What To Do With My Dog When I Go On Holiday?

Whenever holidays come we feel very excited and relaxed no matter on which season holiday comes, we find it a perfect moment to escape from our daily routine and enjoy a quality time with our family. However, going on holiday with family becomes complicated when you have a pet in the home. In case we cannot take our pet with us on a holiday then it becomes our overwhelming concern such as what to do with my dog when I go on holiday?

Best care for dogs in holiday

Read this article because we are going to tell you about different options and some useful tips you will use to give your dog the best care and attention when you are enjoying holidays with your family.

Steps to look after when you’re on holiday

  • If you have a large garden in your home where your pet can run, play and do their private business then you can leave them alone for some days but make sure you have a food dispenser in your home for dogs which provides food and water to your pet on regular basis when you are out for a holiday.
  • If you do not have a food dispenser at your home then you should get one from a pet store. It is very important to know that leaving a lot of food for your dogs is not a good idea because dogs are unable to portion food like cats can do and in case your pet left some food then it gets spoiled which can cause a problem for your pet.

you can leave your dog alone

  • Whenever you go for a holiday make sure it is for a short period because leaving your pet alone for a long period of time is not a good idea. You can leave your dog alone max for a weak or four days. Make sure when you go for a holiday your pet is independent and does not get bored in your absence.
  • In case your pet is depending on you and becomes nervous in your absence then leaving a dog alone is not a good idea for you.
  • In case you are going for a long holiday then one of the best options is to ask your trusted neighbor or close friend to go and check your pet on daily basis.
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  • You should ask a neighbor to change the water bowl of a pet on daily basis and put fresh food. It is best for your pet if your neighbor can take him for a walk so that your pet can do their business.

Change the water bowl

  • If your dog has very friendly and social nature then you can leave your pet to your trustful friend’s house during your holiday.
  • It is very important to know if other animals are there or your pet finds out difficult to feel comfortable then it is a good idea to take them to a place where they will be staying during the holidays so that they can adopt new environment.
  • It is observed that not all dogs familiarize or stay at others home then the best thing you can do before leaving for a holiday is to leave your animal in the dog boarding kennel.

Protect Your Dog’s Paws in Holiday

  • If you friend wants to take your pet for a walk then you must ask them to take when the weather is comparatively cooler to protect your dog’s paws.
  • The best timing for a walk with your dog is in the morning and in the evening at these times pavements are cooler and they cannot do any harm to a dogs paw.

Not all dogs stay at home

  • You must avoid waking with your pet in the afternoon because at this time pavements are very hot for your pets to handle it.
  • In case you have to walk in the afternoon then the best thing is too chose a shady and grassy area for a walk and stay away as much as possible from the sidewalks and paved areas because they can give your pet burns.
  • The ideal place for a pet to walk is under the shady garden in the warm afternoon because dogs paws do not get any heat.
  • To protect dogs paws from harmful surface use a smear paw wax on dogs paws, smear paw wax are specially designed for dogs paws to protect them from a hot surface.
  • We suggest you smear a paw wax on dogs paws whenever you take your pet in afternoon in road conditions.
  • You must moisturize your pet’s feet on a daily basis to prevent any injury like peeling, cut and cracking, these types of injuries increase the risk of having burns and much other health-related serious problems.

Protect your dog Paws

  • Dogs paws can be moisturized by using pad cream which works amazingly to keep your dog protected against heat.
  • It is observed that Stick and peel pads are very effective to minimize the danger of hot surface. These things stuck on dogs paws and protect them against many heat burns and injuries using pads also help dogs to kept protected from slipping on the slick areas.
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  • You can cut silicone scare pads according to dogs paws and stuck on them one of the best things about these things are they are reusable and stay in place even in wet places. The silicone scare tape is thin, flexible and durable which means your pet feel very comfortable while wearing them.
  • Dogs shoes are also used to protect them against heat injuries but you must choose the dogs shoes which have rubber soles because they provide best dogs paws protection. Keep it in mind that your dog can have wearing issues in the begging.
  • You can also protect dogs paws with socks, as socks are the great solution to keep the dog’s paws protected on the hot pavement in summer. Whenever your dog wears socks make sure they do not chew them.

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