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Making A Holiday Album

Holiday Album: If you love traveling with your family and friends you probably also love keeping souvenirs to remind you of your trip. There are many ways to make the album of your, memorable trips. You can remind all the scenes by looking at those pictures.

You can much more enjoy your trip by taking ugly and innocent kind of pictures with your friends and family and than you can make an album of it so you can capture all the special moments in a folder.

Holiday album

A digital album is one of the easiest ways to set up your pictures. You can save these pictures with you and all the memories can be captured in a single album. These memories are for a lifetime and whenever you will open the album you will always think about that memorable trip.

So don’t spoil your trip and make as many memories as you can with your friends and family and definitely do make an album on priority just to save all those precious moments.

Step 1

First thing you should do to gather all types of mementos during a trip: The tickets of train, buses or museums, A beautifully designed card from a shop and a coaster from your favorite bar or anything else that you think is really important for you and reminds you of your trip whenever you look at it and reminds you of the places or anything that you loved the most and think that is important for your album.


Step 2

If you went on a road trip then take the map that you used. You can cut the part of the areas on the map you visited and could place it in your album. It will make your holiday album interesting and it would look good.

If you marked the routes that you followed and add little notes or stickers to the places you stopped by you will have a nice frame of your holiday album and it will make explaining your trip much easier.


Step 3

Print out your pictures and add to the other pictures in your album. Printing out in different sizes will help you to make your album much beautiful and eye-catching. Different sizes will make your album more creative.

If you want to make your holiday album more creative and eye-catching you can print the pictures in white and black in order to make your memories even more personal and unique. You can also add your and your family and friends pictures on your holiday album. Some of your ugly and good pictures will also make your holiday album more creative.


Step 4

If you wanted to make your holiday album with some difference than you can write short texts to make your pictures and souvenirs more explaining. You can make your holiday album after returning to home and by gathering all pictures and other things such as tickets from your friends as well but its more enjoyable and fun to make it together during your trip.  remember your impression of the there and then.

If you write them on the computer than you can print them in different colors and fonts. You can also make different sections in your albums such as you could use a blue font for beach pictures and fancy vintage looking fonts for museum visits this will make your album more beautiful and creative. You can also have the fun with colors and fonts on random pictures as well This will make your album more unique and playful.


You can also write and make your holiday album by hand. This will put a great impact on the viewers. You can find inspirations and different styles online to make your holiday album more stylish this will make your album truly yours.

If you want to make it more stylish you can also use sparkly and colorful gel pens. If you really want to make your holiday album amazing than possibilities are endless.

Step 5

To make your holiday album amazing buy a book album and paste all the material that you gathered on it.

As we all know that book scraping is a very popular hobby, hence there are plenty of scrapbooks are available in most craft stores. If you wanted to make your holiday album simple than you can also buy a simple notebook or a normal photo album.


If you would prefer a truly personal memento than you can easily make your holiday album. You can use all cardboards and all kind of papers from white to all metallic sheets. You can also use tissue paper or parchments.

Tie all pages together and do a hole in them using a punching machine and tie the papers with ribbon it will make it more beautiful you can also use colorful ribbons and markers.

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