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How To Choose A Good Duvet?

Choosing the right duvet for winter nights is as important as choosing the right winter clothes. We pay a lot of attention to our wardrobe during the seasons’ change, but do we pay attention to our bedding? It is very vital to choose the right bedding for winter nights as everyone loves to be cozy in bed especially in winter.

Wrapping up at night is way more important just like wrapping up at day because the more we are comfortable in bed the more we will get good sleep and we will feel fresh the following day. Things that can make us feel comfortable at night are mattresses, bed sheets and soft and comfy pillows which can comfort our neck.


Now, the question arises How To Choose A Good Duvet, because it is the only thing that can make us warm and cozy on cold winter nights. Here, at Try Articles, we will suggest you some guidelines to choose a good duvet for winter nights.

Steps To Follow

Keeping in mind the following key points you can get a good duvet for yourself.

  • Insulating Power

The first thing to keep in mind while choosing a duvet is its insulating power. The main purpose of a duvet is to keep the cold out and maintain the heat. A good duvet is the one which can manage this and this can be managed by the right form of filling.

Insulating Power of Duvet
  • Filling

It is important that you should know about the types of fillings and their advantages, only then you can you can choose which one is best. The different types of fillings are Natural Fillings and Synthetic Fillings.

  • Natural Fillings

This filling includes feathers or natural down. Natural down filling is the finest heat insulator because it fascinates moisture. It also prevents heat from scattering and maintains a suitable temperature inside. Duvets filled with this type of feathers are the most expensive.

natural filling

You have to take extra care while cleaning these duvets because they consist of natural ingredients, they can also cause allergies. Feather filling has not very suitable insulating power. Also, it is not considered comfortable as there is a little shaft, a solid part attached to the feather which makes it a bit rough.

  • Synthetic Fillings

They are just like natural down feathers but not actually feathers, they are made from fibers like conventional fibers, hollow polyester fibers or microfibers. Hollow polyester fiber is very soft and maintains suitable heat level which means it has mighty fine insulating power.

Polyester Fiber

Also, its cleaning is way more easy than natural filling. Microfiber fillers are also polyester. However, they are the copy of natural down feathers with a slight improvement, both in capacity and insulating power. They are less expensive than natural filling and they provide a reduced amount of insulating power.

  • Type Of Cloth

Next important point is to select the type of cloth, of which the duvet is made up of. The texture of the cloth should be very soft and smooth. It should not be rough because the rough material will not let you be comfortable in bed. Make sure that the duvet is stitched in a way that are no empty spaces inside the duvet which may form the air chambers.

Squares sewn

This may result in bad insulating power. The best type of cloth is the one with large squares sewn into it, this will not allow the air chambers to form inside the duvet. This will also result in the good insulation power.

  • Density

The other important element is Density. It is the thickness of the duvet, which will ensure whether the heat capacity is maintained or not. While checking the density, first you should know the atmospheric temperature of your room along with your own body temperature, then select the density.


If your room is too cold in winters and you are highly sensitive to cold, then choose the duvet with the highest density. But if your room has a normal temperature even at winter nights the choose the duvet that has low density. Density is not linked with quality of duvet; it is solely for maintaining the heat capacity.

  • Length Of Duvet

Now comes the length of the duvet. Normally the size of the duvet is of three measure: Single, Double and King size. Which one is suitable for you depends on your sleeping style or positions and also on the size of your bed. If you are sleeping alone on a single bed then single size duvet may be enough for you.


If you move a lot while sleeping then you will need a double sized duvet. If you sleep with someone on a double bed, then you will definitely need a king-sized duvet to make sure that you and the other one are completely covered with the duvet and no cold is getting inside.

All these key points will help you get a good duvet for winter nights, making sure that you will not be left uncovered from anywhere and there will be no chance of you catching a cold.

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How To Hang Pictures Without Drilling?

Hanging pictures at home is an interesting activity which is not only enjoyable but it gives a well decorative look to the rooms. It’s a little annoying when you think to decorate your walls with the pictures and you need to ask for a handyman who can do this for you. Even thought of it once will let you consider use of drill and definitely, it will cause dust all around.

How To HangPictures WithoutDrilling

To avoid the dusty atmosphere one may want to have an idea of hanging pictures and frames without making holes in the walls. So if you want to get some useful ideas about hanging of pictures without taking any help from others then keep reading your concerns in this article till end.

Adhesive Strips

Adhesive strips are very useful even if it is concerned with hanging frames on the wall. You can also hang any other decorative stuff like scenery or any decoration piece. These are easiest and simple to use because of their double-sided feature. One side of the strip is made for sticking on the wall and the other is for hanging the frame and that side will be attached to the picture.


One of the positive aspects of these strips is that you can change the place of the picture wherever you want and it will be done without facing any difficulty. You can easily remove the strip from the wall by pulling it down from the lower side.

Adhesive Hooks

These are also easy and simple to use as the adhesive strips but the difference is that these have hooks on the other side and help to hang the heavy objects without use of drill. These are especially used for those objects, frames or pictures which have no hook at their back but have the place to support.


Adhesive Paste

In some houses the walls may not have the flat surface so that hooks and strips cannot stick properly and securely, so do not worry at all because there is another solution to this problem. You can use adhesive paste for this matter. It is just like glue on the wall to paste the picture and it also allows you to change the place of the picture whenever you want.

Adhesive Paints

Using Of Shelf And Frieze

There is another interesting and useful idea of placing the pictures and frames and it is using shelves. It is the best and the modern way of placing pictures without drilling and dusting. You can attach the shelf to the wall as you did with the adhesive strips and hooks or you can use an already hanged shelf at home.

Use Of Shelf And Frieze

As you can place pictures and frames on the shelf, you can also get an advantage of frieze and place pictures and frames on the top of a frieze. These are the simplest options for placing pictures and frames conveniently.

Shelves can also be used for placing magazines and books.

DIY Store

Now the question arises where from you get these products then the answer is quite simple that just go to any DIY store and get these mounting adhesives because they are also known as the mounting adhesive. As you have bought these products you will feel easy to hang your pictures on the walls without taking the pain of drilling.

DIY Store

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How To Decorate With Chalkboard Paint – 5 Creative Ideas

When you think to fill spaces of room walls or have some creative ideas to make some interesting drawing but don’t have any specific ideas then Chalkboard Paint is the best substitute for the creative twist. It can help your children to groom up with their artwork and to which they love to draw on spaces.Decorate with Chalkboard Paint

If you want to draw anything in a decorative way but don’t have any exciting ideas then don’t worry about it because here I am providing the guide and giving the best tips and ideas of doing such decorative artwork at your home spaces. We will discuss five unique and creative ideas which will help you in knowing the art of using Chalkboard Paint.

Note: Here you can also write for your loved ones which will be memorable for them.

Some Exciting Ideas of Using Chalkboard Paint

Here we are going to share some exciting and useful ideas with you to give you an interesting way of drawings.

Chalkboard Paint on Home Appliance

Children love to draw on cupboards, walls, fridge and on other furniture at home. Sometimes they want to write something to express their feelings which they may not feel easy to say.

Another interesting use of Chalkboard Paint is to cover damaged furniture or turn old and rough furniture in new shape.Sometimes we want to renew the home furniture or other appliance but because of time and expense, it get ignored mostly but if we think it is very easy to maintain things at home with some of creative ideas.Chalkboard paint on Home Appliances

By doing artwork with chalkboard it will not only be cured but also gives a decorative and fresh look to the viewers. So, you must do it to save your money and time for renewal of accessories.

Appliances which you can easily paint with Chalkboard are:

  • A Headboard.
  • A Table and Desk.
  • A Shelf.
  • Fridge and Kitchen Walls for Writing Weekly Menue.
Information: You can get Chalkboard Paint from any authentic or specific store easily.

Chalkboard Paint Used for Labels on Jars

You can paint on Jars which may be used in the kitchen for saving foodies or that can be your beauty jars so that you can write the name of that particular thing on them. It will give a feeling of relaxation when you may find concerning thing you need on time. When you go for this type of little artistic stuff, it will be enjoyable as well as useful for your busy routine.Chalkboard Paint for Jar LabelsJars can be painted from the front side and also upper place on their covers.Its all up to you as they seem good to you and suit with space where you place them after painting.

Chalkboard Paint Calendar

If you are a busy person and don’t have much time to remember dates and events, you can get a perfect solution by allocating a wall of your room. On that wall, you can draw a big calendar with the help of Chalkboard Paint. This calendar will remind you to do all those special things you have to do.

Chalkboard Calendar will not only give a sophisticated look to the wall near your study table but it will also be your reminding diary on which you have written down those specific works you want to do on time.

Chalkboard Paint on Drawers

If you have old drawers at your home which seem useless and garbage just because of their fainted paint or scratches, you can renew them with using Chalkboard Paint. There are many ideas to make them new by following proper ways but the best one is to give a new and creative touch to make them classy and good looking.


It will not only recover your items of furniture but also give you a way to express your feelings and write about them. This idea is considered as one of the best for children too because they will love to have such activity in their room and learn many things from a creative activity. If you go for the positive response of the activity, it will be beneficial for you as well with your children.

Chalkboard Paint In The Kitchen Area

The kitchen is a basic area of the house which should look very impressive and intention taking. If you found any space in your kitchen you can fill that with Chalkboard Paint. It can use for love wishings to your loved ones, you can write the weekly menu on that space and also draw some interesting drawings like fruits, veggies etc.Decorate Kitchen With Chalkboard PaintYou can write some daily routine details which you want to remember every day and these can be:

  • Shopping List.
  • Any Special Diet Plan.
  • Exercise Routine With Daily Diet.
  • Write Some Interesting Moments That Makes You Happy.

Combination of white, black and grey on kitchen wall will give smooth and relaxing feelings because these colors always create the light atmosphere.

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How To Paint A Damp Wall?

When you find Damp Walls at your home in different places like sometimes in kitchen or restroom, this will may annoy you because it does not only give bad impact on the look of the house but also leave worse effects on the health of habitants at home.How to Paint a Damp WallThese Damp Walls in the house also give a bad impression to the guests and also disturb your comfort level to live in a clean and good looking home. If you are bearing these problems and facing it badly then you will get the best solution here which may give your mind complete comfort of living at that place.

Here we are going to discuss some important reasons and factors which may cause this problem and the perfect solution for those issues. With these methods, you will feel free from the appearance of the bad stains on the walls.

Note: You may get solutions of filling holes in the walls.

Steps To Follow The Solutions

First of all, you have to check the reasons. At the first step, it is very important and necessary to get the actual reason in knowledge which may cause the problem of damp walls. This is as important as anything because when you start painting a damp wall you have to go for the best product so that it becomes reliable and go the best for a long time.

There can be different types of dampness on every wall and the reasons are:

  • Filtration.
  • Condensation.
  • Capillarity.

If your wall is damping because of the filtration then it may become wet because of the leakage of water pipes fitted in the wall. You can not paint that wall until it becomes dry completely because if you paint the wall without drying, it will not work well.Reasons of Damping wallsYou will be facing that damp issue again. So leave it for drying and then it will be ready to be painted well. Even you have to select the best paint for the wall so that it stays for a long time without damping.

One who is facing damp wall because of outside water whether it is rainwater or any other source of it. In this case, you have to wait for its dryness and also go for the waterproof paints in the market which will be the best as wall damper. In this situation, most of the people go for the Bituminous Paint because it works very well in stopping damp on a wall.

You Need To Check The Humidity In Your Home

In some cases, there are some cold places in the house and those are called humid. If the humidity level is high in your room then you may find a wet spot there on the wall and that spot will create a rough look of the room.Check The Humidity At Your HomeIf you get this problem immediately remove that spot and leave that spot to be dried so that you can paint the wall properly. After removing the stain when you will paint that wall with fine quality paint you will get very good results with a finer look.

Anti Damp Paint

You have to visit the market and check all qualities of paints because you can select the best pain after getting knowledge about the quality and material of the paints.

When you are facing this damper wall problem you must go for the anti-damp paint because this is the paint which has all qualities to cover as well as restrict damping on the wall. This paint will be found at the specific home renovation store which is providing specialized maintenance products.

Check the Fungus Issue

If you find mold problem on your room’s wall then you should go to clean that spot from the wall with the help of bleach on a piece of cloth. Just remove that spot from the wall and leave that place to dry well.Reasons Cause Fungus on WallsWhen it is dried well you will find the place clean but if it needs to be painted then you can lightly paint that place easily in a few seconds.

Chlorinated Rubber For The Best Paint

Painting room walls are not so tricky but easy as well so that when you need to paint your damp wall you can use chlorinated rubber paint.

You just apply paint on the wall stains and leave it to dry well for at least 15 to 20 minutes and when it dried you can paint another coat with the standard plastic paint. It is the most interesting and easy method and the plastic paint will make your wall shiny and clean.

Chlorinated Rubber for the Best PaintPaint All Room Perfectly

The most important thing which is normally asked by people is how to paint perfectly? The answer is very simple and satisfactory that if you are painting your room start it from the corners of room, the edges of the sockets and switches.

These are the tiny areas which can be skipped at the end or at completion of the paint. When you will complete all the hidden areas like door frames and windows then you can do rest of the room painted. This sequence of painting room will give your room a perfect and fittest look where you will enjoy living.

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How To Choose Curtains For The Bedroom?

As it’s well known that curtains are the most interesting and considered as a good decoration in the room. Curtains always make your bedroom nice and beautiful if decorated with the best selection. Every decorator will guide you the only thing and that is, curtains make your room look fascinating but when you choose them perfectly.


It is the matter of texture and pattern of the room and then you need to select that you want formal or casual, traditional or contemporary style in your room. You also need to be professional and meanwhile selecting the fabric you must check the weight and transparency of the fabric.

It is also necessary to check the outlook and shape of the window. TryArticles will tell you How to Choose Curtains for the Bedroom so that you can select the best choice of curtains for your place. These suggestions will help you in selecting the best curtains for your bedroom.

Important Things to Follow While Selecting Curtains

Listed below are some important things and aspects which can help you in selecting the perfect curtains for your bedroom.

Color And Fabric Of Curtains

Fabric and color are both essential parts of curtains because you have heavy fabric curtains then they may fall perfectly but will not crisply fold. If the fabric is light in weight then it may not fall properly and give an odd look to the room.

When you go to select the color combination of the curtains then you must avoid bright colors for the room which has a lot of sunlight because they can fade faster. If you are a change lover and use to change rooms and curtains with seasons then you need not to worry about fading factor.


Fabrication and color contrast also show your personality and the thoughts you have on your room decoration. These selections always play a special role in decorating your bedroom because if you will feel good in staying your room you will definitely feel relaxed.

You need to focus on the color of the walls of your room, bedsheet color and even cushions you may have on your bed as well as the floor cushions. These things need to be noticed so that you can easily select the perfect combination of the color of curtains for your bedroom.

Length And Lining Of The Curtains

Now its time to get the measurement of your windows so that you can have length details to maintain curtains. Most of the designers go for high length because it looks nice. Higher Hanging panels from the window length always give a great look which most of the designers use to have 6 inches high from the actual length of the window.Selecting Length & Lining Of CurtainsIf you want to give a dramatic sense to your room and curtains then you can also go for the higher length of curtains. Now measure from the top of the window till the floor and add those higher inches in this length.

If you want to give the new modern look to your curtains, you can add more 3 to 4 inches in the length which will crisply fall on the floor. If you are also planning to reduce the incoming sunlight with the curtains then these extra inches will help you to block out that creepy light.

Some Mistakes Which Should Be Avoided While Selecting Curtains

You need to select the curtains as here is mentioned above about the fabric and the color and also the perfect size. But some more important and useful tips are to select the different designed and colored curtains for each room of the house.


Never go for the same style and fabric of the curtains for all home decor because this may look messy all over. You should also change the fabric and color of curtains in between bedroom and kitchen because in the kitchen you need light weighted and colored curtains.

This will help you to work in kitchen with fresh atmosphere. In the bedroom, you also have to focus on sunlight and beauty of the curtains because it’s also a matter of beauty of curtains not the durability of the fabric only.


By summing up all the above discussion it can be said that home decorating is the most important matter which should be given complete intention and selection. The equipment you may select for decorating your home especially bedrooms must be bewitching. These all above tricks will help you to make your bedrooms look stunning with the perfection of selection.

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How To Set Up an Aquarium for Tropical Fish?

The aquarium provides lovely texture to any space, colourful tropical fishes present in aquarium shows lively effects of entertainment. But to get all of this beauty in your home, you first need to set up an aquarium carefully by filling the tank and adjusting the water.

how to set up aquarium

After setting it up according to instructions and adjusting your aquarium in a suitable location to make it more appealing, you can add happy and healthy fishes slowly to make your aquarium beautiful and perfect.

Step By Step Guide To Set Up an Aquarium

Let me explain you briefly how to assemble and install new aquarium properly in a few simple steps. With the help of this guide, you can officially become a fish keeper. We are sure that you will definitely enjoy this wonderful rewarding hobby. So let’s read how to set up an aquarium.

Steps To Clean Your Aquarium

The first step is cleaning, here you will wash aquarium rocks, ornaments and gravel. Wash them thoroughly with warm water. After washing completely add them to your tank.

  • Avoid using strong detergents and soaps because they are highly toxic to your fishes.
  • After that fill your tank with aquarium gravel.
  • You can get gravel from the local pet store. Add 5 to 10 cm of gravel and then clean it.
  • To make gravel free of debris you need to clean it by putting it in a colander over a bucket or it can also be a plastic pan, add water and stir it thoroughly, at the end drain it. Repeat this process until you see that its water is clear and debris is gone.
    cleaning aquarium

Add Water In Tank

Once you have washed all the parts now it’s time to fill your tank water. While filling the water make it one-third full with room temperature water. Put the water from a clean bucket.

To pour the water safely, put it onto a plate or saucer sitting on the gravel, it will allow you to keep the gravel in place.

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Keep this in mind that chlorine present in water is safe for you, but not for your fishes, so you need to de-chlorinate the water. For this purpose, you can add water conditioner solutions such as AquaSafe and Tetra. 

add water to set up an aquarium

Connect Airline Tube

In the third step, you need to connect the airline tubing. It can happen with the help of an air pump or any air outlets inside your tank, such as air decorations or stones.

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Put your air pump underneath your aquarium by using aquarium check value. This check valve will be present in the air tubing outside of the tank, it is basically a small valve and tells about the stopping point. That will eventually stop water from backing up and out when your aquarium is powered off.

add water pump in aquarium

Decorate Your Aquarium

Decorate aquascape with plastic or live plants. Plants will help in oxygenating the water and will also provide the natural look of the aquarium. While setting an aquarium, you can decorate it as well, it will hide your equipment.

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  • You need to place the roots of these plants into the gravel to plant them.
  • One can decorate it by adding live plants, if you are planning to add live plants then keep your water warm enough for them to let their roots grow below the surface of the gravel.
  • Make sure your live plants stay moist until they are planted. To keep them moist you can use wet newspaper.
  • For best growth of live plants, keep your aquarium in proper lighting 
  • There are many aquatic plant fertilizers for fast and strong root development, such as FloraPride and Tetra. 
  •  For artificial plants, use them anywhere in an aquarium for decoration.
  • Adjust the taller plants in the backside of the aquarium and shorter plants in the front.
  • If you are not planning to put any plants in the aquarium then you can also go for different decorations such as colourful rocks, boats and beautiful stones.

decorate your aquarium

Fill Rest of the Water

Now you have to fill the rest of the water.

  • To fill the rest of the water you should put water in the bottom of the top frame.
  • While filling leave some air space between the water and the cover.

fill water in tank

Add Filter into Tank

Now it’s time for a Filter to cycle your tank. Filter into the tanks is used to remove contaminants from your tank and clean and clear.

For any filter

  • Before buying filter have a deep research on their sizes and prices and buy according to your aquarium size.
  • Fill your tank with filter cartridge and materials
  • Read the instructions and give them positions accordingly
  • Check if your filter is dipped in water and make sure it is primed.

For a filter with pickup tube

  • Extend the tube downwards without being in the gravel.
  • If the tube is too long then cut it and reattach the intake.
  • Make sure to prime the pump by opening its filter lid and filling it with clean water.

filter in aquarium


Note * Cycling your tank is important to let it grow germs free. While cycling, remember to vanish dangerous toxins in new filtrations. One can make healthy bacteria by putting solutions in it such as SafeStart and Tetra. By adding these help bacteria solutions you can add your fishes in a tank safely.

Select the Right Place

You have to choose the right and safe location to put your aquarium:

  • To choose the right location you can select a bench top that is solid and safe. Other than that, you can also buy an aquarium stand to support your tank.
  • Make sure that your aquarium tank full of water will be very heavy so choose the stand or table accordingly, that can handle its weight.
  • If you don’t have any support table, then you can purchase an aquarium stand that will be your best tank supporter.

right place for aquarium

Check Water Temperature

Use a heater and thermometer to regulate the temperature. Tropical fishes are sensitive to the temperature of the water. So heater and thermometer will be needed to regulate their temperature.


  • Stick a thermometer on the glass of the aquarium and check its temperature, after that adjust the heater accordingly.
  • Install your heater with drop loop and plug it in the socket.
  • The water temperature will depend on the type of fish and their temperature bearing tendency
  • Let the water run down the bottom of the drip of the loop.
  • Place thermometer away from the heater
  • Read all instructions of your thermometer
  • Plug the thermometer after putting it in water.

Add Tropical Fishes

After cleaning, and setting all the necessary equipment you can add your fishes to the tank.

  • Don’t throw all the fishes at one time in the water.
  • Start with adding 1 or 2 fishes and check how they will respond to water. If they respond safely now you can add all other fishes in it.

fish in aquarium

Important Safety Instructions To Set up an Aquarium

These are some important instruction you should follow while setting up an aquarium for tropical fish:

  • Secure the submersible heater near your water flow
  • Keep your aquarium tank away from direct sunlight.
  • Tropical fishes are very sensitive to temperature so balance your temperature before putting them.
  • To start your aquarium, plug in your air pump, heater and power filler.
  • Never switch on the heater when it is not inside the water.
  • Adjust the setting of air outlets, according to instructions.
  • Make sure the flow of water through your power filter.
  • Adjust heater temperature according to instructions.
  • Don’t place your aquarium tank near open windows.
  • Wait for 24 hours to make sure that the temperature of water in the aquarium is stabilized and all the equipment is working accordingly after that add your fishes.
  • In beginning keep checking the temperature of the aquarium after a few hours
  • There is a possibility of water being cloudy for a new aquarium, so check it after one to two days.
  • Keep your aquarium away from children in the corner of the room.
  • In the aquarium, the waters get cloudy due to harmless bacterial growth.
  • Keep checking the hardness of your water in an aquarium
  • Also, check the pH of the water
  • My Aquarium App is used to check the hardness and pH level of water.
  • Another useful kit of checking its hardness and PH level is Tetra Test Kit.
  • Keep your aquarium where the electric socket is nearby.
  • The pH level of the aquarium water should be between 6 to 8.
  •  If the pH level is very low, you can add baking soda.
  • If the pH level is very high, then add driftwood in the water.
  • After adding fishes turn off all lights of the aquarium because then can stress your tropical fishes.
  • Make plenty of hiding places for wishes to make them swim according to their choices in their favourite places.
  • Try to test the water at least once a month.
  • One can also buy CO2 injection and monitor that will automatically respond to changes in CO2 levels, it also keeps the water from getting below the safety level.
  • Keep your aquarium on the sturdy surface high off the ground
  • Don’t put any plastic toy in the aquarium because it can leach chemicals if lets in water over time.

kid watching fishes

The Best Tropical Fish For Beginners

There exist many beautiful and colourful fishes that are worth of every aquarist attention. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Neon Tetras
  • Danios
  • Platies
  • Khuli Loaches
  • Corydoras
  • Ancistrus

After reading our step by step guide and following our security instructions, we hope your aquarium has been successfully set and ready to use. We are obliged to tell you that your new aquarium is safe for your tropical fishes.

Now you are all set and fully equipped to introduce your tropical fishes to the new aquarium. Still, if you have any further setup question, feel free to let us know your queries. We are happy to help!