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10 Best Homemade All Purpose Cleaner Recipes

People often use different kind of cleaners for various cleaning purposes, they all carry some toxic chemicals. What if I tell you about a single homemade cleaner, that is chemical-free and cheap.

The best thing is that all its ingredients are in your home. So, here is the list of homemade all-purpose cleaner recipes that works perfectly.

all purpose cleaner

I know it is hard to believe that a single homemade all-purpose cleaner can replace several cleaners that we usually bought from the store for cleaning surface, kitchen, glass, and Greece. Yes, it’s true and its work well.

Why Make Your Own All-Purpose Cleaner?

We use various cleaners and even some people know that they are harmful to family health but they think they have no other option. Few cleaners are the most harmful and toxic to our health, even few lead to a cancer-like serious illness.

homemade cleaners

In 2000 the U.S poison control center reported that commercial cleaning products were responsible for about 10% of toxic exposures. Few cleaning products lead to some serious diseases such as skin infection, watery eye, and even cancer, just because of the chemicals they carry as ingredients.

Now it’s time to replace the harmful cleaners with the safe homemade cleaners. You have many options. Homemade cleaners are chemical-free and as you know the ingredients, so you can control its quantity. You can make a homemade all-purpose cleaner with different recipes and ingredients.

Below is the list of few chemicals that is very harmful and have great effect on the human body.

  • Carcinogens
  • Endocrine disruptors
  • Neurotoxins

Homemade All Purpose Cleaners

There are some recipes that will make a single cleaner, it will replace multiple commercial cleaners. The homemade all-purpose cleaner is 100% chemical-free and safe for the family. You can use a single cleaner for different cleaning purposes such as surface, kitchen or glass.

diy all purpose cleaner

Below is the list of different recipes of making homemade all-purpose cleaner:

1. All-Purpose Cleaner


  • One teaspoon of borax
  • Half teaspoon of washing soda
  • One teaspoon of liquid Castile soap
  • The essential oil of your choice
  • One Bootle for storage

Making Process

  1. Add borax, washing soda, and soap in a bottle.
  2. Add two cups of warm water. Distilled is more preferable but any water that has been boiled will also work.
  3. Put essential oils of choice.
  4. Cover bottle and shake well.
  5. Ready to use.

2. Scented Homemade Cleaner


  • White vinegar
  • Water
  • Lemon Rind
  • Rosemary Sprigs
  • A Spray bottle

Making Process

  1. Put vinegar and water in a spray bottle.
  2. Add lemon rind and rosemary sprigs.
  3. Shake it well.
  4. let infuse for a week.
  5. Use it after one week

3. Lavender Mint Homemade All Purpose Cleaner


  • Half teaspoon of lavender essential oil
  • Half teaspoon of lemon essential oil
  • 1/8 teaspoon of peppermint essential oil
  • 16 ounce of hydrogen peroxide (3%)
  • Spray bottle

Making Process

  1. Put all the above lemon, peppermint essential oils in a spray bottle.
  2. Add all the remaining ingredients.
  3. Shake the mixture well.
  4. Leave it for several minutes.
  5. Now ready to use.

4. 3-Ingredients Homemade (All-Purpose) Cleaner


  • Half cup of white vinegar
  • Two cups of water
  • 20 Drops of essential oil
  • A Spray bottle

Making Process

  1. Add all the ingredients in a bottle.
  2. Close the bottle.
  3. Shake the solution well and mix the ingredients together well.
  4. Ready to use.

5. Tea Tree Homemade (All-Purpose) Cleaner


  • One cup of distilled water
  • 15 drops of tea tree essential oils.
  •  Half tablespoon of liquid castile soap.
  • A Spray Bottle

Making Process

  1. Put all the ingredients into a spray bottle.
  2. Shake the solution well to mix all the ingredients.
  3. Ready to use.

6. Baking Soda Cleaner


  • Half cup of vinegar
  • Two Tablespoon of baking soda
  • 10 drops of Lemon essential oil
  • A spray bottle

Making Process

  1. Put the essential oil, water, and vinegar in a bottle.
  2. Now add baking soda into it.
  3. Mix the Solution well by shaking it.
  4. Ready to use

7. Chemical Free Homemade Cleaners


  • Half cup of white vinegar
  • Two tablespoons of baking soda
  • 20 Drops of tea tree essential oil
  • Water
  • A spray bottle

Making Process

  1. Put white vinegar in a bottle.
  2. Add baking soda into it.
  3. Put drops of essential oil in it.
  4. Now mix the solutions properly.

8. Deodorising Cleaner


  • Half cup of high proof vodka
  • Half cup of white vinegar
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 60 drops of essential tea tree essential oil
  • A spray bottle

Making Process

  1. Put the vodka into a spray bottle.
  2. Then add the essential oil into it.
  3. Shake the bottle to mix the oil and vodka.
  4. Now add vinegar and water.
  5. Shake the bottle again to mix all the ingredients well.

9. Disinfecting Homemade Cleaner


  • Half a cup of high rubbing alcohol
  • Half cup of white vinegar
  • 3/4 cup of water
  • 60 drops of essential lavender essential oil
  • A spray bottle

Making Process

  1. Put the alcohol into a spray bottle.
  2. Then add the lavender essential oil into it.
  3. Shake the bottle to mix the oil and vodka.
  4. Now add vinegar and water.
  5. Shake the bottle again to mix all the ingredients well.

10. Cleaner Wipes


  • Four cups of warm water
  • One tablespoon of castile soap
  • 15 drops of lemon essential oil
  • 15 drops of lavender essential oil
  • 12 Reusable cloth wipes
  • An Airtight glass container

Making Process

  1. Put water into a bottle.
  2. Now add Castile soap
  3. Then add essential oils
  4. Shake the solution to mix the ingredients properly.
  5. Roll and place the cloth wipes upright in the container.
  6. Add remaining ingredients and shake it again.

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5 Best DIY Recipes For Homemade Shower Cleaner

Homemade Shower Cleaner: Everyone loves a clean and bright shower and tub. Using chemical products and expensive cleaners doesn’t even give the full satisfaction of a clean shower.

Everyone hates the water and soap scum on their showers and tubs. When hard water is mixed with soap it leaves the unbearable hard layer on the sides of the shower. This layer of scum can be very difficult to remove with regular cleaning products.

Homemade Shower Cleaner

We have tried out some natural ingredients to make a homemade shower cleaner. Homemade shower cleaner is the best option for the dirty shower. You would have an idea that what products you are using for making a cleaner.

1- Recipe of Homemade Shower Cleaner

So, homemade shower cleaner is indeed the best, the reasonable and safest option for cleaning a shower. Tubs and showers regularly collect water and soap scum. Then they develop a super-scum and cleaning that can be a very tough task.

best shower cleaner

Homemade and natural cleaners are amazing. They give brilliant results and you can make them easily at home using natural ingredients. In homemade cleaners, you know exactly what you are using in them and not exposing your kids to any harmful products.

Mentioned below is the easiest recipe of homemade natural shower cleaner. You can follow the recipe and can make your own cleaner at home.

Ingredients Required for homemade shower cleaner

  • Spray bottle
  • Liquid detergent
  • White vinegar

How to prepare?

  • To prepare this cleaner, you have to measure equal amounts of white vinegar and a liquid detergent separately. One or one and a half cup of each solution would be enough.
  • Then you have to heat the vinegar in the microwave for a few seconds. After that pour vinegar in the spray bottle.
  • Now put liquid detergent into the spray bottle having vinegar. Close the bottle and shake it gently to allow the two solutions mixed with each other.

How to use Homemade Shower Cleaner?

  • Spray the cleaning solution around the shower or your tub. Let the solution sit for 40-50 minutes.
  • After this time, start scrubbing your tub using net or sponge.
  • Finally, rinse the tub with plenty of water and you will feel the difference.

Instructions to follow

When you plan to use this solution make sure that all the windows of your bathroom are open. The bathroom should be well ventilated because the smell of vinegar is so strong.

shower cleaner

It is better to use a face mask while cleaning your shower with the solution. Some people cannot tolerate strong smells, so it’s better to be careful before using any of these cleaning products.

2- Recipe of Daily Tub Cleaner

Here is another recipe from which you can make a shower cleaner for everyday use:

Ingredients Required

  • Half cup alcohol
  • Half cup liquid detergent
  • Half cup hydrogen peroxide
  • Three cups of water
  • Two teaspoons liquid jet dry

How to prepare?

You just have to mix all these ingredients in a spray bottle. Then shake all the ingredients well to prepare this spray.

3- Glass Shower Door Cleaner

Every recipe we have shared with you is suitable to clean glass shower doors. You just have to be very careful while cleaning the stains and scratches from the door.

Try to use a soft cloth or a soft sponge to clean the glass doors. Rough sponges and nylon clothes for cleaning the door can scratch them.

4- Cleaner for Counter-tops and Tubs

  • One teaspoon Borax powder
  • Half teaspoon Washing Soda
  • One teaspoon liquid Castile Soap
  • Few drops of orange essential oil
  • Four drops of lavender essential oil
  • Four drops of lemon essential oil
  • Two Cups of Hot water

How to prepare?

You just have to put all these ingredients in a spray bottle and then shake it well. So, it will allow all the ingredients to properly mix with each other. You can use this liquid to clean almost everything.

5- Toilet Cleaner Recipes

  • 1 can of coca-cola
  • 1 cup of white vinegar
  • 1 cup baking soda


  • Pour coca-cola can into the toilet. Then wait for 10-20 minutes to let it sit. After that time flush it.
  • Then sprinkle baking soda in the toilet and pour vinegar over it.
  • You can scrub your toilet if there are any stains. But scrub it when the mixture stops bubbling.
  • After that flush, it again to see the final results.

Why Homemade Shower Cleaner?

A homemade cleaner is easy to make whenever you need to clean your shower. This cleaner works so well because vinegar and liquid soap both are cleaning products.

Liquid soap cuts the oils and grease from the shower or tub. Soap also helps the cleaner to be thick, so it clings to the surface and floor of your tub. It doesn’t run directly into the drain.

Liquid detergent has many uses same like white vinegar and other cleaning agents. It is best for cleaning toilets, kitchen tiles, and others.

soap scum remover

Vinegar is used to eliminate the bad smell. It helps to remove stubborn marks and also dissolves tough scums. Vinegar adds shine and freshness to your tub, as it is a bleaching agent too. White vinegar has many benefits. It can be used for cleaning almost everything.

You can also use a little amount of white vinegar while washing your clothes. As it adds whitening and brightness to your clothes.

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How To Make Distilled Water For Your Car Battery At Home?

How To Make Distilled Water: Distilled water is one of the easiest DIY’s. There are different ways to make purified water.  Simple bottle water contains minerals. Whereas Purified water is made by removing minerals and chemicals from water.

Purified water has many uses. It can be used for watering plants, humidifiers, steam iron, car battery, and many other uses. There are no special requirements and science in making purified water.

How To Make Distilled Water

This post will guide you on How to Make Distilled Water at Home for a car battery.

How To Make Distilled Water

Distilled water is boiled into vapors and condensed back into liquid form in a separate container. Yet it is a purified form. Let us see some different ways to make water distilled.

A Glass Bowl for Distillation of water

It is the easiest and common way for distillation. There are a few steps in making purified water:

  1. Fill a half steel pot, that is stainless with tap water.
  2. Put a glass bowl inside. Make sure it floats and does not touch the base of the pot.
    • Another way if your glass bowl is not floating you can place the round backing rack on the base of the pot. Then put a glass bowl on it.
  3. Water should start boiling before starting the next step.
  4. Condensation effect: Invert the lid of a pot and place cold water or ice cubes on it for condensation. As water is boiling it will make steam to rise and condense on pot lid.
  5. Purified/ distilled water will be collected in the glass bowl. Continue the process until you get the desired amount of the purified water.


Word of Caution:

  • MAKE SURE WATER COLLECTED IN GLASS BOWL DOES NOT BOIL. Turn stove on low flame so pot water is only boiling.
  • Remove the Glass bowl carefully as the bowl will be hot. Allow purified water to cool down before storing and using.

Distillation of Rainwater

It is an unusual process of distillation. Though it is used when short of bottled/tap water.

  1. Collect rainwater in a large container.
  2. Let the rainwater sit for at least 2 days. So that minerals are dissipated.
  3. Water is purified now store it in any container. It can be used immediately as it is not hot.


  • Make sure to boil water collected from this process for drinking. There is a great chance of harmful components are in the water.

Water Distilled with Glass Bottles

Another way of collecting purified water is through glass bottles. Follow the steps below for distillation:

  1. Take 2 glass bottles. It is best if one bottle has an outward curved neck. Otherwise, a curved connector can also be used.
  2. Fill one bottle with water.
  3. Join two bottles together at the neck and tightly secure them with duct tape.
  4. Take a stainless steel pot filled with water. Let the water boil.
  5. Place a glass bottle that is filled with water inside the pot.
  6. Tilt the bottle at an angle that makes it easier to collect evaporated distilled water.
  7. Place an ice pack on the bottle in which purified water is collected. It will cause evaporation in water to condense into the cooler bottle.
  8. Continue the process until you get the desired amount of the purified water.

Distilled Water for Car Battery

The battery is an investment that needs special care to work better and for longer life to get most of your investment. A common car battery is a Lead-acid deep rechargeable battery. It has four main parts:

  1. Negative plate
  2. Positive plate
  3. Separator
  4. Electrolyte

An electrolyte is a solution made up of distilled water. More scientifically speaking it is made up of a mixture of Sulphuric acid ( H2SO4 )and water ( H2O ).

Car battery

Water in electrolyte needs to be maintained. It should be topped off because of chemical reaction takes place in the electrolyte to produce electrons. Water in electrolyte solution evaporates and water is dissipated.

Why Distilled Water Only?

  • It is a purified form of water. Free of salts and minerals that are found in tap or bottled water.
  • If other than distilled water is used than Impurities clog the pores. It creates a layer on the plates of the battery. This affects the chemical reaction in an electrolyte. Furthermore shortens the life span of a  battery.
  • Distilled/Purified water not only prolongs battery life but also enhances the performance of the battery.

Precautions while Topping Off a Battery

Be careful while dealing with batteries. Make sure to wear rubber gloves, glasses and old clothes that are of full sleeves and pants and shoes. You should be covered from head to toe.

Make working area fire-free or anything that can cause combustion. Prepare tools and all the required pieces of equipment.


  1. Find the battery in a car. It is mostly under the hood.
  2. Inspect the battery properly and clean it. This is important so any dirt does not react with the electrolyte.
  3. Remove port covers.
  4. Check the electrolyte level in each cell. Note the electrolyte level should be of an equal amount.

 Distilled Water for car battery

Correct Level of Electrolyte

  • The Correct level means it is ” half a centimeter above the top of terminals. So, it does not need topping off.
  • If water is below this level it needs to be filled. Make a habit to check and refill the electrolyte with distilled water. Otherwise, if the level of electrolyte is too low battery could not operate properly.
  • Fill up the battery with distilled water to a maximum safe level.

Though distilled water is available everywhere, it is cost-effective to make it at home for a car battery.

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Tricks To Dry Clothes Faster Without A Dryer

Dry clothes without dryer: Drying wet clothes are always being a pain for the people who need their clothes dry quickly. If you are an office going and need your dress ready in the morning but you can’t do it at the night and it is spoiling your moods, you have to wear your new dress on a birthday party in your university and the dress is washed and still damp with water and you don’t have a dryer to dry them.

If you are facing the above-mentioned problems then don’t worry because here on TryArticles, we are going to share some helpful remedies to dry your clothes quickly.

Tricks To Dry Clothes Faster Without A DryerBy discussing these tricks we will tell you that household products and techniques can be utilized to dry clothes without a dryer. Here we will cover all those issues you may face in your daily routine about dry clothes faster at home.

Dry Clothes Without Dryer

When It is Not Sunny Weather

When you do not have any equipment like dryer at home which you can use to dry your clothes quickly and there is the weather which is also not supporting and sunny, then just spread those clothes in a spare room and on the fan. It will take a little time but if it will be done in the night, clothes will be dried in the morning.

What People Do Before Electric Drayer Existed

In the ancient days when there was no electric dryer existed, the way people adapt to dry their clothes quickly was wrung laundry. It was rollers’ set and have the capacity to squeeze with the hand crank by using pressure. People who may have Victorian Mangle at their home are lucky to dry clothes quickly without any electric product.

If you do not have these facilities then you need to think about the cinnamon rolls you may bake at home. You have to take a towel of big size and spread your wet clothes on it as the cloth is covered in the towel. Now start rolling the towel from one corner to the other. When you complete this rolling squeeze it as you are wringing any other thing.

Pressure you will give while rolling the towel will force the water to come out from the clothes and absorb in the towel. You can repeat the process till then you need to do and have dry cloth.

If you have some time for drying the clothes then you can hang your clothes in the bathroom and they will be dried if you take the steam bath.

Heating And The Radiator Used For Drying Clothes Indoor

If it is weakened and the weather is not supporting for the wet clothes to dry which have to be ready for Monday morning then in the condition you can use a radiator or fan to dry clothes indoors. If you have central heating equipment then you can also use that and spread the clothes in a room for dry.

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Turn on that heating machine and radiator, this combination will help in drying clothes quickly. The radiator should be at normal speed so that if it will be too hot, it may leave stains of dirt and should not be too cool otherwise it will not able to dry the clothes.

For this drying purpose, you can also use electric heaters in the room because of heating in the room the moisturizer will be controlled which will help in drying clothes fast. Clothes must be spread in some distance so that they become saved from burning.

You can also use a fan for drying your clothes fast. It will spread wind in the room and this will be the best remedy to dry clothes even inside the house.

Plastic Bag And Freezer For Drying Clothes

It is an interesting and useful remedy to dry clothes overnight. You need to fold the wet clothes neatly and pack it in a plastic bag and save that bag in the freezer. Leave that bag for a few hours even you can place them for a whole night. On the other day bring them out and iron those garments to remove the moisture in them.

By utilizing this remedy you can even dry your clothes in winter and rainy season. Be careful, if you have food items in the freezer which may leave stains on the dress. If it can happen then do not go for this remedy because securing clothes is more important than drying them fast.

Hair Dryer Used For Drying Clothes Faster

This is another interesting and workable remedy for drying clothes. If you have some items which are smaller and need to dry fast like, undergarments. When you start using a dryer for drying clothes keep the dryer at a specific distance so that the clothes keep safe from burning and catching

Overheating element is the most important to manage by maintaining the distance because if the dryer is of high quality, it will burn the fire. It is recommended that try it when you need complete dry clothes on quickly basis. You can also use iron for drying clothes fast and quick.

Hanging Clothes Properly to Dry Fast

It is an important factor which you must keep in your mind that hang your clothes in a proper way so that they can dry fast and quick. If the clothes will not be hanging perfectly they will take a lot of time to dry.

You can put all these tricks to dry your clothes fast and make it sure that you are using the perfect remedy at the concerning time.


  • If you are using radiator for drying your clothes then be aware of its disadvantages too because the use of it for a long period can cause disastrous of a machine as well as clothes. So it depends on the type of clothes which you are drying.
  • If you want to dry the clothes faster than before you may experience then follow the way of spinning your clothes properly so that it will take less time to dry.
  • You have to hang your clothes in the place with constant airflow if there is humidity in the atmosphere otherwise make sure you have a dehumidifier ate your place.

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How To Clean Acid-Stained Floors?

How To Clean Acid-Stained Floors?: Its a fact that one always love to have perfect and beautiful floors at his or her home and that floor become stained it seems painful to bear the situation. If you have found any acid stain on the floor of any part of your home and become upset with this scary situation, then don’t worry at all.

We are here to guide you on how to remove those stains and get rid of this scary situation. You will get very easy and useful tricks and ideas here to maintain your home things and problems.

acid stained floorsThings To Have For Cleaning The Acid Stained Floors

There are some important things which you must have with you and these all are home-based things which are used at home in daily routine. You can get these all in your home kitchen or storeroom.

These Are:

  • Caustic Soda
  • Baking Soda
  • Gloves
  • Googles
  • Floor Polisher
  • Colored Liquid Wax

Methods To Clean Acid Stained Floors

Usage Of Ready Made Products Available In The Market

First of all, if you want a clear and quick cleaning of the acid floor then you can go for the readymade cleaners which are easily available in the market. These cleaners are made for all types of stains and working well as per the need of the user. You just need to get the idea of your floor so that you can choose the best and appropriate product available in the market. This act will help you in getting the right product and cleaning will also make you happy and relax because acid stains are a little difficult to clean.

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Using Bicarbonate (Baking) Soda For Cleaning Stains

This is a home remedy and very useful in removing stains from the floor. This remedy is not only working for cleaning but it is also helpful in neutralizing the damaged floor which is caused by acid. Acid is very harmful and definitely damage the place where it may drop and the floors are an important part of the looks of the house. So don’t ignore it to maintain the beauty of your floor even after cleaning it in the best way.

Gloves And Googles Are The Necessary Things During Cleaning

Now you can start cleaning and for this, you need to prepare yourself because it can be painful and harmful to your any body part. Wear think gloves and perfect googles so that your hands and eyes can be cured of any issue created.

This is not enough, you should be ensured that you are secured from the reaction of product using for cleaning the floor. You should wear working trousers and also ventilate the room in which you are going to start working. Ventilation is very important so that you can avoid breathing in that toxic atmosphere.

Now just sprinkle baking soda on the required place and leave it for a few moments and when it worked, remove it with the clean cloth and warm water.

Caustic Soda Used For Removing Acid Stains

There is another product you will have in your home which is called caustic soda and this is also the best product for cleaning of the acid-stained floor. When you will start using this product you have to be careful and follow all the cures instructed by using baking soda.

Method of using is also almost same that spread caustic soda on the affected area of the floor and leave it for some time. Then you have to clean the area and if you feel it needs more cleaning then you can reapply the same remedy until you get the expected results.

Colored Liquid Wax For The Floor

It is a fact that even after removing acid stains from the floor it left damaged and fainted color. So, it is very important to get the solution of managing its color back and match it with the color of the remaining floor.

For this act, you need to use colored liquid wax which is used to make a perfect look at the marking floor. You just need to cover the area with the colored wax until it works properly and give you the best results. If you have marble or concrete floors, you can do this with an addition of floor polisher. The polisher will help your floor to become shiny and clear even after those scary stains on it.

At the end of the discussion I want to say, there is no home problem here which cant be solved by using the home products. So keep on trying the tricks and ideas given by TryArticles so that you can do these things without any tension.

If you like the remedies in the above article “How to Clean Acid-Stained Floors” and want to share your opinion about it you can do it in the comment box and get more informative articles on Try Articles.

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Plants Perfect For Rainy Climates

Rainy Climates: Plants, like other living organisms, need water for their life. However, what amount of water is sufficient, differs with each type of plant; some may require plenty of water while some others may survive with a minimum of water. Too much water may spoil some types of plants, whereas there are some plants which require a huge supply of water.

When it comes to the quality of water, rain is considered the best of all. It is one of the purest forms of water available with us. For plants, rainwater is the best, as it does not have chlorine in it. Rainwater is also beneficial for the plants as it cleans the dust and dirt from the leaves and gives them a healthier and fresh look.


But depending on the nature of different plants, it is not necessary that every plant flourishes well in rains; some may not like to have abundant rain. That makes it a tricky affair; how to know which plant should we grow in rainy climatic conditions.

In this article, we will give you some useful tips on Plants Perfect for Rainy Climates


Rainwater is considered the purest water on earth. It is a natural source of water supply that is widely utilized in irrigating crops and plants. Some parts of the world receive more rains annually as compared to others while there are some areas which receive little or even no rain and are classified as arid regions. Similarly, some regions receive more rains during summer while some receive the maximum of rains during the winter season.

Apart from its role in agriculture, by way of irrigating the crops and plants, rains are also the major source of maintaining natural water reservoirs on the earth. Scientists have estimated that on average, 121000 cu ml of rains fall on earth each year, out of which 95000 cu ml falls directly on oceans. On the basis of averaged annual rainfall in a particular area, scientists have divided the earth into different climatic regions.

Deserts – the area that receives less than 10 inches of rain on average, is rated as “desert”

Polar Deserts – in very cold climates, rain cannot fall; hence the coldest areas on earth such as Antarctica is rated as Polar Desert

Rainforests – these are the areas on earth where rainfall is abundant. It includes both, temperate and tropical regions. Majority of tropical rainforests on earth are situated along the equator whereas the maximum of temperate rainforests is on the west coast (45-55 degrees latitude) in mountainous regions. Scientists have estimated that rainforests have around 40-75% of the biotic life of the earth.


Monsoons – the area around the equatorial region, also known as the monsoon trough receives the maximum of rainfall and is considered the wettest part of the earth. Cherrapunji is an area in the eastern Himalaya in India is known as the wettest part of the earth, as it receives an average annual rainfall of 450 inches.

So, with that classification in mind, you have to select the best available plants that can be grown in your region. However, we restrict the plants that can be grown perfectly in rainy climates.

There are a lot of varieties of plants that can be grown successfully under rainy conditions, following are a few that are most suited for rainy climatic conditions.

Cucumber – Cucumber is a climbing plant that needs too much moisture in the soil; hence best option to grow in rainy climates. Simultaneously, care is required to protect it from over flooding or waterlogged conditions, as its roots may be damaged. Moreover, it has to be in an area which receives plenty of sunshine during the most part of the day.

Mallow – mallow or most commonly called the hibiscus mallow rose is another plant that thrives well in the rainy season. You can find this type of roses near the swampy places. It is a perennial plant that gives white flowers in the initial stages, whereas the color tends to change to pinkish with the passage of time. Should ideally be planted during the spring season.


Elephant Ear – Elephant ear is a tropical plant that needs very moist soil to flourish. It needs soil that can hold moisture in it for an extended period. At the same time, direct sunshine is not suitable for this plant. So, plant them where the soil retains water and sunshine is minimum. However, waterlogged conditions are hazardous for this plant. It also needs protection against very high temperature. It can grow tall up to 3.5 meters, whereas its leaves are wide up to 2.5 meters.

Autumn Fern – autumn fern or most commonly known as Japanese shield fern needs moist soil and a good amount of shade to grow well. Too much water is not good for it; it just needs moist soil. It is an evergreen plant. Its leaves are initially brown which tend to turn greenish hue during the autumn season. It cannot grow tall, normally remain less than one meter in height.

Food Or Vegetables Suitable For Rainy Climates

Apart from the above, there are so many vegetables that are best grown in the rainy climatic conditions. But care it is necessary to add organic compost in the soil, especially in the tropical regions. All the vegetables that are traditionally grown in the tropics can be grown in the rainy climatic zones of the tropical regions, quite successfully.

There is a long list of such vegetables that are grown successfully under the rainy climatic conditions in the tropics; here are a few famous types that flourish well in these conditions

Tomatoes, Chinese Cabbage, Asian Greens, Sweet Potatoes, Amaranth (a type of spinach), Bamboo shoots, Climbing wattle, Chaya, Cowpea, Eggplant, Vegetable fern, jack beans, Malabar spinach, leaf pepper, mustard greens, pumpkins, okra, Roselle, scarlet ivy gourd, Sunn hemp, tropical or Indian lettuce, wax gourd and winged beans.

In addition to the above, bitter gourd melon, Angled luffa and calabash can also be grown in rainy climates but these have to be planted when the rainy season is towards its end.

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How To Grow Tomatoes In A Pot?

Grow Tomatoes In Pot: Tomato is one of the most eaten fruit in the world. It is normally red in color and is used frequently in a wide range of recipes. In fact, the tomato is one of the essential parts of the dining table, whether it is breakfast, lunch or dinner. In addition to its delicious taste, it is also very nutritious.

It contains Carbohydrates, fats, protein, and various vitamins. It is also a rich source of minerals such as Magnesium, Manganese, Phosphorous, and Potassium. However, it is 95% water. 100 grams of raw tomato provides 18 calories.

Tomato can be consumed in different ways, such as raw, fried or cooked. It is an important ingredient in various dishes, salads, sauces, and drinks. The utilization of tomato is unlimited.

Tomato belongs to the genus Solanum, under the family Solanaceae. Its scientific name is Solanum Lycopersicum. Often common man categorizes it under the vegetables but scientifically it is a fruit or berry. Tomato is native of Western South America.

tomato plant

The name tomato comes from the Aztec language word “tomatl” converted into the Spanish word “tomate” and finally into English word tomato. Initially cultivated in Mexico, from where Spanish people brought it to Europe during Spanish Colonization of South America. From Europe, it spread all over the world and today it is one of the most eaten fruit/berry in the world.

Different varieties of tomatoes are grown widely in different parts of the world, mostly in temperate regions. With the facility of greenhouses, it can be cultivated around the year. The tomato plant is normally 3-10 feet tall. Its stem is relatively weaker. Botanically it is not a vegetable; rather it is a berry type fruit.

Size of the fruit is between 0.5 to 4 inches, depending on the variety. It is a perennial plant. A tomato plant is a vine and needs support to rise up the ground. Indeterminate type of tomato is a tender perennial which dying annually, in the temperate climate, whereas the determinate type of tomato is an annual plant and can grow in all climates.

So, tomatoes are very much useful and beneficial in our daily life. That’s why people like to grow their own tomatoes in their home gardens. In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to grow the tomato in a pot?

Types Of Tomato Plants

Tomatoes are mainly of two types, known as Determinate and Indeterminate.

Determinate – Determinate tomato has a compact bushy plant, which doesn’t need any pruning. Since its growth is relatively limited, it is the best option for growing in pots. Fruit of this type of tomato plant is smaller in size and also called as Cherry Tomato. It give fruit at once; hence you have to harvest entire fruit at the same time.

Types Of Tomato Plants

Indeterminate – Fruit of this type of tomato is relatively larger in size. Its growth is unlimited; hence require more space for proper growth and therefore not fit for growing in pots. It gives fruit throughout the entire season.


For home cultivation of tomatoes in pots, Determinate type of tomato is the best option, as it needs less space and less maintenance.

Selection Of Pot – The first thing which needs your attention while growing tomatoes at home, is the selection of the correct type of pot. The pot must be at least 30 cm wide and equally deep. However, its depth may also be increased up to 45 cm, depending on the space. Remember, a relatively bigger pot is always better.

But when it comes to the weight of the pot, always go for a lighter one, so that you can handle it easily. Tomatoes need well-drained soil, therefore it is recommended that the pot must have holes on the bottom, allowing water to drain out easily. Too much of water damages the tomato plant.

Selection Of Seeds – Always choose the best quality seeds for growing tomatoes at home. Seeds can be bought from your nearest garden shop. Or otherwise, you can also get seeds from the tomatoes you have in your kitchen. But be sure to get the seeds of the Determinate type of tomatoes, as you are going to grow them in pots.


For extracting seeds from the available tomatoes, select ripe tomatoes. Extract seeds from it and place them on a sieve. Pour water on the seeds and remove any leftover particles of fruit on the seeds. Once the seeds are clear from all leftover particles, spread them on the paper towel and let them dry out.

Planting The Seeds – Best time to plant the seeds of this type of tomatoes in pots in the spring season. Remember tomatoes cannot grow successfully if the temperature is low. Follow the process mentioned below, for planting the seeds.

  • All seeds can be sown in one pot and then transplant each plant in one single pot.
  • Use potting soil, which is available with your local garden shop.
  • Fill the pot with that soil, leaving around 5 cm space on the top.
  • Spread seeds on the soil in a way that there should be reasonable space in between them.
  • Push the seed with hands so that they penetrate in the soil. Then add a thin layer of soil over them and press the soil for compaction.
  • Now it’s time to give plenty of water to your pot. Make sure that the soil should remain moist all the times but avoid too much water to prevent waterlogging.
  • Place the pot at a place where it can receive a good amount of sunshine.

Transplantation – Once the seed starts germinating, wait for the sprouts to attain a height of around 8 cm. This is the right time to transplant the tomato plants.

  • Before picking up the sprouts for transplantation, it is better to give some water to your pot, so that the earth softens and makes it easy to uproot the bud.
  • While uprooting the sprout, make sure not to break the roots.
  • Each plant should be transplanted in a separate pot.
  • While uprooting the sprout, try to retain some earth on the roots.
  • Place the sprout in the new pot and fill it with garden soil, ensuring that entire roots and a part of the stem should be buried in the soil.
  • Press the soil around the new plant and then give a good amount of water to it.

Important Point To Grow Tomatoes In Pot

  • The tomato plant needs plenty of water, especially during the hot season.
  • Tomato plant should be provided ample sunshine during the winter season.
  • Protect the tomato plant from gusty winds.
  • Keep watch on your pots and immediately take corrective measures on detection of the attack of any pest or diseases.

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DIY Boho Bedroom Decor

Diy Room Decor: The decoration is an art and Decorating a home is something that needs a little personal touch in addition to artistic thinking. But when it comes to decorating the bedroom, the most important thing is personal expression. Bedroom belongs to you and therefore it must reflect your personality but in an artistic and stylish way.

There are so many styles and patterns of decorating a bedroom, mostly influenced by the traditions, culture, civilization and sometimes a little touch of religious attachment. But some styles are almost universal and globally adopted. Boho is one of those wonderful styles.

boho bedrooms

Boho or Bohemian style is a freestyle that allows everything, a colorful blend of patterns, styles, fabrics, and eras, with lots of free artistic spirit. Boho is an attitude saying, “anything goes as long as I love it”. Boho is the style of free spirits, artists, travelers, gypsies and hippies. It’s all about the display of unconventional, colorful collections and free expression.

The word Boho or Bohemian is derived from a French word that means Gypsy, in English and is typically associated with those who live a free unconventional life, like artists or travelers. Being free of any set rules, Boho has gained popularity in almost every part of the world, for decorating bedrooms. In this article, we will suggest some useful ideas about DIY boho bedroom décor.

Boho Diy Room Decor With Neutral Colors

When you think of a boho bedroom, the first thing that strikes your mind is lots of bright colors. But as said earlier, boho is the free expression of your individuality and follows no rules. So, if you love neutral colors, nothing stops you from using them in decorating your bedroom.

DIY boho bedroom

A boho bedroom with neutral colors, though sounds something out of the pattern, is still a wonderful idea. Start with a neutral palette and you can use many different types of patterns, textiles and lots of personal belongings to decorate your bedroom in boho style with neutral colors. A neutral color scheme reflects peace and serenity.

Boho Bedroom With Books

Display your favorite books to create your boho bedroom. Instead of a solid headboard, think of a wall behind your bed, with overlapped art pieces with two towering bookshelves on each side. Design and style of bookshelves depend on your artistic sense. Make it more and more artistic and place your books here. Combination of bright variant colors while choosing the bedcovers and pillows will add value.

Boho Bedroom With Books

Boho Diy Room Decor With Artwork

Some may love the flea market artwork. Boho bedroom allows you to hang different art pieces, paintings, and antiques on any of the walls of your bedroom. No rules, just follow your own artistic sense to hang these things on the walls of your boho bedroom.


Boho Bedroom With Screens

Different screens such as wooden, wicker or fabric can be used in your boho bedroom. You can use these beautiful looking screens anywhere in your bedroom. You may use one as a headboard or can be placed in another position to create a separate sitting area or use one to give you some privacy in a corner of your bedroom. All depends on your liking and utility.


Boho Bedroom With Flowers And Plants

Flowers are perhaps the perfect match with Boho style when it comes to the bright colors. Use bright colorful flowers to add freshness and beauty to your boho bedroom to match or in contrast with the colorful bedcovers and pillows. Place different plants near windows or at any other suitable place in your bedroom.

Flowers And Plants

Plants will add beauty and freshness to your boho bedroom. Use plenty of different plants of your choice. Place them in a style, mix flowers and other plants at different places in your bedroom

Boho Bedroom With A Textile Ceiling

The essence of a unique boho bedroom is the use of lots of textile and fabrics. Soft and billowing textile makes your room a typical bohemian bedroom giving a caravan look. To give it a more typical look, use a textile piece to cover the ceiling of your bedroom, exactly above the bed. Hang this piece of textile in a way that it drapes a little in the center stretches at the corners; a perfect caravan touch.

textile ceiling

Boho Bedroom With A Cozy Bed

The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed itself. The bed is the focal point of your bedroom and that also is true with your boho bedroom. A cozy bed with colorful bedcovers is a wonderful s idea. Use lavish colorful bedding to create a cozy bed, piled high with textile. Place quilts above the colorful sheets, place throw blankets and pillows, all in bright colors.

cozy bed

Boho Bedroom With Mixed Patterns

The best part of the boho style is that it gives you the liberty of using mixed patterns on and around your bed. Use unmatched and mixed throw pillows and blankets. Use mixed fabric drapes, along with lighting fixture. Use tapestry in place of the headboard. This will add a personality and excitement to your room.

Mixed Patterns

Boho Bedroom Decor With Hanging String Lights

Hanging lights are so exciting and give a light magical touch to your boho Diy Room Decor bedroom. Hang the lights with strings around the headboard. Can also be used around windows or any other place in the bedroom.

Hanging String Lights

Boho Bedroom Decor With Decorated Walls

Decorate the walls of the boho bedroom with beautiful artwork. You can also frame these artworks, paintings, fabric pieces, old photographs, the collection of feathers anything you like to display on the walls of your bedroom.

Decorated Walls

The styles and things that can give your bedroom a bohemian touch is unlimited. Just start thinking out of the box and decorate your bedroom with everything you have. Fill up every space with your favorite collections, may it be anything. Use bright, light and neutral colors, whatever you like.

There is no end to this list, such as using plenty of toss pillows of different styles and colors or hang a quilt behind your bed, or fill your bedrooms with antiques or just hang a fabric as a ceiling above your bed. Just think and give it a go.

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Why Is It Bad Luck To Have A Cactus In The House?

According to the Feng shui (philosophical Chinese system of laws) theory, there are certain plants that are responsible for attracting negative or positive energy. You must read this post as we will discuss why it is bad luck to have a cactus in the house, plants that bring good luck and house cactus types.

Bad Luck To Have A Cactus In The House

As according to Feng shui system environment in a room can be influenced by furniture or element placement. This concept put a positive influence on people and space.

Their main goal is to avoid negativity so they introduce this concept to achieve a positive environment. So they introduce many things in which plants are also included. According to the system, some plants carry negative energy so people should avoid to bring them into a house.

Is It Bad Luck To Have A Cactus in the House?

Among these negative plants system also introduce cactus and said to place them in the right place. So which is the right place? we will discuss here in detail.

According to Feng Shui belief, although cactus is beautiful but transmits bad energy. He said bad energy is carried in their ‘‘prickly and sharp’’ thorns. His followers believe that cactus in the house can bring misfortune, like diseases, anxiety, stress or losses.

Cactus In The House

As cacti originate from deserts so people believe that it retains a large amount of liquid so are not a symbol of abundance. People also thought it causes financial problems.

So it doesn’t mean you should not put it in your home but you should know where to put in? if we take an example you should not put it at the house door.

If you really want to put a cactus in the house or might be your son insist you the put it on your terrace or window. As on the terrace or window, it will act as protectors.

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Plants That Bring Good Luck

There are some plants which bring good luck, Wealth, Prosperity and Health to home.

Here is a list of those plants have a look:-

  • Palms:- They create a room divider, especially when placed in a colorful planter
  • Money Tree:- Money Trees are often braided together, but for good luck, you will need three to five
  • Rubber Plant:- These plants are especially auspicious when placed in the “Wealth Area” of your home
  • Peace Lily:- Peace Lily grows well under artificial light and produces white flowers
  • Jade Plant:- Jade plant when placed near the entrance, bring prosperity and success
  • Orchids:- They represent love, soothe the soul, and deepen friendships
  • English Ivy:- English Ivy help soften any “poison arrows” that point at you where you sleep or work
  • Boston Fern:- This plant is used to filling up a corner at the entrance to a home

House Cactus Types

Now let’s have a look at types of house cactus, here I mentioned below:-

  • Bunny-Ears Cactus
  • Chin Cactus
  • Saguaro Cactus
  • Old Lady Cactus
  • Star Cactus
  • Easter Cactus
  • Christmas Cactus
  • Moon Cactus

If you want to purchase cactus from nursery then you can visit Phoenix Desert Nursery.  Now let’s have a look at some questions regarding Cactus!

How Often Should I Water My Indoor Cactus?

This question many people asked so here is the answer to your question cacti and succulents should be watered at least once a week. We see many people water more often than this so you should care about this.

Another point is that during watering, you have to give the soil a good soaking, so that water runs out of the ‘drainage holes’ of the pots.

Do Cactus Need A Lot of Light?

If you also want to know that do cactus need a lot of light here is the answer to your question. Cacti are a type of plant also called succulents and learned to compete for survival.

You need to break your myth that they need a lot of light so Light Requirements of Cactus Plants might help you. You can also learn which cactus plants require hours of natural light and which ones can thrive indoors.

If you want beautiful indoor and outdoor plants and flowers then click here. You can take their services to maintain the health and beauty of your plants.

Can a Cactus Die?

Yes, Cactus can Die, as they will hardly grow, or die if the pot is too big and it has too much soil. This much soil holds too much water and can cause the roots to rot.

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How To Plant Roses From Cutting?

Planting rose from cutting is a great idea if you love them. Roses are the most common and favorite plant. Because of their beautiful color and smell, they are liked by most of the people.

Roses are the most common plant found in everyone’s gardens. Planting is good for our environment so we should promote such activities. Everyone likes to plant roses in their garden. To plant rose inside the home is a creative and easy way to decorate home.

Planting roses from cutting

Not every cutting can grow roots; roses are one of those plants which can be grown out from cuttings.  Not only planting but also to look after plants is very important. For this you should know how to care for plants, so try to learn some steps.

So, here on, we are providing you some simple and easy tips on How to plant roses from cutting.

Steps to follow for planting roses from cutting

It looks very pleasant to have a lovely, colorful, blissful garden. Beautiful fragrance of a rose inside a home or in a room can never be a bad idea. We can easily grow a rose for a gratifying ourselves.

Plants are the part of our nature; nature is a blessing which brings happiness, peace, liveliness, and cheerfulness to our lives. Roses can play a great role in cheering someone, to get over anxiety or depression.

  • Choose a place to grow a rose. To grow a rose inside or outside in the garden, in a bedroom or in a lounge. Keep in mind sunlight should reach to the plant for proper growth and long lasting life of a rose. Prepare that place for placing the plant. Properly clean that place before planting rose plant in that area.
  • Take a beautiful pot or a vase according to a size of a room, or whether to grow a rose inside or outside in the garden. It’s up to one’s choice wherever he/she wants to grow a plant. If you want to grow inside a house then you need a proper clean pot or a suitable vase. If you are growing rose plants outside then you can plant them in your garden.

put enough water

  • Now prepare the pot, wash it first with plenty of hot water and liquid soap so there will no traces of soil left in it. Now put enough amount of soil in the prepared pot. Fill the pot to half with soil. Put some water in it, to moisten the soil. Don’t put too much or too less water in the soil. Just the perfect enough amount for dampness.
  • If you will put so much water then the plant will not grow. Similarly, if you will not put enough water then the rose cutting will not give you flowers. So you just have to put the right amount of water in the pot.
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  • If you want to grow a rose on a ground, then just dig that area. Clean that area by removing tiny stones or rotten leaves. If the area will be properly clean and smooth then the plant will grow earlier and easier. Dampen that area by water accordingly.
  • Now choose which color of the rose you want to grow. Roses are in so many colors, so select one of your choices. Select your favorite color of rose then cut out the stem of that rose from a bush of that specific rose color plant you want.
  • If you are gardening in a ground/garden you have an option to cut a stem or whole branch of the rose. But if you are planting in a pot cut out according to the area of the pot. Pots have the small surface area so you can just plant few cuttings of the rose plant.

cut stem in slanting shape

  • Once you have selected from which rose bush you want to cut out. Now take a knife, a sharp knife. Don’t cut roughly be gentle and scrape off 1 to 2 inches/ 2.5cm.-5.1cm of the stem. Cut it in slanting shape because it allows rooting hormone to get into a stem. So be careful while cutting the stem of the rose.
  • Make sure to sharpen a knife before cutting the stem of your favorite rose plant otherwise rough edges of the stem will not allow the plant to grow earlier.
  • Damp the part you just cut off and put it immediately into the soil. If you have followed every step right then it will start to put out roots just within one or two weeks. Make sure that your root cutting is having a proper circulation of air and it gets proper sunlight. Root cutting in the soil should be moist all the times.
  • The growth of the plant also depends upon the condition, types of rose and also on the weather. The root cuttings of roses in a pot will grow faster if they will be placed in full sunlight.

use a clean pot

  • The pot in which you are growing the rose should be very clean, even if you are reusing it. You should clean and wash it properly with liquid detergent and hot water, so it will be very easy for you to grow next plant in it. The pot will not have any traces of previous plants, so it will help the rose cuttings to grow earlier.
  • For better growth you can also put good quality fertilizer in the soil, which you can get at any plant nursery at a cheap cost, it will help your rose cuttings to grow earlier and they will grow healthier.
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roses are so beautiful

  • Roses look very beautiful and elegant in your garden and if you are planting them in your house they enhance the beauty of your home. Roses need extra care and protection, they need proper air, proper sunlight so if you are planting them you should take care of them. Don’t allow your kids to pluck them.

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