How can I create my LinkedIn company profile including all information?

Nowadays most people find employment opportunities on LinkedIn after creating a LinkedIn profile. Where people especially recent graduates and other job seekers use LinkedIn for Jobs. It also helps different companies and organizations to actively engage people

Almost all companies and organizations provide information about their brands and products. Companies first register themselves and then offer employment opportunities to people.

How can I create my Linked-In profile_

Before creating the company page boss or staff member in charge need to first create a LinkedIn page. In this post, we will guide you that how you can create your company profile. So follow the simple steps to create a powerful LinkedIn company profile.

Company Profile on LinkedIn

Before creating a company profile make sure that you completed the mentioned requirements.

  • Being employed: You must be an employee of the company. Your job experience will appear Experience section
  • Company email address: You should provide a valid company email address. Make sure that domain mail of the company is unique
  • A strength of Profile: Strength of your profile should be All-Star or Intermediate
  • Contacts: Provide various contacts you are linked to on LinkedIn

How to create a company profile?

Now to create a company profile follow mentioned simple steps

  1. Visit the Companies section: You can find this on top of the menu
  2. Add a company: Click on it to create your business page as you can see this at the top right
  3. Company name: Provide your official company name and work email address
  4. Enter the company’s details: Provide the correct company detail’s and check several times
  5. Email Address: If the provided email address is not verified then you will receive a message. Follow the instructions mentioned in that message in your account

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10 Steps to Create a LinkedIn Company Page

This page provides a business opportunity to promote products and services. It also shares some interesting and useful updates. So follow 10 simple steps to create a LinkedIn company page.

  1. Write a persuasive summary
  2. You must add your products and services
  3. Provide your most important product first
  4. Put fantastic cover image to capture attention
  5. Provide your career information
  6. Ask employees to connect with your LinkedIn page
  7. Ask LinkedIn employees for product and service reviews
  8. You can make your page look good by publishing some company updates
  9. An important step is to promote your LinkedIn company page
  10. Use Targeted and featured updates

10 Highly Impactful LinkedIn profile examples

There are several elements that are considered in LinkedIn profile:
  • Upload a professional profile photo
  • Provide a concise profile headline
  • You should provide a well-written summary
  • Mention well-developed skills
  • Well established list of professional experience
  • An important element is education background
  • Provide highlighted projects
  • Provide publications

LinkedIn Profiles Examples

  1. Brittney Borowicz
  2. John Crossman, CCIM, CRX
  3. Anthony Gioeli
  4. Xand Griffin
  5. Melissa Heisler
  6. Bryan Kratz
  7. Alan O’Rourke
  8. Tim Peters
  9. Ty Swartz, MBA, CPP, USN Ret
  10. Abbi Whitaker

Brittney Borowicz: 

Brittney’s profile meets all of the fundamentals like she provides concise content with bullets etc.

brittney borowicz

John Crossman, CCIM, CRX:

The important thing in his profile is that he uses the group photograph to capture attention and highlighted the importance of teamwork.

John Crossman, CCIM and CRX

Anthony Gioeli:

He covers every important thing like cover photos and published LinkedIn contributions so you can also consider his profile.

Anthony Gioelii

Xand Griffin

The way she puts her contact information front and center in her profile are awesome and this makes easy to network.

Xand Griffin

Melissa Heisler

She emphasizes her current publication and her publication are really helpful so you can also follow her profile.

melissa heisler

Bryan Kratz

His profile is so complete that he provides concise complete and well-organized information.

Bryan Kratz

Alan O’Rourke

The important thing in his profile in the cover image he shows brand for the organization and highlighted the resources and content marketing assets.

alan orouke

Tim Peters

His profile is also a good LinkedIn profile and you can follow him as he covers every critical element.

Tim Peters

Ty Swartz

Ty Swartz

Abbi Whitaker

Although her profile is, at last, you can follow her as her profile is among the best LinkedIn profile.

Abbi Whitaker

LinkedIn company page Login

Many people face problem while login to the LinkedIn page so the following steps can help them:
  • First of all, visit the LinkedIn sign-in page
  • Log-in with the help of your correct email address and password
  • Click “Companies” you can find at the top of your account page
  • Select your company name which you can find from the search result page
  • Click the edit button from the upper right corner
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