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Female fitness models: Fitness junkies love following their favorite fitness models on social media. For these female fitness model posting a few inspirational pictures of themselves online, turned into a lucrative business.

female fitness models 2019

Some of the female fitness models have built an empire backed by their loyal followers. In this article, you will get to know about the top female fitness models of 2019. If you want to know how much they earn then read the article till the end.

Female Fitness Models: Sommer Ray

Net worth: $1.5 million

At only 22 years of age, Sommer Ray is the top female fitness model of 2019. In 2015, she documented her fitness journey on Instagram and quickly got fame. She also started receiving brand deals.

Sommer Ray Female Fitness Models

Sommer encourages her near 20 million followers to embrace their natural beauty and to build their bodies naturally through fitness tactics. She has modeled for big-name outlets like Cosmopolitan and Maxim Magazine. Moreover, she has also developed her own fitness app, “Evolve Fitness”and clothing line.

Female Fitness Models: Laura Henshaw

Net Worth: $1 Million – $5 Million

Laura is an Australian based fitness model and is known for her insane work ethics. With a splendid fitness and diet regime, Laura has also co-authored the book “A Girls Guide to Kicking Goals” about body confidence with a friend and fellow fitness model Steph Claire Smith.

Laura Henshaw

The pair also collaborated on a workout and clean-eating app “Keep it Cleaner”, which launched at number one on the Health & Fitness app store. Besides, Laura has recently landed the cover of Women’s Health magazine and has been signed to Chadwick Models.

Sophie Guidolin

Net worth: $1 million

Sophie Guidolin quickly gained a huge following after losing a significant 30 kilograms after being diagnosed with gestational diabetes during her pregnancy.

Sophie Guidolin

Sophie is an author of 8 E-books on health and nutrition. She is also the co-creator of the incredibly popular 12-week fitness program ‘The Bod’.

Jessamyn Stanley

Net worth: $1 million

Body-positive yoga teacher Jessamyn Stanley has been featured by the New York Times, Cosmopolitan Magzine, NBC News, and many more. Forbes Magazine credited her for starting the Insta-Yogi movement.

Jessamyn Stanley

Jessamyn has worked hard to prove that fitness modeling is not a one size fits all. She frequently uses her social media platform to speak out against body-shaming and encourages body-inclusive fitness. Moreover, she has achieved major success with her E-Book ‘Every Body Yoga’.

Steph Claire Smith

Net Worth: $1 Million – $5 Million

After struggling with an eating disorder and body image issues, Steph Claire Smith has become an advocate for body-confidence and healthy eating.

Steph Claire Smith

The partner of “Keep it Cleaner”, Steph promotes her followers to listen to their bodies and set realistic fitness goals in order to maintain their physique. Chadwick Models has signed her and is the face of Bondi Sands tanning company.

Female Fitness Models: Emily Skye

Net Worth: $30 million

Emily Skye debuted her online presence 8 years ago when she posted fitness and workout tips on her account. Now-a-day, she is one of the most recognizable fitness models.

Emily Skye

She has developed a popular fitness program in her name. In recent years, Khloe Kardashian has signed Emily as a Good American denim model and has also landed the cover of Women’s Health magazine.

Kayla Itsines

Net Worth: $46 million

Kayla Itsines is an Australian-based personal trainer, author, and model. Time Magazine has listed her as one of the 30 most influential people on the Internet.

Kayla Itsines

Her series of fitness ‘Bikini Body Guide’ e-books has been a major success, as well as her workout app “Sweat With Kayla”.

Jen Selter

Net Worth: $5 Million

After documenting her fitness journey on Instagram while working front desk at a gym, Jen Selter quickly rose to fame and has established herself as one of the top fitness models.

Jen Selter Female Fitness Models

She has been featured on the cover of Women’s Health magazine numerous times and has also launched a successful training program that has helped many of her followers achieve their fitness dreams.

Having established her fitness empire as early as 2013, Jen is one of the O.G fitness models and is still growing more successful with each year.

Michelle Lewin

Net Worth: $4 million

Michelle has been listed as one of the top fitness influencers of 2017 by Forbes Magazine. She is one of the most influential people in the fitness industry globally.

Michelle Lewin Female Fitness Models

Though she has modeled for various fitness and health magazines previously, she is also the owner of her own line of fitness supplements and home-workout equipment.

These were some of the top fitness models of 2019 and their net worth. You can follow them on their social media accounts if you are looking for motivation and guidelines for body fitness.

I hope you like my post about female fitness models. If you have any queries or want to share your opinion then write them down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you. You can also read:

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How Much Nicotine Is In a Cigarette? Smoking Causes Cancer

How much nicotine is in a cigarette? When a person asks this question, it is often because he is trying to calculate what nicotine concentration he wants in vaping. However, knowing the amount of nicotine in one cigarette won’t necessarily translate to vaping.

How much nicotine is in a cigarette

This is because the method of delivery is very different. Even an equivalent amount of nicotine would not provide the same thing when delivered in a vape instead of a cigarette. Nicotine is a very complicated topic.

In this article, we will provide you a detailed guideline on how much nicotine is in a cigarette. So to learn more about smoking causing cancer, read the article till the end.

How Much Nicotine Is In a Cigarette?

A test was held at the Behavioral Endocrinology Laboratory at Penn State University. It has shown that there is around 0.65 to 1 gram of tobacco in an unlit cigarette. Also, it includes around 7.5 to 13.4 milligrams of nicotine.

How Much Nicotine Is In a Cigarette

American brand Newport’s cigarettes had the most nicotine tested, 13.4 mg per cigarette. A Marlboro red cigarette contains 10.9 mg of nicotine. Also, the median of all the brands tested was 10.2 mg per cigarette.

Scientists in a separate study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that Newport and Marlboro brands contain about the same amount of nicotine.

And that is 19.4 and 20.3 mg per gram of tobacco. The CDC test also shows that the mean nicotine content for all brands was 19.2 mg per gram of tobacco.

Tobacco And Addiction Facts

  • The life expectancy average of a smoker is 10 years less than a nonsmoker.
  • More than 7,000 chemicals are present in cigarette smoke, 70 of which leads to cancer.
  • Nearly 9 out of 10 smokers start smoking before the age of 18 and almost all start by age 26.
  • More than 3,200 children and teens, every day, under 18 years old smoke their first cigarette.
  • Smoking and tobacco lead to more than 5 million deaths every year worldwide. Recent trends show that this rate will increase to more than 8 million deaths per year by 2030.

Tobacco And Addiction Facts

  • In the United States, smoking is responsible for about 1 in 5 deaths per year. It means that tobacco causes about 480,000 deaths annually. Moreover,  41,000 of those deaths are due to the exposure to secondhand smoke.
  • Smoking causes cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and lung diseases (including emphysema, bronchitis and chronic airway obstruction).
  • Typically a smoker inhales about 1 milligram of nicotine in a single cigarette. That is enough for some to become addicted.
  • Tobacco is the leading cause of preventable death in the world.

Harmful Chemicals In Tobacco Smoke

As described earlier, tobacco smoke contains many chemicals that are harmful to both smokers and nonsmokers. Even breathing even a little amount of tobacco smoke can be harmful.

Harmful Chemicals In Tobacco Smoke

Among the known harmful chemicals in tobacco smoke, at least 70 can cause cancer. These cancer-causing chemicals include the following:

  • Acetaldehyde
  • Aromatic amines
  • Arsenic
  • Benzene
  • Beryllium (a toxic metal)
  • 1,3–Butadiene (a hazardous gas)
  • Cadmium (a toxic metal)
  • Chromium (a metallic element)
  • Cumene
  • Ethylene oxide
  • Formaldehyde
  • Nickel (a metallic element)
  • Polonium-210 (a radioactive chemical element)
  • Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)
  • Tobacco-specific nitrosamines
  • Vinyl chloride

What Types Of Cancer Does Smoking Cause?

The link between cancer and smoking is very clear. It causes at least 15 different types of cancer. Smoking causes about 7 in 10 lung cancer cases in the United Kingdom. It is also the most common cause of death by cancer.

What Types Of Cancer Does Smoking Cause

Moreover, it causes other cancers including:

  • Mouth
  • The pharynx or upper throat
  • Nose and sinuses
  • Larynx or voice box
  • Esophagus or food pipe
  • Liver
  • Pancreas
  • Stomach
  • Kidney
  • Bowel
  • Ovary
  • Bladder
  • Cervix
  • Leukemia.

Smoking causes other harmful diseases too, such as heart disease and various lung diseases. It has been shown in research that there is a DNA change that could cause a cell in the body to become cancerous. Moreover, the best way to reduce your risk is to stop smoking completely.

Smoking is injurious to health. No matter what amount of nicotine you inhale, it will somehow affect your health. Tobacco must not be used if you want a healthy lifestyle.

I hope you like my post about how much nicotine is in a cigarette. If you have any queries or want to give suggestions then write it down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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How To Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes? 6 Best Ways To Remove It

This article will discuss How To Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes. As we all know, mildew is annoying. Especially, when it sticks to your clothes.

How To Get Mildew Smell Out Of Clothes

Mildew is smelly and dangerous to health. It grows in wet and moist areas including cupboards, drawers, Bags, and behind the furniture.

Any place having little moisture can help grow mildew. It has a musty odor that can be very annoying if not properly cleaned.

How To Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes

Mildew in our clothes appears because of fungi and mold. It can be an uninvited guest at a place getting little moister.

So, you have to find and clean mildew from your home. Otherwise, it will grow more and more in other places too.

Moreover, mildew in cupboards is so irritating. It leaves a nasty smell in clothes, that is tough to remove. The cheapest method of removing mildew smell from garments is to use your kitchen ingredients.

Removing mildew smell from your clothes needs your little time and effort. So, the easiest methods are given below:

Best Ways to Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes

Mention below are some best and simplest ways of getting mildew smell out of clothes:

Baking Soda

Baking soda is easily available at any home. It is a natural cleaning and anti-bacterial product. If mixed with vinegar, it gives incredible results.

Furthermore, baking soda also helps to remove the mildew smell from clothes. You just have to put a half (1/2) a cup of baking soda in a washing machine, while washing clothes.

Baking soda

It will remove all the unwanted smells from clothes. Try to put baking soda in the wash cycle having hottest water. After this, you can also add a little amount of vinegar before rinsing clothes with water.

Borax Powder to Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes

Borax Powder also helps to remove the mildew smell from clothes. For this, you just have to add the borax powder in the wash cycle of the machine. Do not forget to use hot water, as it is more effective.

Oxygen Bleach

The normal detergent may not remove all the smell from clothes. You can use stronger detergent for washing mildew clothes.

Buy the washing detergent having oxygen bleach in it. Use it for washing clothes, and you will notice all the mildew smell is gone from the garments.

White Vinegar to Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes

White vinegar acts as a natural bleaching agent. It helps to give brightness to your clothes. Moreover, it also removes any bad smells from your garments.

Using vinegar for removing bad smells from clothes is very easy. You just have to put one cup of white vinegar in the washing machine. Then let your washer run for the longest cycle it contains.

white vinegar

You will notice that all the mildew is gone from clothes. But if you feel any mildew left on the garments then you can add one more cup during the rinse cycle of the machine.

Out-Pro Wash

Out-Pro wash is useful for removing any nasty odor from clothes. Put Out-Pro wash in a washing machine with your regular liquid detergent.

Try to choose the longest cycle of your machine. This will helps you to get rid of mildew smell from clothes.

Sunlight to getting Mildew Smell Out of Clothes

Sunlight is the natural and best remedy for getting out mildew smell from clothes. So try to dry your clothes in sunlight.

Sunlight also kills unwanted smells from clothes. Put your clothes in sunlight for 2-3 hours to get mildew smell out of clothes.

I hope you like my post about “How To Get Mildew Smell Out of Clothes”. So, if you want to read more related articles then you can also visit:

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Fruit Flies In Bathroom: How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In Bathroom?

Fruit Flies In Bathroom: Do you get irritated with these little flies buzzing around in the bathroom? If yes, then you are at the right place for getting help. Although these flies do not bite or sting. But they are a nuisance.

Fruit Flies In Bathroom

It is always a good start to look around for any attractiveness. Even if there is nothing, fruit flies prefer moist and warm places in bathroom.

This article will provide you a detailed guideline on how to get rid of fruit flies in bathroom. So if you ready to get rid of these annoying creature then read the article till the end.

How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies In Bathroom?

Fruit flies can be really annoying while brushing your teeth in bathroom. But we have a few tricks which can actually help you get rid of them.

Setting Up Fruit Flies Trap

This is an easiest and the most convenient way to clear your bathroom from fruit. For this you just have to purchase a fruit fly i.e. disposable fruit fly trap.

Setting Up Fruit Flies Trap

You just need to open the lid of trap and place it next to the fly-infested area. Next day you will see plenty of dead flies in the trap.

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

You can make your own fruit fly trap with vinegar. It is an ingredient that is mostly used and we all already have in our kitchens. For this, you will need a container or bottle, apple cider vinegar, dish soap, sugar, and water.

First, add two tablespoons of vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, and one tablespoon of sugar. After that add half a cup of warm water into it and mix until the sugar starts dissolving.

DIY Apple Cider Vinegar Trap

Next, place the container filled with vinegar solution next to the areas where you see fruit flies and gnats are frequently. Such as the bathroom sink.

The flies will get attracted by the scent of vinegar and sugar and trapped into the container. When the fruit flies make contact with the vinegar solution, they won’t be able to escape due to the dish soap. Make sure to place several of these traps. One gnat trap won’t be enough.

Drown The Flies With A Candle Trap Setup

For this fruit fly trap, you only require a candle. Take a tray or bowl filled with water and place a candle in it when it gets dark. After that set the tray next to the fly-infested area.

Then turn off the light so that the only light source in the bathroom is the candle. You can close the curtains to block light coming from outside.

Drown the Flies with a Candle Trap Setup

There are two methods in which this homemade trap will kill the gnats. First, the wings of fruit flies will be burnt if any of that gets close to the candle. Eventually, they will fall to death. S

Second, some flies may avoid the flame and instead will go for the reflection of flame in the water. Once they land in water, they won’t be able to escape. If you add a few squirts of dish soap then escaping will be near impossible.

Create A Trap Using Stale Wine

If you have any stale wine leftover that you are not going to drink then create an amazing trap. It is very similar to the apple cider vinegar trap.

First, pour some wine into a bottle or container then place the container next to the infested area. The scent of the wine will attract the fruit flies into the container. After that, once the flies make contact with the liquid they will immediately drown.

Create A Trap Using Stale Wine

Besides, adding some dish soap will make it impossible for flies to escape. Moreover, you can use a wine bottle as a container.

Beer and any other type of beverages that depend on fermentation will work perfectly as well. Beverages with a lot more fruity aromatic scent will give you greater success.

Attracting Flies With Rotten Fruits

Rotten fruits contain the smell of fermentation which fruit flies love. Take a piece of rotten fruit and place it in a container or bowl.

Attracting Flies With Rotten Fruits

Cover the bowl with a plastic wrap and then poke a few small holes into the plastic wrap. The fruit flies or gnats will fly in it and get trapped inside the bowl.

Sticky Trap For Fruit Flies In Bathroom

Sticky fly traps, such as the yellow sticky trap will perform really well for you if you are dealing with serious fruit fly infestations. You just have to place several of these traps around your bathroom.

Sticky Trap For Fruit Flies In Bathroom

Once this fruit flies land on the sticky surface, there will be no way for the flies to escape. These traps may also help you eliminate other common household pests like fungus gnats, pantry and clothes moths, and whiteflies.

These were some of the best tricks to get rid of fruit flies. If you think that these tricks are not working for you and your home is highly infested then call pest control service.

I hope you like my post about how to get rid of fruit flies in bathroom. If you want to give any suggestion then write it down in the comments section.

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How To Get a Smaller Waist? Best Workout Tips With Diet Plan

How To Get a Smaller Waist? Everyone wishes to have a smaller waist. However, it is important to understand how weight loss happens. It is a myth that you can lose weight only from one part of your body without losing overall weight.

How To Get a Smaller Waist

Exercise can tone and firm the muscles under your belly fat. You cannot see results at your waistline without reduction if the weight in your whole body. You can get the best results with a good combination of healthy diet and exercise.

In this article, we will provide you a detailed guideline on how to get a smaller wist. Also, to know the best tips on diet, read the article till the end.

Diet Plan

We all know that long-lasting healthy eating habits can be achieved if the diet is fulfilling, enjoyable and fits in with your lifestyle. That is why low carb is best because you never go hungry. You can have lots of energy and enjoy treats now & then.
Diet Plan
Below are the foods you must avoid:
  • Processed and packaged foods
  • Junk food and takeaways
  • Fizzy and sugary drinks
  • Refined sugar such as candy, chocolate, and ice-cream
  • Processed baked goods such as cake, pastries, bread and muffins
  • Trans fats in margarine and other spreads, as well as vegetable oils like canola

The food you must eat:

  • Green vegetables: These are high in fiber that keeps you feeling fuller for longer and also it regulate your digestion.
  • Drink plenty of water: because it will flush out toxins
  • Avoid unhealthy table salt: and instead, use Himalayan pink rock salt because it is full of important trace minerals.
  • Eat healthy fats: such as avocado, real grass-fed butter, olive oil, nuts & seeds. It will give you enough energy throughout the day. Besides, it will balance your hormones & keep you feeling satiated.
  • Protein: To sustain muscle growth get enough protein. Get hormone-free pasture-raised meats such as salmon, mackerel, beef & chicken.
Heel Toucher

Heel toucher is an amazing exercise to work on your abdominals and obliques out.

Heel Toucher

What To Do?

  • Lie on a yoga mat and bend your knees.
  • Place your legs apart a little wider than your shoulder width.
  • Extend your arms while the palms facing in.
  • Crunch your torso towards the left in order to touch your left heel with the left hand’s fingers.
  • Keep this position for a second.
  • Then slowly come back to the initial position and Inhale.
  • Do the process with your right side.
  • Repeat this for 30 times.

Triangle Crunch

The triangle crunch is one of the greatest exercises to get a smaller waist.

Triangle Crunch

What To Do?

  • Kneel on your right knee while placing your right hand on the yoga mat.
  • Place your left hand behind your head while extending your left leg.
  • Now bring your left leg to your left elbow and crunch.
  • Hold this position for a second and then slowly return.
  • Repeat this process 30 times for each side.

Forearm Plank

This is a core body exercise that provides you a flat belly.

Forearm Plank. how to get a smaller waist

What To Do?

On a yoga mat, place your forearms while aligning the elbows below your shoulders.

Make sure to keep your arms parallel to the body at about shoulder-width distance.

Look at one spot on the floor about 30 centimeters before your hands in order to correct your neck and spine.

Hold the position for around 20 seconds.

Starfish Crunch

If you want to sculpt your core then starfish crunch is perfect for you.

Starfish Crunch

What To Do?

Lie on your back on the yoga mat.

Now make an X position extending your legs and hands.

Lift your right shoulders and your left legs off the ground

Touch your leg with your hand and make sure they are pointed upward during this process.

Then slowly come back to the starting position.

Now do this with your right leg and left hand.

Repeat this process 20 times.

Bend And Kick

This is also called donkey kick. This is an amazing exercise to carve your abs and glutes. Besides, it strengthens your spine.

Bend And Kick, how to get a smaller waist

What To Do?

  • Get on your hands and feet on your yoga mat.
  • Your hands must be flat on the mat and in line with your shoulders.
  • Next, raise your right leg up while bending your knee and keeping your foot flat.
  • Then make a kicking motion.
  • Involve your glute in this kicking move directly upwards.
  • Make sure your working hip and pelvis stay pointed toward the ground.
  • Moreover, make sure to keep your face down and head straight to avoid any injury.
  • Repeat this process 20 times for each leg

These are some of the best exercises to sculpt your waist. Make sure to follow the routine for at least a month for better results.

I hope you like my post about how to get a smaller waist and if you have any query then do not hesitate to ask us. Also if you want to share your workout tips with us then write them down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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Best Homemade Tick Repellent With Ingredients and Usage Methods

Homemade tick repellent: Ticks are one of the most troublesome pests for all homeowners. Ticks feed off the blood of many various animals. Their bite can transfer or carry serious bacteria and diseases i.e. Lyme disease.

Homemade tick repellent

Although there are a lot of products to repel ticks, most of these repellent products are expensive. In fact, some of the insect repellents are even ineffective.

In this article, you will get the best homemade tick repellent recipes with a proper guide. So if you are interested to make a completely safe product then read the article till the end.

Homemade Tick Repellent Recipes

Below are given some of the best recipes you can make at home:

For this you will need:

Homemade Tick Repellent Recipes

Tick repellent Recipe# 2

Recipe No # 3

Begin by adding vinegar and water into a spray bottle. Next, add the essential oils and shake well. This tick repellent is ready to use. Spray it on your clothes, skins, shoes and each time you go outside or into heavily wooded areas.

Recipe# 4

Recipe for insects

Recipe# 5

For this you will need:

  • 30 drops geranium essential oil
  • 30 drops Virginia cedarwood essential oil
  • 10 drops garlic essential oil
  • 1 ounce grain alcohol
  • 3 ounces distilled water
  • 1 dark colored 4-ounce spray bottle

recipe for pests

First, take a spray bottle and add an ounce of grain alcohol. Carefully measure thirty drops of geranium essential oil and thirty drops of cedarwood essential oil. And then ten drops of garlic essential oil.

Screw-on the cap and shake ingredients well. Fill the bottle with remaining three ounces of distilled water. Shake to mix well. This mixture is only to use on the clothes. Store it in a cool dark place from light.
It is always recommended to take advice from a health provider or a doctor before using essential oils. Especially, when you are using them for children or if you have a medical condition.

I hope you like my post about homemade tick repellent. If you want to give any suggestion then write it down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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How To Get Rid Of Inner Thigh Fat? Best Workout For Inner Thigh

How To Get Rid Of Inner Thigh Fat? Body fat is essential for protecting your organs and sustaining life. But if you take in more calories than your body can burn off then excess fat can form. Your genetics determines the body parts where fat is stored.

How To Get Rid Of Inner Thigh Fat?

Women tend to store extra fat in their lower belly, hips and inner thighs. Whereas men can also have inner thigh fat however they tend to store more fat in their abdomen area.

This article will provide you a detailed guideline on how to get rid of inner thigh fat. So if you are interested to learn easy workout step by step then read the article till the end.

How To Get Rid Of Inner Thigh Fat?

You can perform the following routine two or three times a week to help tone your inner thigh muscles. Also, toned muscles will help reduce the appearance of fat.

Work through the entire thing while doing the workout and then repeat it two or three more times.

Curtsy Lunge

  • Start by standing with your feet at a distance apart.
  • Keep your shoulders down while keeping your chest upright.

Curtsy Lunge

  • Cross your right leg above the left leg and squat down in this curtsy position
  • While you are in a lowered position, push your body back upright.
  • Move your right leg back slowly to the starting position
  • Now repeat with your left leg.
  • Perform 10 to 15 repetitions on each leg.

Lunges With Dumbbell

  • Begin by standing with feet at the wide stance and hold dumbells in both hands.
  • If you are a beginner then you can skip dumbells.
  • Lunge forward while step forwarding your left leg.

Lunges With Dumbbell

  • Make sure not to let your knee go beyond your toes.
  • Your right knee must be about an inch off the ground.
  • Keep holding dumbbells straight and steady in each hand.
  • Perform a bicep curl while your torso should remain upright the entire time.
  • Push your left leg back to the initial state while keeping your weight mainly in your heels.
  • Repeat this process with the left leg for 30 seconds.

Pile Squats

  • Begin by standing with feet at the wide stance while keeping your toes and knees pointed outward.
  • Lower into a squat position slowly while keeping your hands on your hips in order to maintain balance.

Pile Squats

  • Make sure to keep your spine and torso upright.
  • Slowly rise up your back while in the meantime squeezing your glutes at the top.
  • Continue for 30 seconds in total.


  • Begin with curtsy position i.e. your left leg behind the right and bend both knees.
  • Land on your right leg while pressing sideways off of your left leg and land on the right.


  • Switch the legs and repeat the process.
  • Depending on your fitness level, you can wither hop or step to switch your leg.
  • Repeat this process 20 times.

Medicine Ball Side Lunge

  • Stand with your feet at a little wider distance than your hips.
  • Using both hands, hold a medicine ball at your chest level. Moreover, if you are a beginner, you can do this move without the medicine ball,
  • Now take a step to the left.

Medicine Ball Side Lunge, how to get rid of inner thigh fat

  • Bend your knee and squat down on the left leg. Also, lower your body until the left thigh is parallel to the floor.
  • Make sure to keep your toes pointed forward while keeping your left knee in line with your left ankle.
  • Push off with your left leg to go back to the starting position.
  • Repeat this process 10–15 times then do the same for the right leg.

Supine Inner Thigh Lift

  • Start by laying flat on your back.
  • Now extend your hands outwards or to the sides on the floor.
  • Lift your legs towards the ceiling while keeping your feet stretched.
  • Keep the left leg upright in this position and lower the right leg out to the side as far as possible.

Supine Inner Thigh Lift

  • Make sure to keep your foot flexed the whole time.
  • Now bring the leg back to the initial position and squeeze both legs together at the top.
  • Repeat this process 15 times on the right leg and then on the left.

In addition to the exercises above, you can also increase the intensity of your run or walk by adding an incline. Besides, running and walking uphill helps engage the thigh muscles.

I hope you like my post about how to get rid of inner thigh fat. If you have any suggestion then write it down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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How Long Does It Take To Walk a Mile? Aproximate Time

How long does it take to walk a mile? No matter if you are walking for your own fitness or you are participating in a charity walk. It is always helpful to know how long will it take you to walk a distance at different walking paces.

How long does it take to walk a mile

Besides, if you have to participate in a common race then it will help you know what pace will you require to cover the distance. Such as the 10K marathon or half marathon.

In this article we will provide you a detailed guideline on how long does it take to walk a mile. So if you are interested to know the approximate time then read the article till the end.

Walking Distances And Common Times

Below are given the basics for some common race distances:

Walking Distances And Common Times


A kilometer is approximately equals to 0.62 miles. It is also equal to 3281.5 feet and 1000 meters. If you walk at a moderate pace then it takes 10 to 12 minutes to cover it.


A mile is approximately equals to 1.61 kilometers or 5280 feet. If you walk at a moderate pace then it takes 15 to 20 minutes to cover it.


If we convert 3 kilometers in miles then it is equal to 1.85 miles, or 9842.5 feet.  Or you can say that it is just a little less than 2 miles. Most commonly, this distance is used for charity walks. It takes 30 to 37 minutes to cover 3K distance at a moderate pace.


Converting 5 kilometers in miles equals 3.1 miles. This is a common walking distance for charity walks and fun runs. It takes around an hour to walk this distance at a moderate pace.


10 kilometers equals almost 6.2 miles. This distance is common for fun runs. It takes around two hours to walk this distance at a moderate pace.

Half Marathon

Half marathon comprises 21 kilometers or 13.1 miles. If you walk without stopping then it takes 4 to 4.5 hours to cover it.


A marathon comprises 42 kilometer or 26.2 miles. It takes almost 6.5 to 8 hours to walk this distance at a moderate pace.


These are the races with distance above 42 kilometers or 26 miles. However, the most common distances for such events are 50 kilometers, 100 kilometers, 50 miles, and 100 miles.

How Long Will It Take To Walk Miles At Different Paces?

Below we have given a list that will help you to translate walking event distances into time, kilometers, and miles at various fitness-walking paces:

How Long Will It Take To Walk Miles At Different Paces

  • Fast: Seven minutes per kilometer
  • Moderate: Ten minutes per kilometer or 15 minutes per mile.
  • Easy: 12.5 minutes per kilometer or 20 minutes per mile.

These paces may seem fast to you but typically people walk faster than usual when at a competition or special event.

How Many Calories Does Walking A Mile Burn?

Burning of calories depends on your weigh. Suppose if you are around 160lbs, then you will likely burn around 105 calories, according to Harvard Health. Also if you have 180lbs then you will burn about 115 calories.

burning calories

Similarly, if you are around 120lbs, then 65 calories will be burnt. Hence, if you walk a mile on regular basis then you are quickly going to burn around 455 to 700 calories a week.

How To Add One Mile Walk Into Your Day?

If you add one mile walk into your daily routine, you will achieve mental and physical benefits. You can do this on regular basis using these tips:

walk daily

  • Wake up 15 minutes earlier and take yourself around your block a few times.
  • Make sure you set aside 15 minutes  to measure out a mile walk on your lunch break.
  • If you drive to work then figure out a place that is a little further to park your car. So that you can walk the final mile in.
  • Walk to your fitness class, rather than taking public transport or driving.

Walking on regular basis is always beneficial for your mental and physical health. Also, knowing the time to cover a distance help you to achieve your target.

I hope you like my post about how long does it take to walk a mile. If you have any suggestion then write it down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

Animals Health

How Much Should I Feed My Dog? How Many Calories Your Dog Needs Daily?

Feeding dogs might look simple. You can ask for advice from a vet or a Dog Food Advisor on How Much Should I Feed My Dog. Discussing the diet plan with your vet can help you to determine the right amount your dog should eat. That is considerable for a dog owner.

Sadly there is no simple way to figure out the right amount of calorie intake by the dogs. To check the correct size for the meals taken by dogs depends upon the type of food they eat. Moreover, the number of times they eat, their breed, weight, activity time and metabolic rate.

how much should i feed my dog?

For your information, the medium-sized puppies will be eating approximately 10% of his body weight at 2 months. The same dog will be eating 5% of his body weight by 6 months and 3% of his body weight by a year.

It is noteworthy to know How Much Should I Feed My Dog. For more information read the full article.

How Much Should I Feed My Dog

The best way to manage the feeding amount of a dog is by combining information with your knowledge of dog lifestyle. Look at the dog feeding guide, you can feed Mango to your Dog, it is rich in vitamins and safe to feed your dogs.

The recommended amount of meals for puppies to be fed is three or more times. Divide the number of calories for a day. Whereas, Adult dogs should eat two meals a day. This is a normal quantity to feed your dog unless stated otherwise.

calorie how should i feed my dog

For instance, if your dog is nearly inactive and weighs about a 35-pound toy breed. Also, if he has the potential to gain weight then it is recommended to start with 2 cups of food per day. In the case of hyperactivity with 35 pounds, you should feed a little more.

Healthy Weight

Keep a record of your dog’s health and food intake every 2 to 4 weeks. If your dog is gaining or losing weight inappropriately adjust the portion sizes then. Dogs with a healthy body in general have:

  1. Ribs that are not easily visible but can be felt with light pressure.
  2. An “hourglass” figure. The stomach should be narrow than the hips and chest when looking from above.
  3. “Tucked up” when looked from the side. The chest should be closer to the ground than his belly when standing.

Dog Feeding Charts

Dog food bags give an evaluation like 10-30 pounds dog feed half to 1 and a half cups. Such estimates are not much helpful. Dog food labels are confusing. In the mentioned measurement it claims the feed for an entire day but some owners could understand to give 1 and a half cups per meal.

Dog food label

Serving a lazy dog the maximum amount of food would lead to unhealthy weight gain. Whereas, an active dog who needs more calories should be fed a proper meal.

The mystery, “How many calories your dog needs?” needs to be solved. Though, the answer doesn’t come easily. Learn a few easy tips to make sure that your dog is getting the right amount of food, here are some key points.

  • An adult dog should eat 2.5% of the body weight in raw dog food each day. But active dogs should be eating a little more.
    For instance, A 7kg an active toy breed, 1% of his weight is 70g. Increase it by 2.5 that gives 175g per day raw dog food.
    It does depend on meal either it is fatty or lean, but he won’t starve on it.
  • Use the ” Cool Dog Food Calculator” App to check the right amount to feed.
  • An active dog should be fed at least 3% of his body weight per day or higher calorie meal. You can choose red meat instead of white meat.
  • An inactive dog should be fed a less calorie meal. Either feed him around 2.2% to 2.5% of his weight per day or feed him the same meal that is lean.
  • Puppies eat a little more than their body weight. Pup of a medium-sized dog should eat 10% of his body weight at 2 months of age.
  • An obese dog should be fed with low calorie and high fiber meals. Check your dog’s weight. Increase or decrease the calorie intake. If you have to decrease her intake and look like he can’t get full. Add a little water or even very-low-calorie veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, celery) in the meal.

calorie chart

We look after dogs’ mental and physical care. To check the right amount of calorie intake is also as important as other things. Whenever you change dog food you will have to go through this entire process again.

The Only Fresh Dog Food Proven Healthy by Testing In AAFCO Feeding Trials so visit there. They prepare meals made from human-grade ingredients approved by the USDA.

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