yourself to clear your head in order to have a better concentration. For this purpose, spare your mind free or meditate for some minute to activate your brain.

Morning Exercise

Morning Exercise

As we know exercise in the morning has many benefits so if you want to energize your system properly, wake up an hour early and begin an exercise routine. Yet, if you cannot set a proper time for a workout before leaving home, you can at least try a couple of push ups or sit ups.

You can also have a 10 minute walk in garden or cycling or jogging as this gives you energy in your daily routine. It does not mean you have to spent two hours in the gym in the morning to boost your energy, just 10 minutes are enough. The short amount of exercise after waking can help you tackle the day that lies ahead in the way.

If you do not have any lawn in your house or there is no garden near you can do a gentle yoga for 10 minutes in your living room.

Note: This article is merely informative. There are several other tips which you can adapt and if you want to share with us you can write them in the comments section.

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