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How To Hide Under Eye Bags With Make Up?

When you’re done handling these pesky little (or big in some cases) under eye bags approaching them this way, there’s still some more hope. You could reach for your trustee side-kicks: The over-sized sunglasses! But let’s be a little pragmatic here, you’ll be taking those off and the raccoon eyes will be no more a secret.

So, what other option, then? Did you forget the power of Makeup? Yes! Makeup is your knight in shining armor for this one! And you won’t be disappointed! We’ve gathered some really amazing tips in this Try Articles article for you, keep reading!

Using makeup to hide nags under the eyes


Before we jump into hiding those craters, let’s first prepare the canvas. Dry skin can very easily accentuate the eye bags and we don’t want that. Applying a moisturizer is a must.

Moisturising Face

An added SPF to it also a great bonus. It’s best to protect the skin as much as possible. Moisturising will prepare the skin for the next step.


A primer plays a role the same as a putty applied to a brick wall before painting it. We need to fill in those lines created by the drag caused by the eye bags. This helps the makeup last longer and if we’re working from 9-5 we really want to keep those bags hidden. We’ve almost perfected our canvas, just a few more steps to the final look. Keep scrolling!

Concealer Colour Theory

Concealer Colour Wheel

Applying makeup isn’t all about being artistic and have creative skills, it requires some good know-how aesthetic knowledge. We need to know that if we need to color any red-colored blemishes or acne scars we would need a green concealer to cancel out.

Similarly, for the dark blue-ish shadows created by the bags under our eyes, we would need a yellow concealer to banish them temporarily. You will always notice that yellow is placed opposite to blue in the concealer color wheel. Orange is also a good option in aiding to cover up the dark circles. Since concealers usually come in a thick consistency, you only need to apply very little with a brush applicator or a makeup wedge.

White Shimmer

Distraction is a great weapon to direct attention elsewhere and that’s exactly what we’re aiming to do with makeup here. Let’s distract the attention from those pesky little eye bags with the power of makeup! Excited? So are we! All you’ll need for this one is a nice white shimmer, tones of pink like rose gold shimmer and gold shimmer will also work. So where exactly are we going to place this shimmer?

Not over the eye bags of course, that would totally accentuate them. Need to steer clear from that area. Instead, we put the tiniest amount of this shimmer in the inner corner of our eyes. Right about where our tear ducts are.

This does quite a few things to our face than just de-railing our attention from the eye-bags. It gives the eyes a look of being wide-spaced, which is considered to be very beautiful. It draws the attention to the eyes immediately and lastly, it gives you a wide-awake look, totally cheating on those sleepless nights for you.

The Baking Technique

As years progress, everything seems to be advancing at an alarming rate and makeup is equally participating in the same race. Not as new now, the baking technique is a brilliant way to hide the under eye bags. All there is to it basically to start off as you have and pause after putting your concealer, this is where the technique comes in.

Baking to hide bags under the eyes

You’ll need a setting powder for this next step. You press a fine milled, yellow under-toned powder under the eyes with a damp sponge or a beauty blender. You leave this on for a few minutes, while you may continue with the rest of your makeup. The part where you leave the setting powder on for some time is called the baking technique. You dust off the powder with a brush after a while (when it’s cooked in other terms).

Eye Liner And Mascara

Eyeliner And Mascara Only

We’re headed towards the same concept of directing the attention to other than our huge eye bags but this time with another approach. Lining our eyes with a liner we draw attention to the upper part of the eyes rather the lower, where the eye bags live. Applying a few coats of mascara doubles up the attention and helps further in making you look wide awake as well.

Using make-up is a proper study of art! There is so much to make-up than just a mere time-waste as preassumed by many. This approach has been a great help to cover up tired eyes and is pretty successful!

Do try out these makeup tips andĀ If you enjoyed this article, and are interested to read more related articles, browse through our Beauty Tab to find more magic!


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