The human body is one of the best creations of the God. It is a complex system that is meant to work perfectly so that we can carry out our daily activities without any complications. Among all the organs, the human head is the most complicated organ and it also among the vital organs. A human head is considered as the control room of the human body as it contains the vital organ brain.

Although, it seems a tiny organ still it has so many interesting facts that only 5 to 10% of its working is been understand yet, and researchers are still working on it. When a human baby is born, the head makes up only the quarter of the full body but this size changes as he grows up. Human head not only comprises of the skull but also brain and muscles that cover it that is why it has some weight.

If you are curious to know how heavy a human head is? Then in this article, we will explore the weight of the human head and some interesting facts about it, so read the article till the end.

Weight Of Human Head

weight of human head

When we think of human head’s weight, we think of only 2 to 3 kilos but hold on, the figure is totally opposite that might surprise you. In an adult human, the average head weight is almost 8 kilos and if we convert it to pounds then it is 17 lb. This figure is much more than we imagine. But why is this so that human head’s weight is so much?

The answer to this question is that human head is not only comprised of the skull, it also contains brain along with muscles and skin that covers it. The human brain weighs approximately 1.5 kilos and 2 lb in pounds. In addition to this, the weight of head muscles and skin also contribute to the total weight of the head. Now we can realize why it has so much weight.

Always Walk Or Stand Upright

Always Walk Or Stand Upright

From our childhood, we are being taught to walk or sit straight. But have we ever thought that why our parents took care of it that we always walk or sit in a right posture? It is because, when we constantly keep our head down, then we are forcing our neck to hold all the weight and the result will affect your health. In this way, our body posture is highly affected and not only this, it can cause serious neck pains.

Some Interesting Facts About Human Head

Some Interesting Facts About Human Head

  • The human brain consists of 60% of fats and it is one of the fattiest organs in human body.
  • 20% of the blood and oxygen supply that is pumped by the heart is transferred to the head.
  • When a person is awake, its brain has the capacity to generate 23 watts of power.
  • The human brain comprises 100 billion neurons.
  • There are 10,000 types of neurons in a brain.
  • One of the myths of the brain is that a human in his life uses only 10% of its brain.
  • High risk of brain tumor is caused by the longtime use of mobile phones.

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