The Difference Between Heat And Temperature

It is very easy to get confused in the everyday concepts which are developed over time. One of the confusing concepts in which we get confused and mix them up is heat and temperature. We have studied them at school but forgot the difference or weren’t able to get a complete concept and relate them to each other.

In this article, we will find out the main conflict between them, especialy for those who are curious to know the difference, as these concepts are used in our routine life and we mix them up due to their frequent use.



One of the classes of energy is heat and it is represented by “Q”. In an object or piece of matter, thermal energy due the movement of particles or molecules is known as Heat. Kinetic energy along with the potential energy in a matter is known as heat.

Heat always transfers from a warm body to the cold one and the device to measure the heat is known as the calorimeter. Joule is the derived unit of measurement of energy and is defined as the energy applied when the force of 1 Newton is exerted over 1 meter of distance.

Types Of Transfer Of Heat

The transmit of heat is done through three ways

  1. Conduction: It is the way of transferring heat between two objects when they are stick to each other and there is no movement of molecules, for example, a pan of water on a hot burner.
  2. Convection: It is the way of transferring heat between two objects when the particles move at different places. For example, a warm air balloon, the air surrounding in it is heated with the help of heater and thus the balloon moves upward due to the hot air moving upwards.
  3. Radiation: It is the way of transferring heat using a medium or vacuum and the space between them is not heated. For example, a man placing his hands near a heater to get warm.



The temperature is basically a measure of heat. It is not energy but the evaluation of the average of kinetic energy in the molecules due to their movement. Temperature does not rely on the numbers of particles in fact; it indicates the speed of movement of particles.

The device to measure it, is called as the thermometer and the units of its measurement are Celsius, Kelvin and Fahrenheit.

Main Differences Between Heat And Temperature

main difference between heat and temperature

  • The sum of energies in an object is called heat and the rate of its intensity is known as temperature.
  • When the heat rises in a body it indicates that there is a n increase and when the body is cooled it means that the temperature is decreased.
  • The aptitude to do work is known as heat while the temperature is its measure.
  • Heat is the count of all energies in an object i.e. kinetic and potential energies while the average K.E of the molecules in an object is known as the temperature.
  • Heat is dependent on the quantity and size of molecules in an object while the temperature does not rely on it because it is the average measurement.

I hope you liked my post and understood the concept of heat and temperature clearly. If you have any query or want to give suggestions then please write it down in the comments section.

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