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Homemade Lotion Recipe For Face And Body With Ingredients & Recipes

Homemade Lotion: Spending money on fancy beauty products but not getting the desired results is a bust. Why not spending money on some organic products with guaranteed results and zero side effects.

We often get hauled into buying a new trendy expensive product. Such luxurious products claim for flawless beauty but fail to keep their words.

homemade lotion

Today clean beauty products are admired globally. Homemade Lotions and other beauty products are coming back in trend.

Homemade Lotion

Homemade lotions are fun and easy to make. With extra moisturising and hydrating formula, it settles on your skin so well leaving it soft and subtle. Moreover, these are pocket-friendly.

All you have to do choose ingredients wisely as per your skin type. Not all kitchen products are suitable for everyone. Some people are allergic to some ingredients.

There are different DIY lotions for the face and body. You can also mix ingredients according to your preference. Some face and body lotion recipes are listed below with ingredients.

Here is a list of some oils used in beauty products.

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Basic Homemade Lotion


  1. A quarter cup of hard oil
  2. 3/4 Cup of liquid oil
  3. A half-ounce of beeswax
  4. A cup of water
  5. A few drops of essential oils ( Optional – though avoid citrus oils)

essential oils


  • Mix liquid oil of your choice or blend different liquid oils in a ratio of 3/4 cup.
  • Add 1/4 cup of hard oil any one or mix of different hard oils.
  • 1/2 oz. of beeswax.
  • Place the mixture on low heat so hard oils and beeswax melts down.
  • Remove from heat and let it cool.
  • Add around 15 drops of essential oils.
  • Blend the mixture. Add water while blending.
  • Don’t over blend. It should have a silky white creamy texture.
  • Store it in a clean glass container.
  • Put it in a cool place for long term use.

Non-Greasy Moisturising Lotion


  1. A half-cup of almond oil
  2. 1 teaspoon of Vitamin E oil
  3. A half-cup of beeswax
  4. A cup of water or aloe vera gel
  5. A few drops of essential oil



  • Add beeswax and oil in a cup. Put that cup in a pot of water. Bring water to a gentle boil. Stir it until beeswax is melted.
  • Once the beeswax is melted remove the cup carefully from the pot. Pour it in a blender and let it cool.
  • Blend it and gradually add aloe vera gel, essential oil, and vitamin E oil.
  • Stop blending until you get the desired texture.
  • Store it in a cool place for long term use.

Homemade Lotion – Citrus


  1. 1 Cup Water
  2. 1 1/2 teaspoon Vegetable glycerin
  3. 3 teaspoon Emulsifying Wax ( Petroleum-based or vegetable wax)
  4. 5 teaspoon Shea butter
  5. 4 teaspoon Almond oil
  6. Few drops of Vitamin E oil
  7. Few drops of Lemon, grapefruit, sweet orange essential oil.

citrus lotion


  • Take a large pan. Fill it with water.
  • In a small cup mix water and glycerin.
  • In another cup add Shea butter, almond oil, and emulsifier.
  • Place both cups in the pan and leave it for 20 minutes.
  • When ingredients in both cups are fully melted.
  • Pour water and glycerin in another cup.
  • Mix with a silicone spatula and blend it.
  • Blend it until lotion has thickened.
  • Add vitamin E and essential oils. Blend it.
  • Now store it in a glass jar.

Coffee Homemade Lotion


  1. Half cup of coffee grounds
  2. 1 cup olive oil
  3. Half cup Coconut oil
  4. 1 cup Aloe vera gel ( store )

homemade coffee lotion



  • Mix olive oil and coffee in a cup.
  • Let coffee grounds sit and infused in oil.
  • Combine one cup of aloe vera gel in coconut oil.
  • Add half cup of olive oil and coffee mixture into aloe and coconut oil.
  • Mix all ingredients with a blender or whisk.
  • Store it in an airtight container.

Tip-off: Using fresh aloe vera is not suitable as it does not contain any preservatives. So, buy an aloe gel from a store that suits your skin.

DIY Body Butter


  1. 1 teaspoon Vitamin E oil.
  2. 1 cup Coconut oil
  3. A few drops of essential oil.


  • Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.
  • Do not melt coconut oil. It will only be whipped in its solid form.
  • Blending the mixture will not give a good whipped texture. Hence do not blend it.
  • Store it in a glass jar. In a cool dry place so the oil won’t melt.

coconut oil body butter

Homemade products are exceptional as it does not have any side effects. Moreover, you know about all the ingredients that you have added.

I hope my article ” Homemade Lotion “helped you in learning new DIYs. For more related articles follow:


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