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DIY Boho Bedroom Decor

Diy Room Decor: The decoration is an art and Decorating a home is something that needs a little personal touch in addition to artistic thinking. But when it comes to decorating the bedroom, the most important thing is personal expression. Bedroom belongs to you and therefore it must reflect your personality but in an artistic and stylish way.

There are so many styles and patterns of decorating a bedroom, mostly influenced by the traditions, culture, civilization and sometimes a little touch of religious attachment. But some styles are almost universal and globally adopted. Boho is one of those wonderful styles.

boho bedrooms

Boho or Bohemian style is a freestyle that allows everything, a colorful blend of patterns, styles, fabrics, and eras, with lots of free artistic spirit. Boho is an attitude saying, “anything goes as long as I love it”. Boho is the style of free spirits, artists, travelers, gypsies and hippies. It’s all about the display of unconventional, colorful collections and free expression.

The word Boho or Bohemian is derived from a French word that means Gypsy, in English and is typically associated with those who live a free unconventional life, like artists or travelers. Being free of any set rules, Boho has gained popularity in almost every part of the world, for decorating bedrooms. In this article, we will suggest some useful ideas about DIY boho bedroom décor.

Boho Diy Room Decor With Neutral Colors

When you think of a boho bedroom, the first thing that strikes your mind is lots of bright colors. But as said earlier, boho is the free expression of your individuality and follows no rules. So, if you love neutral colors, nothing stops you from using them in decorating your bedroom.

DIY boho bedroom

A boho bedroom with neutral colors, though sounds something out of the pattern, is still a wonderful idea. Start with a neutral palette and you can use many different types of patterns, textiles and lots of personal belongings to decorate your bedroom in boho style with neutral colors. A neutral color scheme reflects peace and serenity.

Boho Bedroom With Books

Display your favorite books to create your boho bedroom. Instead of a solid headboard, think of a wall behind your bed, with overlapped art pieces with two towering bookshelves on each side. Design and style of bookshelves depend on your artistic sense. Make it more and more artistic and place your books here. Combination of bright variant colors while choosing the bedcovers and pillows will add value.

Boho Bedroom With Books

Boho Diy Room Decor With Artwork

Some may love the flea market artwork. Boho bedroom allows you to hang different art pieces, paintings, and antiques on any of the walls of your bedroom. No rules, just follow your own artistic sense to hang these things on the walls of your boho bedroom.


Boho Bedroom With Screens

Different screens such as wooden, wicker or fabric can be used in your boho bedroom. You can use these beautiful looking screens anywhere in your bedroom. You may use one as a headboard or can be placed in another position to create a separate sitting area or use one to give you some privacy in a corner of your bedroom. All depends on your liking and utility.


Boho Bedroom With Flowers And Plants

Flowers are perhaps the perfect match with Boho style when it comes to the bright colors. Use bright colorful flowers to add freshness and beauty to your boho bedroom to match or in contrast with the colorful bedcovers and pillows. Place different plants near windows or at any other suitable place in your bedroom.

Flowers And Plants

Plants will add beauty and freshness to your boho bedroom. Use plenty of different plants of your choice. Place them in a style, mix flowers and other plants at different places in your bedroom

Boho Bedroom With A Textile Ceiling

The essence of a unique boho bedroom is the use of lots of textile and fabrics. Soft and billowing textile makes your room a typical bohemian bedroom giving a caravan look. To give it a more typical look, use a textile piece to cover the ceiling of your bedroom, exactly above the bed. Hang this piece of textile in a way that it drapes a little in the center stretches at the corners; a perfect caravan touch.

textile ceiling

Boho Bedroom With A Cozy Bed

The most important thing in the bedroom is the bed itself. The bed is the focal point of your bedroom and that also is true with your boho bedroom. A cozy bed with colorful bedcovers is a wonderful s idea. Use lavish colorful bedding to create a cozy bed, piled high with textile. Place quilts above the colorful sheets, place throw blankets and pillows, all in bright colors.

cozy bed

Boho Bedroom With Mixed Patterns

The best part of the boho style is that it gives you the liberty of using mixed patterns on and around your bed. Use unmatched and mixed throw pillows and blankets. Use mixed fabric drapes, along with lighting fixture. Use tapestry in place of the headboard. This will add a personality and excitement to your room.

Mixed Patterns

Boho Bedroom Decor With Hanging String Lights

Hanging lights are so exciting and give a light magical touch to your boho Diy Room Decor bedroom. Hang the lights with strings around the headboard. Can also be used around windows or any other place in the bedroom.

Hanging String Lights

Boho Bedroom Decor With Decorated Walls

Decorate the walls of the boho bedroom with beautiful artwork. You can also frame these artworks, paintings, fabric pieces, old photographs, the collection of feathers anything you like to display on the walls of your bedroom.

Decorated Walls

The styles and things that can give your bedroom a bohemian touch is unlimited. Just start thinking out of the box and decorate your bedroom with everything you have. Fill up every space with your favorite collections, may it be anything. Use bright, light and neutral colors, whatever you like.

There is no end to this list, such as using plenty of toss pillows of different styles and colors or hang a quilt behind your bed, or fill your bedrooms with antiques or just hang a fabric as a ceiling above your bed. Just think and give it a go.

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How To Make Wall Art Stencils Designs?

The decoration of a home, the room of office is not a new thing in the history of mankind. It has been the point of focus for centuries. However, the style and methods of decorating a home or office have changed a lot with the passage of time, though still, we can see some ancient styles in use, in some parts of the world.

The style and methods of decoration changes with the mood and choice of a person, depending largely on the culture and traditions and to some extent the religion as well. Whatever may be the style of decoration, the focal point, however, always remains the same; the room should look beautiful, unique and above all, it should be fit for living.


While some decoration styles may not require, but most of them need a lot of artistic touches. Wall Stencils art is one of those, where skills and artistic touch goes parallel. Stencil wall art is gaining popularity day by day. Displaying different patterns on walls, textiles and doors in bedrooms, living areas and even the children rooms is one of the favorites, these days.

Yes, you can buy ready to use patterns like wallpapers but that may be an expensive option. Painting the walls with different patterns, using stencils, is a cheap and easy way of decorating the walls of a room, as an alternative to wallpapers. In this article, we will let you know some useful tips on how to make wall art stencils designs.


For making wall art stencils designs, the following material will be required:

  • Stencil paper/sheet
  • Measuring tape
  • Marker
  • Cutting Mat
  • Knife
  • Masking tape
  • Adhesive spray
  • Stencil paint and brush


Once you have the material in hand, let’s now move onto how you will make the stencils?

Searching For A Pattern

The first and foremost important thing is the design or pattern you want. This is something that totally depends on your likings and choice. As said earlier, making wall art stencils, one has to be a little artistic. So, use your artistic and creative skills and come out with a brand new, genuine design of your own.

As an alternative, however, you can search a pattern or design of your choice on the internet and get a print of it. Next important thing is the size of pattern/design. It depends on the size of the wall which you want to decorate with wall art design stencils.

Searching For A Pattern

If it is a small area, you can use a single pattern or a combination of more than one. For the larger area, another option is to use a series of patterns or repeat the same pattern, so many times. However, don’t compromise on artistic touch and make sure the repetition of patterns doesn’t give a bad look.

Preparation Of Stencil Sheet

Blank Stencil sheets can be bought from any stationary shop. But it is strongly recommended to make your sheets, for which you will have to buy a plastic folder. It costs less. Bring the plastic folders and cut them in the size of your choice that should fit the wall pattern you want to make. Then put them together and tape them; your stencil sheet is ready.

Preparation Of Stencil Sheet

Draw Or Trace The Pattern

Whether you bought ready to use Stencil sheets or you have made your own, using plastic folders, as explained above, the most important; rather sensitive task is ahead of you. You have to draw the pattern on these stencil sheets. If you have the skill, you may like to draw a pattern of your liking, directly on the stencil sheets. But that may be a difficult ask for most people.

The other option, as discussed above, is to search a suitable pattern on the internet and get a print of it. Then place the printout underneath your stencil sheet. Since the stencil sheet is transparent or semi-transparent, you can easily see the image of pattern across the sheet.

draw the pattern

Now carefully trace the pattern on the stencil sheet with the help of a marker. This, however, needs a certain level of expertise. Tracing the image needs some practice. So, try it on some useless plastic sheets before you move on to trace it on stencil sheets. With a little practice, you will be able to trace the image successfully.

Cutting Stencil

Again a very skillful act is ahead of you; cutting the stencil, exactly according to the pattern, traced on your stencil sheets. For best results, an exact knife is recommended, which ensures precision. Place the stencil sheet on a cutting mat, carefully spreading evenly. Using the exact knife, carefully and slowly cut the sheet according to the pattern traced on it.


This needs plenty of skills. So, try cutting the stencils again and again, using some useless sheets. Once you attain a bit of expertise, you can move on to actual stencil cutting. It’s however, a time-consuming job, so be patient and concentrate on this task. After cutting the stencil, compare it with the actual print to make sure, the cutting is perfect.

Fixing Stencils On Wall

Once the stencils have been cut, next step is to fix it on the wall where you want the pattern to be painted. Choose the space according to your layout plan. This can be done in either of these two methods.

  • Place the stencil on a flat surface with face down and backside of stencil up. Spray the back side with the adhesive spray.
  • Fix the stencil on the wall with the help of masking tape. Masking tape should be fixed on the outer edges of the stencil.
fixing on wall

We recommend the first one because you can achieve the best results with this method. To ensure that the pattern is not tilted, straighten it before fixing on the wall, using a leveling stick.

Painting The Pattern On Wall

The last step is to paint the pattern on the wall. For this purpose, the most important thing is the selection of the correct color. Considering the overall ambiance of the room and the style of the pattern, you can select the best possible color of the paint. Mostly depends on your aesthetic sense and your liking.

Paint the cut spaces on the stencil with the stencil paint, with the help of a stencil brush. Be careful that paint should not spread beyond the borders of the stencil, otherwise your wall may be damaged. You can use other paints as well, but the stencil paint has the quality of quick-drying, which helps protect your wall of overspreading of paint.

In any case, leave the paint to dry on its own. Normally it should get dry within a day. After you have painted one stencil on the wall, you will have to repeat the same process for each stencil to complete the layout of your wall art design. It may the repetition of the same sketch or it may be a combination of different sketches painted in a pre-set style/design.

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How To Feng Shui Bedrooms?

The bedroom is one of the most important parts of any house; rather a focal point in every house. It may have many emotional attachments as well. The bedroom is the part of a house that gives peace, rest and comfort and where one sleeps. That’s why it has to be a place that can really provide you with comfort.

The layout of a bedroom, therefore, plays a crucial part when it comes to decoration. There may be hundreds of different styles of decorating a bedroom, mainly depending on your culture and traditions but the main idea behind every style is to provide peace and comfort.


 Feng Shui is one of the ways of decorating bedrooms. This style, originated in China is one of the most popular styles in use, these days.

In this article, we will let you know how to Feng Shui bedrooms. But for those who are not familiar with feng shui, let’s see what actually feng shui, is?

Feng Shui

In the old Chinese traditions, back to 4000 BC, feng shui is said to be a set of laws, which governs the orientation and placement of various things in a way that facilitates energy flow.

According to this traditional thought, this crucial aspect must be taken into consideration when constructing a building, placing furniture and other things in that building and even when sitting in this building in a particular room or place.

Feng shui is known as the pseudoscience or Chinese Geomancy of ancient Chinese traditions, which uses the forces of energy to harmonize the individuals with his surroundings. If we translate Feng Shui into English, it means “wind-water”.

It is one of the five arts of ancient Chinese metaphysics and is classified as “physiognomy”, which means “observation of appearances through formulas and calculations”.

feng shui bedrooms

They believe that there are invisible forces that bind the earth, humanity and the universe. Feng shui deals with that concept. Traditionally, it was primarily used for orienting a spiritual building like tombs and other religious places of worship using local features like stars or bodies of water.

Later on, this art was also used in the construction and decoration of residential buildings as well.

This glorious and spiritual history of feng shui has been turned into an art of decorating homes, in modern civilizations. Let’s see how a bedroom can be decorated using the feng shui art.

Diagonal Bed Position

The bed is the most important and prominent thing in any bedroom. In fact, the bed is the focal point in any type of decoration of a bedroom. In feng shui bedroom, bed remains the focal point as well.

Amongst many possible feng shui bedroom decorations, one most popular is the decoration where the bed is placed in a commanding position. In this layout, you will have to take care of the following things.

  • Under this layout of feng shui bedroom, bed position should be diagonal from the door of the bedroom with a solid wall on its back.
  • The bed must have the strong headboard on solidly grounded on both sides. Nightstands may be identical or if you like they may be different; depends on your creative sense. But the bed must be firmly grounded on the floor on both sides.
  • Place a rug in front of the bed or if you like, the whole floor of the bedroom may be covered with rug; that brings more energy and strength to your feng shui bedroom.
  • In this layout, the bed itself has to be in a commanding position. So, make sure that no other large furniture item such as a large drawer chest or any other thing like that, should not be placed on the sides of the bed. The best position of such things is a place towards the foot of the bed but away from it. Doing so, energy in your feng shui bedroom will remain in balance.
  • Alternately, you can place this large furniture item on any side of the bed but in that case, you will have to place another furniture item on the foot of the bed and one piece of furniture on the opposite side of the large furniture. But this item, placed on the opposite side of the large one, should be one that becomes the focal point as well.


Don’t force the bed to remain in the center of the wall facing the bed; it can be placed at any angle depending on the position of windows. The key point of this feng shui layout is the placement of bed diagonally with solid wall on the back and ample space on either side of your bed

The Door On The Side

Another very powerful feng shui layout of the bedroom is the one where you can place the bed at a position where the bedroom door is on a side of the bed. Follow these instructions for creating this feng shui layout:

  • Position the bed with bedroom door on the side of the bed.
  • Be sure that the bed should be as away from the door as possible; should not be, in any case, close to the door.
  • On the back side of the bed, there should be a solid wall with strong grounding energy on either side of the bed.
  • As in the case of the first layout, here also, a large piece of furniture be used as energy balancing. You can place a triangle in between two nightstands and the drawer chest.

Door And Bed On The Same Wall

The third possible layout of a feng shui bedroom again focuses on the positioning of your bed. Your bedroom may not allow you to place the bed diagonally or with the door on one side of your bed. If so, this third layout will be good for you. Here you will position your bed on the same wall where the bedroom door is situated.

If for any reason or space constraints, you cannot place the bed exactly on the same wall as the door, you can position your bed on the nearest wall as well. The bed should, however, be well grounded on both sides with a strong and well protected back.

Try to leave as much as possible between door and bed. But make sure that there should be ample space for the nightstand which will be placed on the opposite side of the door.

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How To Create Hygge Decor For Christmas?

Celebrating Christmas with family and friends is a most popular trend in the world, especially in Europe and America. Spending time with the whole family in the cozy atmosphere at home, when winter is at its bloom outside and enjoying delicious foods and drinks, is perhaps the best activity during the Christmas celebrations.

There are several different styles and trends of enjoying Christmas mostly depending on the culture and civilization. Hygge is one of those. Hygge comes from Denmark. In Danish, hygge is a word that means, “giving courage, joy and comfort”. Hygge style of decoration is all about the mood of comfort and coziness and a feeling of wellness.


The word hygge is originated, in Danish, from the word hugr, which then transformed into the word hug that means the consciousness, soul and mind. Another explanation of the hygge is that it may have originated from the very old word hugge, which then turned into the word hug, with the meaning “to embrace”.

Whatever may be its origin but today it is a Danish tradition that is associated with coziness and comfort or an everyday togetherness with safety, equality and personal wholeness. It is a social and cultural tradition from Denmark that is widely adopted in the whole of Europe and America. People love to have a hygge Christmas.

In this article, we will give you some useful tips on how to create hygge décor for Christmas,

Hygge Activities In Christmas

Hygge has developed into a popular way of celebrating Christmas, which involves several different activities and events.

  • People like to gather the whole family for playing a board game.
  • While the whole family is gathered in the home during a cold winter night, they would like to read aloud a storybook for children.
  • Some may enjoy romantic poetry.
  • Some may enjoy having a jam session, where everyone would participate with some songs, a carol or a folk song.
hygge ideas
  • Making different Christmas ornaments from the recycled material involving the whole family in it.
  • A good baking session with friends is yet another cozy activity for a Hygge Christmas.
  • You may like going for a walk with your family, in the local Christmas Market during the evening.
  • Enjoy having some hot drinks together with your family or friends, such as a hot chocolate.

Create Hygge For Christmas

Here are some useful tips on how you can create hygee for Christmas.

  • Colorful lights are one of the most important parts of Christmas. White and Gold fairy lights will give a different feeling, try it.
  • Place your lights in a glass jar to create a wonderful glow and glass combination.
  • Light up candles and lanterns. A hygge style of lighting up candles may be to use vanilla scented candles.
  • A beautiful hygge cultural tradition is to create a Candle Countdown, for the days to go for the main Christmas event. You can buy candle especially made for this countdown, having a number carved on each candle.
creating hygge
  • Light up the candle having the number that matches with the number of days to go, for Christmas. You can also decorate this candle as you may like.
  • Decorate your home with different shaped ornaments, draping, ribbon or glass balls. Choose the colors that fit your mood.
  • For creating a warm and cozier environment, arrange a sufficient quantity of pillows and blankets for your family and for any possible visitors.
  • Arrange some fluffy socks and Christmas sweaters for children.

Foods For Hygge Christmas

A rich Danish tradition of celebrating Christmas is having a big dinner, known as “Julefrokost”, which means “Christmas Lunch”. Apart from this, you can also have your own baking or cooking sessions during the Christmas days to celebrate the whole season in hygge style.

We suggest some for you:

  • Cardamom Buns are the good choice for very cold days.
  • Marzipan bits, covered with chocolate.
  • Mince pie, though not a traditional Danish recipe but perfectly match the hygge style, being spicy and warm.
  • Pepperkaker or gingerbread.
  • Spherical pancakes and doughnuts with powdered sugar and jam.
  • Roasted meat and vegetables are the most popular Danish food. Roasted Vegetables such as turnips and cabbage is a delicious thing that you must try this Christmas.

Other Ideas

  • Decorate your home with an artificial pine. Though not a true hygge tradition but very popular. Decorate the artificial pine with fairy white light.
  • Hygge means coziness and comfort. So, try covering your furniture with warm blankets, rustic animal hides and fluffy pillows to create a cozy atmosphere in the very cold December nights.
  • These are the Christmas holidays, so you don’t have to go to your offices or workplaces. That means no formal dresses. Enjoy and feel cozy, wearing cashmere socks, shearling slippers and fuzziest sweaters. You can go to any Christmas party wearing a pullover and clogs.
  • Decorate your home with natural elements, collected while walking through the gardens and woods, such as sprigs of greenery, fallen branches and pinecones. Create your décor using these natural things.
  • Try having a cup of Scandinavian mulled wine, most popularly known as glogg, to get cozy.
  • Have an extended session of baking during these Christmas holidays. Enjoy baking gingerbread, almond cake, cinnamon rolls or oatmeal balls. These are the favorites for a hygge Christmas all around the Scandinavia.

There are hundreds of different hygge styles of decorating your Christmas event. What to choose largely depends on your local traditions, culture and civilization. If you living in a cold area, where December is chilling cold, your selection will be quite different from those who live a warm area, where Christmas days are not so cold and even warmer as compared to other areas.

So, what you would do must match with the weather conditions of your area. If it is not so cold outside, having plenty of blankets in your room may spoil the event. But if it is chillier outside, you may have to opt. for more warm things.

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Eclectic Decorating Ideas For Living Rooms

The decoration of homes and especially the living rooms is a subject of interest for all households. This largely depends on the traditions, culture and religious attachment. Yes, weather conditions also have its impact on how one decorates his / her room. But the basics of decorating a home or living room may not differ so much in different countries and civilizations.


The basic idea behind decorating a room is to provide comfort to the persons using the room and simultaneously it should also look good. A perfect balance of comfort and beauty makes a decoration perfect.

Amongst many ideas and techniques to decorate a living room, the eclectic decoration is a widely adopted way of decorating a living room, these days. In this article, we will let you know useful tips on eclectic decorating Ideas for living rooms.

What Is Eclectic Decoration?

Eclectic, by the dictionary, means “styles or ideas or taste derived from a diverse and wide range of sources”. It’s all about creating heterogeneity. A mix of diverse and varied styles of decorating a home or room is the essence of eclectic decoration, i.e. find and create a balance between various styles from different civilizations, ages or communities.

Though it makes your room more attractive and lively some people do it wrongly thus resulting in a mess. It is not about stuffing too much of different things in your room. It is also not about placing too many things without following a set pattern or layout.

Eclectic decoration idea is just to be creative, to take an inspiration from different styles, to mix and match them to develop your own style.


An eclectic decoration style is also a mix of old and modern things. It is about placing some antiques for decoration with modern equipment like computer, laptop, LED TV and so many other things that we have to use as a routine, these days. But with a touch of creativity, without compromising the balance.

Basics Of Eclectic Decoration Ideas

Like every other art, there are some basics of eclectic decoration, as well. Follow them wisely, if you want to achieve a perfect style.

  • You have to mix classic, vintage and modern styles of decoration.
  • You have to mix different patterns.
  • Follow a predefined color scheme and never compromise on it.
  • You have to mix ideas from different civilizations, cultures and eras.
  • Select and mix different materials, such as wooden items, steel items, plastic items, marbles, and glass items and so on.
  • Be creative. Don’t hesitate in applying extraordinary or out of the box ideas
  • Give a personal touch to your room. Your room must reflect that it belongs to you. Express yourself freely but without compromising on other basics.
  • Keep your room tidy and well arranged. Avoid too much of things placed haphazardly.

Different Ideas Of Eclectic Decoration

Before you start following different ideas or creating a few of your own, first thing is to collect the main things for your living room, such as sofa, chairs and table. First of all, place such items at places where these can be conveniently used for your daily life. Next step is to start decorating your living room with different items. Let’s give you some useful ideas.

  • If you have an antique table, mix it with modern, steel chairs. Vice versa, you can mix a most modern glass top table with old Victorian style wooden chairs.
  • The most modern large sofa can be mixed with an oriental rug.
  • Mix your modern sofa with some colorful gypsy ottomans.
  • Spare a reasonable space for displaying different souvenirs, you might have collected during your travels. Place them all in one place. Or otherwise, create small places in different corners of your room to place them, depends on your imaginative skills.
  • Combine both of the modern day styles, the Boho and the Industrial styles.
  • Place some colorful and printed pillows in your room to give it a creative touch by mixing different patterns.
  • Combine different style and designs of rugs and curtains.
different ideas
  • If you are facing space constraints, as your room is relatively small, you can opt for shelves as a base of your decoration style. But be creative in selecting different styles of cabinets and closets.
  • For small rooms, best eclectic decorating ideas is the use of multipurpose items. Place a seat covered with some ethnic styled pillows near a window, to serve as a guest seat or a reading point or a chilling area.
  • If your room is small, naturally, you should not go for big furniture items. Use small or medium-sized sofa and the small table to save space in your living room.
  • Create an eclectic wall in your living room. It’s just your creative ideas than anything else, which will guide you to a beautifully created eclectic wall in your room. You can start by displaying a large painting in the center surrounded with different pictures and art pieces. Think and create more styles.
  • The last thing, which in fact, is the first thing. Create balance. Always follow a predefined layout that should give a balanced look to your room.

Do’s And Don’t

  • Do consider layout. Plan your eclectic style living room before doing anything. Prepare the layout of your living room. The layout is most important, even more than the color scheme
  • Don’t forget the focal point. Eclectic style is combining different things but never forget to create a focal point in your living room. Create a focal point with an attractive element.

  • Do consider utility. You are decorating your room to live in it, not merely for placing different things in it. So, while preparing the layout, keep in mind the utility of your room and different things placed in it.
  • Don’t be inconsistent. Though eclectic style means variation and diversity when it comes to the entire home, be consistent with all rooms. Every room should follow the same style and should not look different from each other.
  • Do pick one color. Choose a single color that should dominate the entire layout. This should be the focal color of your eclectic style decoration.
  • Don’t confuse eclectic with “anything goes”. Though eclectic style means variety and diversity but doesn’t take it as you can place and go with anything. Doing so will create a mess.

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How To Display Travel Souvenirs?

Traveling may be for different reasons. But one thing is perhaps common with every traveler; buying souvenirs. Over the years, these souvenirs start piling up in your home and often you wonder, what to do with them. You cannot throw them out, as these are unique, precious and you might have an emotional attachment to them.


There are so many ways to preserve these souvenirs. You can decorate your room with these souvenirs. You can create a wall art or these can be used to make a beautiful glass jar and so many other things can be created with these souvenirs. In this article we will suggest some useful and great ideas on how to display travel souvenirs.

Wall Art

Wall art is one of the best and most popular ways of preserving and displaying your travel memorabilia. You can do it in so many ways, using your own instinct. We suggest a few here. But before doing that, we suggest, you should segregate the available things based on their type, such as photos, postcards, key chains and mugs and so on.

  • You can display photos and postcards on any spare wall of your room. But don’t disturb the ambiance of your room. Be somewhat imaginative while selecting the wall.
  • You can even display air, train or bus tickets of different cities, to create a wall art. Even the old passport stamps will add some creativity to your wall art.
travel Souvenirs
  • You can mix up the photos, postcards and tickets in a creative way so that your wall art will look more attractive and colorful.
  • You may have a wonderful travel picture. Why not convert it into a large canvas print and display on a suitable place in your room. Try it.
  • You must have some maps of different cities and Countries in your memorabilia. Frame a few of them and display artistically in a different style in your room.
  • If you have a world map, display it on the wall in your living room. Mark the places you have visited in your life. You can also pin up coins of relevant Countries on the world map. This will make a wonderful art piece and will often remind you of the sweet memories of your travel to that Country

These are just a few tips, but you can do a lot more with these things, using your own imagination and creative sense.

Displaying Collections

It is quite easy to display things like coins, tickets and photos or maps but what to do with other things you might have bought during your travel, such different objects, like mugs, magnets, key chains etc. Again, you should segregate each type of things and try to display them collectively, one type at one place. Let’s suggest a few ways to display them:

  • Look around your room and you will find a little free space on a wall, in a corner or anywhere, depending on the decoration layout of your room. Fix a small shelf on this spot and you can display different items on it, such as mugs or other such like items.
  • If space and layout of your room allows, you can create more than one shelves in different areas of the room. Think of corner where you can create a series of shelves, one on the other, starting with a large one on the bottom and smaller ones on the top.
  • You have gathered sand or soil samples from different areas of the world? Don’t worry, you can preserve these samples in small glass jars or containers of different styles and display them on any shelves, you must have or you may have created for this purpose in your home. Write the name of Country or city, this sample belongs to, on its glass container. Writing name in your own handwriting will look great.
displaying collections
  • If you have some sea shells or any other such thing, you can preserve them and display in the same manner, as explained above.
  • You might have collected unique, beautiful stones from different Countries. These can also be displayed in the same manner, as you have done with sand samples. But in this case, you have to select larger containers. Fill the container or jar with stones from one Country and write the name of that Country on the relevant jar.
  • People often collect different tea towels, which reflect the Country you visited. You can create beautiful pillow cases using these tea towels.
  • Similarly, you might have collected different spices from Countries you have visited. Place them in small glass jars, write name of Country on the jar and display in your kitchen.
  • If you have collected magnets from different cities, you can attach them to your fridge in a creative style.

Displaying Other Souvenirs

There might be some other souvenirs with you. Let’s see how you can display them. It needs, however, creativity and some DIY skills.

  • Make some wall cubby in different sizes and styles at a suitable place in the room. Place one type of souvenirs in one cube. Whenever you see this wall, you will remember the places you have visited.
  • Prepare you memory box. A reasonable sized glass container, filled with souvenirs from one Country will remind you of the sweet moments you have spent there. Display these containers on any shelves you may have in your room. Don’t forget to write the name of Country to which they belong.
  • Display maps or brochures on different bowls and trays. Just cut the map and glue it on the tray or bowl.
Other Souvenirs
  • Gather different books you have bought from different places you visited. Stack them in your study room or on your coffee table in a creative way.
  • You can display carpets or rugs, you might have bought during your travel. Use any prominent wall to display them.
  • If you have some cloth pieces purchased during your travel to a Country or city, use them to cover your sofa, pillows or use them as a table top.
  • Have you ever bought a handmade pair of shoe? Obviously you will like to preserve it, instead of wearing it. You may hang it on a wall to place your keys in it.
  • If you can, making homemade jewelry with sea shells is a great idea. You can paint them in different colors and display them anywhere in your room.
  • Some of the souvenirs may be placed in front of your books in the book rack.

The list is endless. Just keep thinking and you will find many more ways to preserve and display your souvenirs.

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How To Place An Elephant In Your Home?

The elephant is a symbolic figure that mainly represents, apart from many other things, good luck in different countries, cultures and religions. Additionally, placing a model of the elephant in your home is also a part of the decoration. But mostly it is placed in a home as part of the religious or cultural ritual.

Elephant in the house

As part of the cultural or religious traditions, placement of elephant at a particular location in a home is very important. The luck, supposed to be associated with an elephant, varies with the placement of elephant on or the other part of a home.

So, while placing an elephant in your home, for that matter, you will have to be very careful, otherwise, it may not end up with the same results, you might expect.

This article will let you know some basic and useful information on how to place an elephant in your home.

Feng Shui

Placing elephant in a home, as a symbol of energy and good luck come from Feng Shui. In Chinese culture, feng shui is a collection of laws that govern (according to their belief and thoughts), the spatial orientation and arrangement of different things, for the flow of energy.

They further believe that while designing and constructing a building and even when sitting in a particular room or building, unfavorable and favorable effects of these things must be taken into consideration.

Feng shui is known as Chinese Geomancy and is a termed as a pseudoscience, according to which, using energy forces, you can harmonize an individual with his / her surroundings and environment. By dictionary, feng shui means “wind-water” in English.


Feng shui is a part of the five arts of old Chinese metaphysics, which is classified as “Physiognomy” that means “observation of appearances through formulas and calculations”. According to their belief, feng shui discusses and elaborate on the role of “invisible forces” which are responsible for binding the earth, universe and humanity.

Traditionally, feng shui was mostly used to spiritually orient the buildings such as tombs and even the dwelling buildings, using many local features like stars and bodies of water.

This pseudoscience has been in practice in old China since ages, even 4000 BC. So, with all that glorious and spiritual background, feng shui discusses the art of placing elephant in any home for energy, good luck and many others.

Uses Of Elephant’s Symbol In Feng Shui

According to feng shui, symbolically elephant is used in different ways. Remember, it’s all about your belief when it comes to the spiritual benefits, however. But be careful not to compromise on the decoration of your house.

Elephant Energy

In feng shui, the symbol of an elephant is associated with silent power, kindness, majesty and beauty. So, placing an elephant in any part of the home or building or the office will give these benefits in the entire home or office.

It’s all about your imagination and aesthetic sense while placing an elephant for energy, in your home or office. It should be harmonized with the other decorative objects placed in your home.

elephant energy

Symbolism Of Elephant

Another symbolism of placing elephant in your home or office deals with the good luck, wisdom, protection and fertility. You may place an elephant in any part of your home or office to get these benefits. But here, its trunk plays the main role. An elephant placed on the main entrance of your house, with trunk up, is associated with good luck.

Symbolism Of Elephant

If the trunk is entangled, it brings love and affection. These days, many motifs of elephants for home decoration are available which are made up of ceramic or these may be in the form of a statue. Even it is available in form of toys or photos. Whatever its form may be, placement of elephant with correct position of the trunk will ensure the impacts, associated with it.

Elephant Symbol Of Fertility

Placing an elephant in your home, with its trunk down, according to the feng shui, is associated with fertility cure.

Though not necessary, when it comes to the belief and spiritualism, but an explanation of an elephant with down trunk is given by the feng shui, stating that when trunk down, an elephant has the ability to store energy and in this position, an elephant can push away the obstacles.

Elephant Symbol Of Fertility

Using an elephant with trunk down, placed in your bedroom may, therefore, be beneficial for those couples seeking fertility cure, as they believe.

Elephant Symbol Of Protection

When placed right at the main entrance doors, preferably one on both sides of the door, it symbolizes a protection. So, place a pair of elephants on the main entrance door of your home, office or at your workplace to ensure protection. As said earlier, placement of elephant must be supportive to the decoration of your house, not damaging it.

Elephant Symbol Of Protection

So, if your decoration layout does not permit you to place a pair of elephants on the main entrance door, you can place it on the side table in your bedroom as well, for protection.

It’s a wonderful idea to protect your children with this spiritual symbolism. Place elephant toys, photos or any other art print having elephants in it, on the walls of your child’s room and make sure their safety.

Elephant Symbol Of Maternal Bonds

Placing an elephant statue or images showing a young elephant and its mother is a symbol of maternal bond with her children. Place such images in the family area of your house, such as your children’s bedroom. It will nurture the bond between the mother and children.

Elephant Symbol Of Maternal Bonds

Elephant Symbol Of Wisdom

For having an impact on the energy of study and curiosity, place an elephant in your children’s living room. You can place it in your own bedroom for the same impact.

Elephant Symbol Of Wisdom

Elephant Symbol Of Love

To activate love relationship, a pair of elephants is often placed in the bedrooms. It can also be placed in the marriage halls to promote love between the couple.

Elephant Symbol Of Love

Elephant Symbol Of Career Success

If placed on the door of your office, elephant symbolizes to promote wisdom, power and success for your career. You may also place a small elephant statue on your work table as well for this particular impact on your career

So, place a single or a pair of elephants in your home or office to get its spiritual benefit and also add a touch of the decoration of your home or office.

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How To Make A Silk Flower Arrangement For A Vase?

Flowers add beauty to your room. Having flowers of different types and color in your room is always a great idea. It gives a pleasant look to your room. Though the natural fresh flowers have no alternative but. at times maintaining these flowers becomes so difficult and time taking. That’s why most households prefer to decorate their homes with artificial flowers.

Artificial flowers, with the advancement in technology, look just like real flowers. The best part of artificial flowers is, you don’t have to water them and you don’t have to replace them and above all, their color doesn’t fade.

The only thing you need to do is, keep them clean and wipe out the dust. Amongst so many types of artificial flowers, silk flowers are the most commonly used ones.

silk flower

These are so artistically manufactured that at times you can’t differentiate between a real and a silk flower. These are widely used as a decorative flower in homes and offices.

You can make a bouquet or a garland with these silk flowers for any ceremony. These silk flowers can be used in making a flower crown or a corsage or boutonniere. In this article, we are suggesting some useful tips on how to make a silk flower arrangement for a vase.

Basics Of A Silk Flower Arrangement

For any silk flower arrangement, first of all, you have to do some basic preparations.

  • Select a vase. Silk flowers can be arranged in any type of vessels, such as glass jar, a bottle, a bowl or any other thing that can hold flowers. You can also use a colander, tin can, or a decanter; whatever you may like. The choice is yours but we will move forward with a vase.
  • Next thing you need is either clay or a floral foam. This is required for holding your flowers in place. If you are going to use heavier flowers, clay will work better but for lighter ones, floral foam is also good. So, get it from your nearest garden shop.

Flower Arrangement

  • These are required for covering the foam or clay in your vase if you are using a glass vase made up of transparent material. Adding a layer of fake grass or moss gives a greenish look that is more close to nature.
  • Floral tape or cling clay will be required to hold the floral foam or clay in the base of the vase. Cling clay is just like an ordinary clay but is of sticky or adhesive nature. A thin layer of cling clay will hold good the foam or the clay you add to the vase for holding the flowers.
  • Same is the function of floral tape; additionally, the floral tape is also required for sticking different things together such as a leave, stem or a shoot.
  • Your liking and disliking with a touch of creativity is the only thing that will guide you to select the right silk flowers for your home. You may want to have different types of flowers with different colors to make a nice flower arrangement for your room.
  • However, the size of the flowers is something very important. Choose the size, considering the place you want to display them in your room.
Try to buy silk flowers which are closest to the real flowers; their shape, size and color should be most like the real ones.

Making A Silk Flower Arrangement

Once you have learned the basics of a silk flower arrangement, this is the time to visit your nearest flower/garden shop and buy the material as suggested above. Once you have collected the material, let’s now start preparing a silk flower arrangement.

  • Get an appropriately sized glass vase. Put a thin layer of cling clay on the bottom and add floral foam or clay (depending on the size of flowers) over it.
  • To give it a natural look, you should add some moss or fake grass so that the floral foam or clay is completely covered. You may break or separate the fake grass or moss to look somewhat loose so that it looks like a natural grass. If required, you can dampen the moss; it makes it easier to mold it your liking.
  • Normally the silk flowers have a wire to hold them together. Before inserting your silk flowers in the vase, you have to give them a shape of your choice. For this, you have to first spread the branches and leaves and then bend the wire so that the leaves and branches should hold their shape and design, you want.
  • Key to your success is, don’t give a sharp or angled bend to the wire. This will spoil the whole thing and your arrangement will not look to be a natural floral arrangement.
  • Trimming of stems of the flower is yet another key point. To get a correct sized flower, cutting off the stem to right length is very important. Always cut the stem with an angle, this will help to hold its place in the vase. Be careful, the stem should be just according to the depth of the vase.
Making A Silk Flower Arrangement
  • Since the flower arrangement you are preparing is a real 3D object, not a picture, remember it will be seen from all directions while placed in your room. Therefore the arrangement of flowers in the vase is so important. As a general rule, always place largest and longest ones in the center. Insert three large flowers in the center of the vase.
  • After that, smaller flowers can be arranged around the central large flowers is a way, that the size of the flowers gradually becomes shorter as you move away from the center. That means the largest flowers in the center and the shortest flowers on the edges.
  • Once you have filled the vase with your silk flowers, you will observe some vacant spaces in between the flowers. You can fill these spaces carefully and wisely with some greenery. For this purpose, you can use fake grass and artificial leaves. Carefully fill the gaps and stick the leaves or grass with the stems using the floral tape.
  • Make sure the floral tape should not be visible.


  • While buying silk flowers, you may take with you the vase as well. Insert your flowers in the vase and see how they will look like when you are done with your flower arrangement. This may help you a lot in the selection of correct type and size of flowers.
  • You can use different types of flowers to make the different type of arrangements such as traditional arrangement, a romantic arrangement or a modern silk flower arrangement. Each type of flower has its own meaning; select the ones based on what type of arrangement you would like to make.

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What Are The Best Kitchen Design Layout?

Selecting the best layout design for a kitchen is very important. A kitchen is a place where all the socializing, cooking, cleaning and eating takes place. Your kitchen layout should be the best as you have to spend most of the time in the kitchen while preparing breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks and many other dishes.

So your kitchen should be organized and functional. Kitchen shows that how healthy and wealthy you and your family is, so the kitchen should be neat, clean and sanitized. Daily cleaning of a kitchen is very important.

Kitchen layout designs

If you are renovating your kitchen then selecting the best layout design is quite a tricky job. You can seek help through social media, you can take different ideas, and you can select different colors for your kitchen. You can decorate your kitchen in many different and welcoming ways.

Your kitchen should be beautiful, that whoever sees your kitchen desires to cook in your kitchen. So the layout is important for a beautiful kitchen in your budget. So, here on, we are providing you some easy and simple tips on what are the best kitchen design layouts.

Steps to follow for selecting the best kitchen design layout

  • The kitchen is not just a place where you cook and put your all appliances and food. Many families love the idea of eating in the kitchen, on a dining table and if your kitchen is spacious then it’s a very good idea to put the dining table in the kitchen, if you have a small family then you can buy small dining table where 4-6 persons can sit.
  • First thing is the layout of the kitchen. Layout includes many things such as colors of paints, the material of tiles, stones, wood, designs of the counter, material of counter and so many other things. All these things are included in the layout of the kitchen.
  • If you want a spacious kitchen then you should use light and pastel colors, go with white and creams they help your kitchen to look larger and spacious.
  • If you have a big home, and a very large kitchen area then U-shape kitchen is best for you. Only three walls of the kitchen are there that have counters. You can enjoy free space in this way if a family wants to spend most of the time together sitting and communicating with each other.
  • You can prepare meals in one corner and you can cook in another corner and the middle of the kitchen is empty it has space so you can enjoy it. You can put small chairs in that place or you can also put a dining table in that space.

L-shape kitchen

  • Now there is another layout design which is the L-shaped kitchen. In the L-shaped kitchen, you lose one wall, you have only two walls which you can use for cooking and preparing meals. The l-shape kitchen is best for singles or for those who love to cook in privacy. The l-shaped kitchen is easy to maintain, it does not require large space.
  • One end is open, and the other is a dead end where you can enjoy preparing dishes and meals for your friends, family, and kids. If you want to read similar articles like “How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Colors?” then you should browse our Kitchen Paint category.

Select suitable materials

  • Another is out traditional kitchen which is a room, having window and exhaust. It has counters, sink, stove. Everything which is needed in a kitchen. You can maintain this type of kitchen very easily, it can easily be cleaned and mop. This is the traditional style of kitchen you can add some modern looks to it also by adding different colors of your cabinets, different colors of your walls and by decorating your kitchen with elegant kitchen arts.

Use your favorite color

  • Traditional kitchens are very easy to clean and maintain, you can wash them with plenty of water if you feel them very dirty. You can add color to your kitchen by putting a colorful refrigerator; if your kitchen is spacious you can also hang a small painting of fruits and vegetables.
  • If your kitchen is of new then you can color your kitchen whatever color you want. You can color your kitchen red, red color gives an energetic appearance to the kitchen. Red is a very beautiful color for a kitchen if you handle it creatively. Red color can totally change the appearance of your kitchen. There are also many shades of red you should choose the best one.

Use light colors

  • The layout should be of your favorite color because you have to spend most of the time in the kitchen and preparing meals for your family. So you should feel comfortable and relax in your kitchen while working.
  • You can guide the professionals that which color and style you want in your kitchen or you can also draw a model of the kitchen on a paper to guide the professionals so they will work according to your model.
  • If you have a traditional kitchen then you should go with creams and white color cabinets. White and cream color on cabinets and walls will look perfect in your kitchen and go with everything in your kitchen because white is a neutral color. White looks very elegant and tidy in kitchens.
  • If you want to read similar articles like How To Remove Coffee Stains When You’re Not At Home? then you should browse our Getting Rid of Stains on Clothes Category.
  • One flaw is that white kitchen cabinets can get dirty easily if you or your kids deliberately spilled some liquid or any food on your white cabinets; they will get stained by it easily. You should paint white plastic commercial type of material on your kitchen cabinets.
  • While choosing a layout do not add inadequate counters and so much spare space in your kitchen. You should think and act creatively so your kitchen will look beautiful.

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How To Choose Kitchen Cabinet Colors?

When it comes to selecting a color for your kitchen, kitchen cabinets take a huge part in it because they take so much space in your kitchen. So, your cabinets should be of your favorite color. Selecting a paint color for your kitchen cabinets is a little bit tricky task, but we are here to help you pick up the best match for your cabinet. Kitchen cabinets should be of a color which you desire because at the end only you have to stand in the kitchen for a long period of time and see them.

choosing kitchen cabinets color

Always follow your heart, forget about what is trending. You can also seek help from social media for selecting different colors and designs. If you select a good color then the whole appearance of your kitchen will change because cabinets take large space in your kitchen. You can also take help from a color wheel. So, here on, we are providing you some effective and easy tips on How to choose kitchen cabinets colors.

Steps to follow choosing kitchen cabinets color

  • If you have a traditional kitchen then you should go with creams and white color cabinets. White and cream will look perfect in your kitchen and go with everything in your kitchen because white is a neutral color. White looks very elegant and tidy in kitchens. White paint of color cabinets also helps your kitchen to look clean and spacious.

White cabinets are best

  • On other hands, white kitchen cabinets can get dirty easily if you or your kids deliberately spilled some liquid or anything on them. You should paint white plastic commercial type of material on your kitchen cabinets so you can clean them easily by only wiping them with a damp cloth and liquid detergent.

Go with red color cabinets

  • If your kitchen is of new and trendy style then you can color your cabinets whatever color you want. You can color them red, red color gives an energetic appearance to the kitchen. Red is the very beautiful color for the kitchen if you handle it creatively it will enhance the appearance of your kitchen. Red color can totally change the appearance of your kitchen.
  • There are also many red beautiful kitchen tiles which you can get from any tiles shop. You can fix them on the walls of a kitchen where is kitchen counter so they will mix and match with your cabinets and will look beautiful.

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  • Choosing the color of kitchen cabinets is not a very difficult task. You can also go for a calming blue color. There are many shades of blues, you can go with a neutral blue or with extremely shocking blue. The dark blue color looks very beautiful in the kitchen so you can also paint your kitchen cabinets with a dark blue color.
  • Select a shade of blue very wisely so you will not regret it after painting it. Blue color also shows peace and gives a calming effect, so the blue color of cabinets is a good option.

Gray cabinets looks very cool

  • Gray color cabinets look also very cool and trendy in the kitchen. There are many shades of gray. Steel gray looks very beautiful and elegant in a kitchen. Gray is not very stark as white and on other hands, it is also not very dark as other colors. Gray is also in trend nowadays, but you don’t know when designers change their color trends. So choose wisely and neutral, so nothing can affect you whether it’s trending or not.

Go with neutral colors

  • You can also go with dark colors; you never know which colors completely change the appearance of your kitchen. Not everyone like neutral colors, some like dark colors, so you should try using any dark color on your kitchen cabinets. Maybe it gives a twist to your thinking and enhances your kitchen beautifully.
  • If your favorite color constantly changes and you hesitate to select only one color for your cabinets then we can help you in this situation. You can also add color in your kitchen by using different colors kitchen art, colorful refrigerator so in this way you can also add color in your kitchen there is no need to color your cabinets with your favorite color if you cannot manage it.
  • You may get bored of dark and bright colors on your kitchen cabinets so try to get pastel and light colors for your kitchen cabinets. Light colors are a little hard to maintain if you have kids and pets in your home. They need cleaning after every week because they easily get stained by anything and looks very bad and untidy.
  • If neutral colors are so boring for your and bright colors are too much for you then you can also go with two shades of the same color. You can also color your kitchen cabinets that upper two cabinets of dark gray color and lower two cabinets with light gray color. This combination of light and dark also looks very beautiful if you know how to manage them.
  • So keep in mind if you are painting old cabinets or totally changing cabinets into a new one. Make sure the paint you are using is of very good quality so the paint should remain in good condition for a few years. Try to use paint from which you can easily remove stains and spots. Kitchen cabinets easily get dirty, you may deliberately spill some liquid or anything while cooking so it becomes a tough stain if you will leave it.

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  • So take care of your kitchen cabinets and clean them on daily basis. Cleaning of kitchen cabinets is very easy you can easily clean them by preparing a mixture of water and liquid detergent.
  • Take a soft cotton cloth, dip it in a prepared liquid of water and detergent and then wring it well. By using that damp cotton cloth clean all your kitchen cabinets, in this way you can get rid of all the stains from kitchen cabinets. This method consumes less time, and it cleans all the stains from the kitchen cabinets very easily.

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