How Many Calories Are Burned Running A Marathon?

Like many other exercises, the idea behind running is to burn calories, aiming at getting slimmer and fit enough, by losing extra fats. Whether you do running or jogging individually or you run a marathon, you must be wondering how many calories have been burnt during this activity.

How many calories have been burnt, is quite a complicated question, as it depends upon various factors. However, the experts have evolved different formulae to calculate or measure the amount or number of calories burnt during a certain activity.

How Many Calories Does Running a Marathon Burns

Here we are providing you the basic knowledge of how many calories are burned while running a marathon.

Important Points To Consider

There a number of factors that determine how much calories will be burned during an exercise, or to be more precise, during running a marathon. These may be the Age, Weight and your Fitness level, while your body composition also plays a key role in it. These are the basic factors pertaining to your own physique.

But there are other factors as well which pertain to the actual running activity. These are, the speed with which you run, the place or the terrain on which you are running and most importantly the time span of your actual running.

Let us see how many calories are burnt depending on the pace of your running.

Number Of Calories Burnt While Running Slow

The formula for calculating the number of calories burnt while running slowly takes into consideration factors, such as your weight and duration of your run.

Calories Burnt While Running Slow

Slow Running

At a speed of 8 Kilometers an hour:

Number of Calories burnt = (Weight of a person x 2.2) x Period of running in minutes x 0.06

Slow Jogging

At a speed of 13 Kilometers an hour:

Number of Calories burnt = (weight of the running person x 2.2) x period of running in minutes x 0.104

This will give an approximate value of calories burnt during the slow running or jogging.

Number Of Calories Burnt While Running Fast

The formula for calculating the number of calories burnt while running at a fast speed takes into consideration different factors such as duration of a run and your weight.

Calories Burnt While Running FAST

Walking Fast

At a speed of 11 Kilometers an hour:

Number of Calories burnt = (Weight of a person x 2.2) x Period of running in minutes x 0.092

Running Fast

At a speed of 16 Kilometers an hour:

Number of Calories burnt = (weight of the running person x 2.2) x period of running in minutes x 0.129

This will give an approximate value of calories burnt during the slow running or jogging.

If you are a regular runner or doing your workouts on a regular and organized manner, you must be aware of the importance of putting on correct jogging or running shoes. Similarly wearing correct clothes while running also plays an important part in your successful endeavor.

As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workouts, do your workouts correctly to avoid any possible injuries and take care of diet. Imbalanced diet will never let you achieve your goal, especially when it comes to burning of calories. If you do specific exercises for consuming calories but simultaneously intake food rich in calories, the result will be negative. So, it is very important that you eat correctly.

Finally, never hesitate to consult a professional trainer, whenever you observe something going wrong or if you feel difficulties in doing any particular exercise.

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How To Do The Lemon Detox Diet?

Detox diets are a great way to start a dieting routine. They are easy to adapt and don’t involve too much effort like other dieting options.

What detoxing basically does is to cleanse the body from unwanted toxins. You may have heard of charcoal soaps, that aid in detoxifying the skin topically. Similarly, a lemon detox diet cleanses the entire body from within and this, in turn, cleanses the gut and the skin.

Detoxing with lemon

To jump onto this master cleanse, the Try Articles team has prepared some great insight for you to follow. Let’s give your body a hard reset, shall we!

Pointers To Note Before You Start

  • A lemon detox is meant to be done for an entire week or rigidly for 10 days
  • This master cleanse is only to be done once in a year
  • Always use fresh organic lemons
  • Drink the lemon detox water as soon as it’s prepared
  • Easing-in and easing-out of the lemon detox diet is a critical phase to follow
  • Do not quit the lemon detox process mid-way as it would kill the purpose
  • Do not give in to cravings, as these would fail the required goal
  • Nausea is a part of the detox process, but not everyone faces it
  • Irritability and boredom is expected, but this mood is very short-lived
  • People who have caffeine addictions may have a headache, but these go away a day or two into the diet

Why Go For A Lemon Detox Diet?

A bunch of celebrities followed the lemon detox for faster weight loss to play a certain role in the movies. That’s where this diet took its popularity from. Nutritionists and dieticians gave their knowledgeable insights on the topic weighing the pros and cons of this master cleanse.

Lemon benefits

The Lemonade Diet

This cleansing diet requires an intake of selective liquids for 10 days. Once that is done, it means your body has shunned the toxins and you can now introduce other foods into your diet. But, take heed, you will need to do that slowly as we are going to be breaking the bodies 10-day past habit. In order to achieve what a lemon detox diet promises, the easing-in, and easing-out phases need to be taken seriously.

The Ease-In Phase

This is the phase that starts before the actual detox diet. The concept behind this phase is to help prepare the mind and body for the change that is about to be introduced to your system.

Day 1

We start off by quitting the in-take of process foods, thereby stopping the flow of new toxins in the body.

Day 2

Next, we start off by slowly taking in the liquid diet. This includes soups, juices, and energy packed liquids like broth.

Day 3

Now, we start with the real deal. Time to consume juices, like orange juice and some plain water.

The Ease-Out Phase

This phase is the exact opposite of the ease-in phase. It will now start training your body to come back to taking in regular food, slowly.

Day 1

In-take of orange juice and plain water only.

Day 2

This day will be all about broth and soups.

Day 3

Time to slowly introduce solids. Starting off raw is best. Go for some fresh fruit and stir-fried vegetables.

What Is The Ideal Time To Do The Lemonade Detox Diet?

The best time to jump on this amazing body cleanse is when your digestive system calls for some hard reset. Also, when you feel bloated, that’s quite a loud sign to observe. Also, if you feel that your obesity isn’t going away with other methods, try this weight loss cleanse. This diet aids in healing the muscles and tissues, so if you feel your body is going through muscle aches, it’s the best time to hop on this diet.

Lemonade Diet Detox Water Recipe

Lemonade detox water is an effective recipe for weight-loss. As mentioned above it assists the body in numerous ways and leads it to well-being. Let’s take a look at the recipe!

Lemon detox


  • freshly squeezed lemon juice — 2 Tbsp
  • Honey or agave nectar — 2 Tbsp
  • Cayenne pepper (powdered) 1/10 tsp
  • Warm water — 8 oz


Simply mix all the ingredients in a glass flask. Make sure to stir well to dissolve all the ingredients.

What Should Be The Daily In-Take?

Ideally, 6-12 glasses of lemonade daily are recommended. However you may consume more than 12, and it is better to drink more than less. A minimum of 8 glass is a must, though. Your intake depends upon your caloric count, so be sure to keep a track of that. Also, your commitment to this diet plays a big part, mentally.

Lemon Drops

Side Effects

It’s been observed that some people tend to develop light fatigue and encounter possible breakouts. But, it all goes away in time, when you’re deep into the diet. Don’t be alarmed all of this is a natural response from the body and is necessary. What can be done, is that the number of showers should be increased, in order to tackle the excretion of toxins in the form of oil. Basically, don’t give the oil a chance to home into your skin and create breakouts.

Post Cleanse

It is highly important to remember that in order to reap the most benefits from this weight loss you will have to maintain a healthy way of living after. Try curbing your cravings by drinking plain water. Choose healthier food options to stop the weight gain from coming back.

Do share your experiences with us, we’re always happy to read success stories like these.

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How To Exercise Without Losing Weight?

It is a misconception with many people that exercises are only aimed at reducing weight. No doubt, losing weight through different sets of exercises are very common these days but, exercises are equally important to achieve a stronger body fitness without losing weight. After all, everyone going to the gym is not overweight.


So, even if you are not overweight, you must follow a plan of regular exercises to maintain your fitness level and strength of various parts of your body, without losing weight. You may have met with people who start workouts to lose weight and after some time (when the desired level of weight loss is achieved) they discontinue the exercises, resulting in weight gain, once again. Such people should also follow the exercise plans that are aimed at “not losing weight’.

Let us see, how you can exercise without losing weight?

Change Your Diet

Weight gain or weight maintenance is directly proportional to the total intake and burning of calories in a day. Simultaneously, it also depends on total food intake per day. When you perform your exercises, Calories are burnt, ultimately reducing fats in your body, thus losing weight.

But if you are not overweight and only doing your workouts for maintenance of fitness and strength level of your muscles, you need to adjust your diet plan accordingly; means include food that provides more calories.


Hence, it is compulsory to change your diet plan when you are exercising for weight maintenance, instead of weight gain or weight loss. Monitor your food consumption, how much protein, carbohydrates and fat, you are taking daily.

While this is a more precise and scientific way of food planning, there is a simple method as well; intake food as per your body demand or hunger level you feel. But this may lead to unnecessary or surplus food intake, which may have a negative impact and your weight may start increasing.

Remember! Keep balance in your diet plan, when it comes to “not losing or gaining weight”.

Strength Training Exercises

Extended workout sessions in the gym, result in weight loss. Some people think that exercise is only effective when done vigorously for hours. But be careful, so much extended exercises may result in loss of weight and also injuries, whereas your aim is to exercise without losing weight. So, here you are required to follow strength training workouts.

Strength Training Exercises

Strength training exercises are specially designed routines that are good for muscle build up and strength. Normally these are done in short spells.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

These are specially designed exercises that are done in even more shorter periods. These are designed for cardiovascular improvement, in addition to weight. These are very effective and are done in the shortest time period to provide maximum strength without losing weight.


What Should Be The Schedule Of Exercises And Rest Periods?

Schedule of exercise is very important in your daily routines. Exercise is meant to provide you a healthier body and ultimately a good lifestyle. For exercises that are aimed at not gaining or losing weight, you are required to spend very little time in the gym, so, it is easier for you to plan in an efficient way.

Remember, daily workout schedule should not be an extra burden on your body. Spare a time when you are free and can do the workout without any stress on your mind or body. With a tense mind you cannot achieve the desired results; rather it may have a negative impact, especially on your level of interest.

The other important factor in planning your daily routine is providing rest periods to your body. No exercise is effective if done continuously without giving break. Rest or break is highly important for your muscles to recover from the effects of workout and in order to return at a normal level.


Although rest is much important in all types of exercises, when you are doing the workout for weight maintenance, it becomes more important. If you do not provide rest period to your body, it may result in weight loss, which is not your aim at this point.So, schedule your workouts and rest on alternate days. Three days workout plan weekly is ideal for your cause.

Attention! You may also jump over to more extensive program with 5 or 6 days per week, once you are accustomed to the exercise plan.

As with all workouts and fitness programs, consistency, right selection of food intake and rest intervals are key to your success. Remember, fitness, strength and maintaining your weight needs continuous struggle. It is an ongoing task, so, never give up, keep trying.

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How To Lose Weight With A Jump Rope?

Unnecessary weight gain has always been a big issue with the humans. The problem has worsened with the change in lifestyle, owing to the available facilities around us. So, everyone wants to maintain his body weight within the desired range. That’s why weight loss equipment and workout plans are abundantly available in the market. But the majority of the equipment is costly and you may not be inclined to invest much on this. Then what to do?

The answer is, start doing Rope Jumping at home. While the equipment is costly and the regular weight loss exercises may also need joining a gym (again an expensive option), Rope Jumping is quite simple, cheaper and above all, need no extra time to spare for going to the gym.

lose weight with jump rope

You may like to carry on with your existing lifestyle and diet habits and still want to lose weight. You can do it with Rope Jumping, without abruptly changing your lifestyle. Rope Jumping falls into the category of cardio intensive workout, which is considered one of the best exercises for weight loss. Let us explore how we can lose weight with the jump rope?

Buy Right Size Jump Rope

Length of rope is very important. Too long or too short sized jump rope cannot serve the purpose. Select a right-sized jump rope for you. The correct size of rope is the one, which is equal to the double of the length from your feet to just below your armpit.

right size jump rope

Hold the extreme end of the rope in your right hand, just below your armpit. Pass it below your feet and hold the other end of the rope in your left hand, just below the armpit. This is the correct size of rope for you.

Selection Of Correct Type Of Footwear

Footwear for jump rope should ideally be the cross-training shoes. Sole should be soft and shock resistant. Simultaneously, the shoes should be tough enough to bear the stress while jumping. The floor, where you are planning to do rope jumping should be slightly softer; not too hard. A wooden floor or a rubber mat placed on the floor is a good option.

cross-training shoes

Duration Of Jump Rope

As with all other workout plans, keep the duration of your jump rope exercise to the minimum, in the beginning, and gradually increase the time, once you get acquainted with it. A fifteen-minute workout is best for the starters, in a day. Continue with this schedule for at least one week or so, depending on how your body reacts.

The aim behind your rope jumping is weight loss. See how much weight you have lost during one week by doing a 15-minute workout with rope. Then gradually increase the duration, aiming to lose more weight during the next week. Keep on increasing your aim but don’t be over-ambitious. Don’t try to lose weight instantly; be patient & consistent and above all, maintain your motivation level.

duration of jump rope

Mix Up The Workouts

The professional coaches always stress that the work out plans should not restrict to only one type of exercises. The ideal way is to mix cardio-intensive exercises with strength training.

Therefore, don’t just keep on jumping the rope, you may include sit-ups, push-ups as well. You should also change the style of jumping rope, such as two-footed jumps, one footed jump and rotating the feet while jumping. Doing so, your entire body muscles will be worked on, thus extracting optimum advantage from your workout with rope jumping.

results of jump rope

Track Your Jumping Results

Keep tracking your exercise routine and monitor what results have been achieved. Doing so, you will be able to make changes to your workout plans, while keeping yourself motivated. You may do this manually by maintaining your own record in a notebook on the daily basis, such as duration of workouts and weight chart.

This can also be done in a more organized way, through use of available apps. Such apps are very useful in keeping the track of your workouts. These are also helpful to set goals and ways to achieve the goals by re-scheduling the workouts routine.

Remember! As we always emphasize, the key to your success with workouts is consistency, patience, selection of right diet and avoid being overambitious.

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How Many Calories Do You Burn On A Rowing Machine?

Rowing, be it the actual boat rowing or rowing in a gym on a rowing machine, is highly effective Cardio exercise for muscle endurance and equally good for burning huge amount of calories. Rowing a boat is quite an interesting sports activity but many people don’t have ample opportunities to do that. That’s why such people prefer to join a gym where they can do rowing on the machines.


Rowing machines are basically of two types, one has the cable with hands attachments, and the other has bars to simulate ores’ action. Both are equally beneficial when it comes to burning calories. The best part of rowing exercise is the fact that it helps burn the huge number of calories in a short time span, with an added benefit of muscle strength.

Here we are giving the basic knowledge about rowing on a machine and how much calories do you burn on a rowing machine.

How To Exercise On A Rowing Machine?

Rowing machines are of two types. One that has the cable and attachment for hands and the one that has bars. Whatever may be the type of machine, rowing exercises are the same.

For exercising on a rowing machine, you need to sit on the front part of the machine. Place your feet on footpads with knees bent fully. With the extended arms, hold the handle or the bar, as the case may be, and lean in the direction of your thighs to bring the torso at the position of 1 O’clock. While keeping arms extended, push your legs to the extent the legs are straightened.


Once reached to this posture, lean the upper body back to form the position of 11 O’clock. Now pull the hands to the ribcage with elbows close in, as much as possible. Then reverse the entire action to return back. Make sure that the arms must be extended while you lean forward, at end of the movement. To better understand the whole movement, imagine that you are rowing a boat, but here there is no boat but a machine.

Rowing is quite a demanding exercise as compared to other cardiovascular exercises. It is therefore recommended to combine the high-intensity rowing with moderate intensity rowing. This way you can get maximum benefits. Start with a lesser or moderate intensity, such as 20 strokes per minute, for a period 5 minutes. Then do a high-intensity rowing with 25 strokes in one minute. Keep alternating the moderate and high-intensity workout.

How Many Calories Are Burnt While Rowing On A Machine?

Measuring the number of calories burnt during the rowing machine workouts, is quite a tricky affair, as it depends on a number of factors. However, the experts have compiled a table of calories consumed as per weight of an individual and intensity of the workout. The table shows the number of calories burnt after an exercise of one hour, as under:


  • A person weighing 125 pounds will burn 410 calories after rowing moderately for one hour and 510 calories with high-intensity rowing.
  • A person weighing 155 pound burns 520 and 632 calories with one hour of rowing at a moderate and high-intensity workout, respectively.
  • With a weight of 185 pounds, one can burn 622 calories within moderate and 754 calories in high-intensity workout at rowing machine
  • With a weight of 240 pounds, you can burn 654 calories in one hour of rowing at a machine with moderate intensity and 795 Calories with high-intensity rowing.

Important: The number of calories burnt while rowing on a machine varies with the person, weight and age group. It also depends on the intensity of doing the workout. Apart from these, there may be other factors as well, which determines the number of calories burnt while rowing on a machine.

Exercising on a rowing machine surely burns the high amount of calories as compared to other cardiovascular exercises, but the range of burnt calories varies as explained above. However, the most important factor, as in all other workouts, is the consistency and mixing the high intensity and moderate intensity sessions together, to achieve the maximum possible benefits.

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How To Do A Fat Burning Workout?

Accumulation of fats in different parts of human body effects the overall fitness and health of a person. This accumulation comes through imbalanced diet and lesser physical activities or lack of regular exercises. Apart from an untoned and fattier body appearance, fats start accumulating in form of lipids which badly affects the blood circulation and may lead to serious heart diseases.

People normally do physical activities, thinking that it will help eliminate the fat accumulation. But as a matter of fact, many physical activities only burn calories and do not have the desired impact on burning of fats. For achieving the goal of burning fats, you need to enhance the metabolism in your system. For this purpose, you need to do high-intensity exercises.


Although the diet plays a vital role in controlling the fat accumulation in your body, yet the correct selection of workout plans remains equally important for burning and eliminating the fat storage in the body. Here we suggest some useful techniques on How To Do A Fat Burning Workout?

Cardiovascular Exercises

Some experts are of the view that Cardiovascular Exercises are good enough to control fats in the human body but many experts don’t think it to be the perfect approach. Cardio exercises such as swimming, running, spinning or cycling and cross training are good at burning glucose when done with low intensity. In this way, these also consume calories but don’t have ample effect on burning of fats.

For achieving the goal of burning fats with cardio exercises, you need to do these with high intensity for short durations such as 10-12 minutes, then with lower intensity for a few minutes and then again with higher intensity for a further 10 – 12 minutes. In this way, your system will start consuming excess oxygen even after you have finished the exercises.

Since the muscles need more oxygen for re-growth after completion of high-intensity workouts, the body starts consuming more calories, thus helping to eliminate fat accumulation in different parts of the body.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Weight Exercises

Weights or resistance exercises are not considered useful when it comes to the burning of more calories, as compared to the cardio exercises. But at the same time, weights or resistance exercise are good at excess oxygen consumption after completion of workouts, thus enabling burning of fats.

As a matter of fact, these exercises actually consume calories and glucose but once you have finished the workout, your body actually starts consuming more oxygen; hence it is true that weights or resistance exercises burn more calories during rest or after finishing the physical activities. This particularly helps eliminating the lipid concentration in your body. This process lasts for even hours after completion of workouts, depending on intensity with which you have done your physical exercises.

Now that you have learned about the basic difference between the Cardio and Weights training, we move on to Weights or Resistance Exercises through which you can burn fats in your body.

However, you must know the very vital factor before starting the resistance exercises; i.e. you must be fit enough to do these exercises with ease. So, it is important to start building your strength for which you need to do resistance exercises as under:

  • Complete a circuit of 10 exercises with ten repetitions in one set and do 3 sets.
  • Select appropriate weight. The correct weight is the one which gives you a tough time to some extent to work with. Too lighter or too heavier weights should be avoided.
  • Plan a set of exercises which includes the ones working on different muscle groups simultaneously.
  • Do these exercises on each alternate day or 4 times a week with breaks in between.

Weights ExercisesFollowing resistance exercises are the best and recommended for you:

  • Squats: Squats are especially beneficial for working on glutes, toning of buttocks, hips and thighs. To start with, you should do squats without weights but after getting accustomed to it, you may do the same with appropriate weights. Weights can be increased gradually depending on your fitness level.
  • Plank: This type of exercise is good to work on the entire abs, hamstrings, oblique muscles and glutes.
  • Pull-ups: Pull Ups are useful in toning your arms, whereas these are also good at working on your back muscles. It can also be done in the gym using the machines and weights.
  • Strides: Strides or lunges are useful to work quadriceps muscles. Also, help tone your legs.
  • Bicycle Crunches: It’s a very useful exercise. For doing it, you need to lie on your back with the hands-on backside of your head and legs on the chest. In this position try touching the knees with elbows of opposite arms.
  • Press Ups: These exercises work on deltoids, shoulders, pectorals and triceps. Correct performance of this exercise is very important. So, make sure to do it properly.
  • Hip Lift: Also a useful exercise. To perform it, you need to lie on the exercise mat with your face up, bend knees and start lifting your hips by shifting the weight on your arms. Then come back to original posture. Repeat for several times
  • Full Sit Ups: This can be done either with a fitness ball or with the machine. To get best results, you need to do full sit-ups with at least 30 repetitions.
  • Lateral Leg Lifts: This exercise is good at working your hip and helps to tone your legs. Lie on the exercise mat sideways and lift the upper leg upwards and then return back to original position. Repeat for many times with both the legs.
  • Dumbbells Press: This exercise works on the dorsal and deltoids muscles. This exercise can be done while lying or sitting on the bench and dumbbells of appropriate weights in each hand.

Once you have finished the Resistance or Weight Exercises, it is now time to complete the workouts with Cardiovascular Training. After completing the Resistance Circuit you should finish the workouts with some cardiovascular exercises to help burn your fats. For getting best results you need to follow the instructions given below.

  • Select the activities that help you maintain the intensity during the routine exercises. Cross training is one of the best options. You may also do cycling. However, most important factor here is the maintenance of similar pace during the entire workout. A minimum of half an hour session is required for the best results.
  • High-intensity cardio exercise should be done at least twice a week on treadmill or bicycle or cross trainer.
  • Cardio exercises must be done after the resistance circuits. This will help you protect the muscles and enhance the burning of fats.
Remember! As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workout and take care of your diet. Never hesitate to take the assistance of professional trainer if you feel something is going wrong.

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The Best Exercises To Lose 7 Pounds In A Week

Losing weight quickly is somewhat tricky but not impossible. Being overweight is always a point of worry for everyone. You might have been trying different ideas to lose extra weight. This might be a hectic exercise plan, running or even diet control but most of the times it is hard to achieve the goal.

Lose 7 Pounds

The problem even get worst, when after achieving the desired body weight, it increases again because of break in exercises or due to the intake of imbalanced diet. Whatever may be the reason, weight gain is always on. So, it is important to follow some useful exercise plans to quickly lose body weight. There are so many occasions when you need instant weight loss to get fit and look smarter enough.

What about losing 7 pounds of weight in just 7 days? Though you may not believe it, but it is possible. Here we are suggesting some very useful techniques and exercises to Lose 7 Pounds in a Week.

Cardiovascular Exercises

To lose 7 pounds in 7 days, you need to follow a set of exercises, first of which may be the Cardiovascular Exercises. These are basically the aerobic ones, involving steady and repetitive movements of arms and legs, thus improving the much-needed blood circulations so that it reached every part of the body freely. Doing these exercises increase your heart beat thus burning more calories and help you lose weight instantly.

Cardiovascular Exercises

Following are some very useful Cardiovascular Exercises that can help you lose 7 pounds in one week.

  • Rowing: Rowing is one of the best ways to lose weight. However, this requires you to join a gym, so that you can use their machines for rowing. Rowing puts a huge impact on your arms and legs, thus enabling calories burnout, instantly.
  • Spinning: This is yet another very good cardiovascular exercise for instant weight loss. For this, you need to go to the gym. Spinning and cycling are rated very high by the experts when it comes to losing weight, as a huge amount of calories are consumed, doing that.
  • Jump Rope: The simplest and best of the best way to lose weight instantly is Rope Jumping. If you can do jump rope on each alternate day, continuously for half an hour, the desired level of weight loss is guaranteed, subject to the intake of balanced diet. However, if you club Rowing, Spinning and Jump Rope together, you may reduce Jump Rope to just one or two days a week.
  • Jogging: Jogging is another very effective weight losing Cardio exercise. The best part of it is obviously the added advantage of being equipment free exercise. You also don’t need to join a gym for this exercise; you can do it anytime, anywhere. So, if you want to lose 7 pounds in 7 days, make sure to include Jogging as a regular item in your routine workout plans.

Jogging can also be done on a treadmill, either manual or electric. To have a close watch on your jogging activity on a treadmill, you may use Fitness Band or Pedometer. A minimum of 5000 steps per day will ensure quick and effective weight loss.

Losing Extra Pounds Through Weights

Now that you have learned about the aerobic part of your workout plans, let us move on to some anaerobic exercises. Workouts with weights are quite useful anaerobic exercises that can help you lose 7 pounds in a week. Doing weight exercises help you consume a huge amount of fats, therefore are very effective in toning your body as well.

Weight training also helps burning carbohydrates, through enhanced metabolism. For an effective 7 pounds loss of weight in 7 days, you need to combine different weight exercises with higher intensity.

Dumbbells and Kettlebells

We suggest following few weight training for you to lose weights instantly.

  • Dumbbells: This is one of the best weight trainings to lose weight. However, selection of appropriate weight is very important; which you can learn by trying the minimum weight to start with and gradually increasing the weight to reach your optimum level. Reverse crunches with dumbbells above your head level is quite a good option.
You should do a minimum of 30-35 reverse crunches at a time, twice daily.
  • Kettlebells: Use of kettlebells for doing sit-ups is highly recommended to lose weight.
Using Kettlebells 15-20 sit-ups in one set and doing 2-3 sets a day will give you the excellent results, instantly .

Compound Exercises

Compound exercises are a useful option to work on various joints in the human body. These exercises nicely work on your hamstring and quadriceps, in addition to glutes. Bench press, squats and pushups are some good compound exercises that work on a major part of your body muscles and help lose weight instantly. A 20 minutes compound exercises plan on each alternate day will suffice your requirements.


Following is the best compound exercise plan you can do for instant weight loss.

  • Lunges: Step forward with your feet separated in line with your hips, bending the knee. Then go back to original stance and repeat with another leg.
Do reasonable repetitions, around 15-20 at a time.
  • Squats: Most popular and effective item is squats. Bending your knees, lowering down the buttocks to come parallel with the ground and then getting up consistently for 60 seconds will be sufficient. Repeat after taking a short rest of not more than 30 seconds. You will feel the difference instantly.
  • Dips: Dips are perfect to tone the arms, yet very effective to lose weight, as well. For doing it effectively, rest your arms on a chair while bringing your legs forward to the fullest extent. Then bending your elbows, start lowering your body towards the ground but do not touch it. Holding here for a while, pull up your body to the original position, while feet remained unmoved throughout this movement.
Repeat for 15-20 times.
  • Mountain Climbers: While laying down on the exercise mat, with face down, shift the weight of your body on tips of toes and the palms, with body raised slightly up the ground but back remaining straight. Now push up your knee towards the stomach and then go back. Repeat the same with other knee.
10-15 repetitions with each leg will ensure desired results.
  • Crunches: While laying down with your back on the exercise mat, raise up your legs slightly above the ground contracting the abs muscles to give a nice crunch to this region.
15 Crunches in one set are sufficient, do 2-3 sets a day.
  • Plank: this is yet another very useful exercise that you may combine with others. Laying sideways on one arm and toes with the straight body is quite a useful plank exercise.

Additionally, you may include cross training and dancing in your routine workouts to quickly lose weight so that you can lose 7 pounds in a week. As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workouts and take care of your diet, if you want to get a sustainable weight loss instantly.

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How To Get Perfect Abs In Two Weeks?

Are you worried about ever accumulating fats in your abdominal area? Do you want to have a six-pack look? The answer must be yes! In fact, everyone, young or old, always wants to have a flat, toned Abs. This area of our body is the most susceptible part when it comes to the accumulation of fat. Keeping this part smart and slim, is, therefore, an ongoing battle.

2 Weeks Abs

A slight letup in exercise or a minor imbalance in your diet may result in fats accumulation in your abdominal area. Hence it is very important for the fitness conscious people to follow a regular workout plan, specifically designed for this area of human body, in addition to taking care of their diet.

Although regular workouts and balanced diet will ensure a perfectly flat belly if you want to get the positive result instantly, we suggest here some useful exercises and techniques for you to get perfect abs in two weeks.

Sit Ups

The first and the most important exercise for a flat stomach is Sit Ups. Sit-ups do a lot in reducing the size of your belly. But the sit ups alone can not do the trick. You are required to follow a regular workout plan for all abs muscles, such as rectus abdominis, transverse abdominis, external oblique and internal oblique muscles.

Sit Ups

In addition to the sit up, working on these muscles through movements is very important. As said earlier, only exercises cannot give you the six-pack look; you need to take care of your diet as well. A low-fat diet is ideal for that. Whether your diet is correct or not, can be checked by the body fat percentage.

Heads up! The ideal body fat ratio for men and women is 10% and 15% respectively. If you fall in this range, you are ready to get a six pack look by following a regular exercise plan, otherwise, you need to reduce the fatty food items in your diet.

Cardio Exercises

In addition to controlled diet, cardiovascular exercises play an equally important role in reducing your body weight. If your body weight is not within the permitted range, you will not be able to get a flat stomach. To reduce the body weight, you need to add some cardio exercises in your daily routines.

Cardio Exercises

A cardio session for a minimum of half an hour in a day will ensure weight reduction. You may do cardio on each alternate day or five days a week, depending on your fitness level. Cardio exercises such as cycling, elliptical trainer, running or swimming etc. are  best for this purpose.


Use of equipment for doing abdominal exercises is also very important. The equipment may be the weights, a machine or physiotherapy ball. For doing many abdominal exercises, you need such equipment.

physiotherapy ball

If you are a beginner, you may feel some problems in your back or the neck, while doing abdominal exercises. It often happens due to incorrect execution of the exercises. Make sure that while doing the abs exercises, keep all the abs muscles well contracted and back should remain straight along the floor, with hands behind your head.

Reverse Exercises

If you are looking to achieve the target of slim belly within two weeks, we strongly recommend you to add some reverse exercises. The reverse exercises can be done with physiotherapy ball or on a titled bench; that will make this exercise even harder, thus helping your cause. If you hold the physiotherapy ball within your two ankles, you can make the abs exercise even harder, which will ultimately help you reduce your belly within a short span of time.

Reverse Exercises

You may also try to move the ball down to your legs and arms, or you may pass it through your hands. Then reverse the movement of the ball to your ankles. All these movements of the ball will be helping to work on abs muscles. During this entire exercise, make sure to rest your back flat on the floor with contracted abs muscles, to get instant results.

Work On Oblique Muscles

Oblique exercises are also the important part of your endeavor to get a six pack look in two weeks. The torsion movements work nicely on your oblique muscles. This can be done by laying on back and raising up. Standing, running, turning or sitting on the bench are also useful movements. If you desire so, you may add weights to these exercises in addition to the physiotherapy ball.

torsion movement

Important: All the above exercises should be done in 2-3 sets with 10-15 repetitions in a set.

As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workouts, take balanced diet and try to do the exercises correctly. If you feel difficulty in doing any exercise or you feel something going wrong while doing these exercises, you must consult a professional trainer.

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How To Do Arm Exercises Without Weights?

Exercises are done to achieve and maintain a certain level of fitness. While some of the exercises are designed to improve overall strength and fitness of human body, some are very specialized for one or the other part of the body. If you want to have a good looking physique, you need to work on each individual part of the body muscles, such as legs, arms, back and abs.

Arm Exercises

Similarly, some exercises are done with weights whereas some can be done without weights, giving the same benefits. You must be familiar with the arms exercises that are done with weights, such as dumbbells, barbells etc. But there are many such exercises for arms that can be done without weights. The best part of these exercises is, these are equally beneficial, as are done with weights.

Here, we are suggesting some useful techniques and exercises for arms that can be done without weights!

Exercise # 1 – Push Ups

One of the most effective and simplest exercises for arms that are done without weights are where you use the weight of your body to work on different muscles. For doing this exercise you need to lie down on the exercise mat, facing down towards the floor.


Now shift the weight of your body on your arms, by placing palms on the floor and pushing the body upwards. Do not bend the back or the knees. Toes of the feet should be firmly anchored on the floor, thus lifting the entire body. In this position, start doing push ups. 12-15 push ups in one set and 2-3 sets a day are recommended.

Exercise # 2 – Push into Wall

The second exercise for arms which is done without weights is also very simple and effective. For doing this exercise you need a wall. So, stand upright near a wall, with your face towards the wall. The distance between your body and the wall may vary with your height, normally you should stand some 3 feet away from the wall. Now place your palms on the wall, in line with your chest height.

Push into Wall

Now push your body towards the wall while bending your arms and then come back to the original position while straightening your arms. This way you will be exerting pressure on your arms, with the weight of your body. Although it looks very simple you will observe its impact on your arms, while doing this exercise.

Repeat for 10-15 times in one set and do 3-5 sets a day.

Exercise # 3 – Three-Stage Exercise

The third exercise that is done without weights for arms is also very effective. It has an additional benefit and that is on your back. Therefore, it is also very useful for those who are suffering from back problems. This exercise is done in three stages. Stand on the exercise mat and then bend your body in such a way that ultimately you touch the floor with your palms, while feet remained firmly anchored on the floor with back pointing towards the roof. This way your body will form a triangle.

Three-Stage Exercise

Once you have reached the triangle shape, start lowering your hips, while leaning forward. Doing so, your body should be straight parallel to the ground, with the entire weight of the body on toes and palms. Maintain this posture for few seconds. Now lift your head and neck upwards as much as possible, whereas all other parts of the body remaining in the same posture as were in the second stage of this exercise. Maintain this posture of the raised trunk for few seconds.

Repeat all these three stages for 10-12 times.

Exercise # 4 – Movement of hands

The fourth exercise for arms is also done without weights. In this exercise, body weight is not used, still, it is very much effective to work on your arms. In this exercise, you use the sitting style and hand movements that work on the arms. For doing so, you need to sit on the chair. You may also sit on a bench instead of the chair. While sitting, your back should remain straight.

Movement of hands

Now lift your arms, stretching in line with your shoulders, thus making the shape of cross, while back should be still straight without any bend. Maintaining this posture, keep moving your hands upwards and downwards. Keep doing this for 10-15 times in one set and do 2-3 sets. Next stage of this exercise is to maintain the same posture but instead of moving your hands up and down, make circles with your wrists.

In the advanced stage of this exercise, you may make circles along with the movement of your entire arm. As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workouts, take care of your diet and give a break of one day after every two to three days, enabling the muscles to re-grow.

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How Not To Feel Hungry All The Time?

Every calorie counter‘s worst nightmare is hunger pangs. Doing a food plan to lose weight or virtually trying to manipulate your appetite to make sure a healthy lifestyle with moderate meals consumption isn’t always usually smooth and easy. When a person loses his control over his hunger, what’s more, regrettable is that the dieting plan that he was following is all now destroyed?

 I can reveal right now that this has happened to me many times. I’m almost certain that it’s happened to everyone who ever tries to get in shape. In any case, fortunately, there are approaches to prevent this from happening. At Tryarticles, we will find ways to How Not To Feel Hungry All The Time?How not to Feel Hungry all the Time

Here are some easy ways for you to Stop Feeling So Hungry All the Time.

Drink More Water

We’ve all heard that we ought to drink more water to remain sound yet did you realize that occasionally we mistake thirst for hunger? It’s the first and most effective method to reduce hunger.

Next time when it seems to you that you are hungry, simply drinks a glass of water and believe me it really works.

If exercise is your daily routine then you have to drink at least 2 large water bottles per day.Reason why Am I So Hungry All The Time

Keep A Distance From Food

Go for walk to maintain a strategic distance from hunger. One thing I find extremely supportive when I’m attempting to shed pounds is to go for a walk and incredibly when I return home my hunger appears to have gone.

Brush Teeth, Avoid Hunger

I took in this tip from my companion who disclosed to me that at whatever point she has a craving to eat something unhealthy she goes and spends a couple of minutes brushing her teeth and washing with mouthwash and she never needs to eat after that.

I tried it myself and its really amazing tip. Go on! Try this every time you have an unexpected hunger pang. Kill it with toothpaste and brush (hahaha!)

Cut Out Sugar

Cut out sugars

Maintain a strategic distance from sugar to quit being hungry. So, we as a whole, realize that sugar is terrible for us, yet another motivation to remove it is that it is quick processing and goes through us so fast.

You get a burst of nourishment which rapidly blurs, abandoning you feeling much hungrier than you were before.

You get a burst of energy which quickly fades, leaving you feeling even hungrier than before.

Eat Slower To Avoid Hunger

Maybe you know that our food travels from our mouth and exactly after 20 minutes it lands into our stomach. But don’t worry it will land safely. But most of us try to land our food in 5 minutes or so which becomes the main reason for our hunger and besides eating too much we still are hungry.

A decent tip is to put your fork down in the middle of every bite just to draw out the supper and spread it out more than 20 minutes.

By doing this you will feel significantly fuller than you normally do and won’t want to have a snack after dinner any longer.

Eat High Fiber Food To Feel FullerEat high fiber food

Nourishments that is high in fiber takes more time to process so they influence you to feel full.

High fiber foods can also help prevent constipation, hemorrhoids and even bowel cancer?

Here are some high fiber foods you should try and eat daily.

  • Broccoli
  • Apples
  • Carrots
  • Spinach
  • Quinoa
  • Red kidney beans
  • Chia seeds
  • Pumpkins
  • Celery

Please take an Apple, blueberry, and carrots instead of that sugary chocolate or junk food.

Keep Busy

The most terrible time for a calorie counter with regards to nibbling is the point at which we are doing nothing. Have you at any point been accomplishing something and totally forgot to eat?

You were busy to the point that you simply didn’t feel hungry. Appetite is to a greater extent a mental thing than it is physical and by getting things done we can keep our psyche off of food. Actually, I find that anything that keeps me dynamic keeps my psyche off of nourishment.

Boil An Egg

If you are feeling hungry then a boiled egg with high protein content and just 80 calories can work for you. Just sprinkle some black pepper and salt on it and enjoy the taste.

This one is pretty good.

Boiled eggs
This article is merely informative, Tryarticles does not have the authority to prescribe any medical treatments or create a diagnosis.

Do you know of any other ways to suppress your appetite when you’re trying to lose weight? If you know any good ones then leave a comment below and share it with us. Browse our health category to read similar articles like How Not To Feel Hungry All The Time?