How do you make a costume that resembles a dead Chucky?

Halloween is an event that people celebrate all over the World and for this, they need chucky costume. Everyone tries to dress-up best for this occasion for fun. It is now integrated with other cultures but basically began in the US. If you also want to make your Halloween day memorable then buy Halloween chucky costumes

We will guide you to make a costume resembles with dead chucky. Read this post and enjoy your Halloween without spending a fortune on a costume, we will also guide you for best Chucky Makeup.

Chucky Costume

Chucky acts like a serial killer in a film and transfers his soul from the doll to the human body. His character was one of the most horror recognizable icons, so let’s see who is Chucky (Chucky doll) and how you can make his costume.

Who is a Chucky doll?

First of all, we will discuss chucky and then move forward for chucky costumes, makeup etc. Charles Lee Chucky Ray is basically a fictional character who was the villain of child’s play. He acts like a serial killer and transfers his soul from the doll to the human body. His character was one of the most horror recognizable icons.

Chucky doll

He was one of the most iconic horror film characters, a murderer and psychopath doll. He scares everyone who crosses his path, so what will be the better option than chucky for Halloween?

How to make a Chucky Costume?

After simple steps you can make a chucky Halloween costume so read the below steps:

Steps to follow:

  1. Long Sleeve Striped Shirt: For DIY chucky costume arrange a long sleeve striped shirt. If you don’t have then you can also utilize short sleeve. Make sure shirt must be similar to Chucky doll shirt that was in rainbow color
  2. Denim dungarees: Now you need to find denim dungarees for Chucky’s demonic style
  3. Red Hair: Many people often don’t notice chucky red hair. So you can wear a Red color wig to make you look more similar to the doll. You can also use hairspray to fix the shape you chose or you can use red spray dye that will go away after you wash it
  4. Makeup: Another important part is makeup that will make you more similar to Chucky’s face. Covers the scars that appear on the chucky face when he kills someone or face accidents. You can paint with a red and brown lip pencil and can give some depth
  5. Add Words: If you want yourself more similar to Chucky’s costume then add a word on dungarees. You can add Good Guys on dungarees with a permanent marker. The best way is to create the letters using red letter stickers
  6. Footwear: Now you need to select some best footwear for yourself. So go for some red trainers like Adidas trainers with white stripes
  7. Plastic Knife: Your Halloween costumes chucky is almost ready all you need is a plastic knife. You can also use Axe if you don’t find a knife. You can easily find both plastic Knife or Axe from costume shops, so take it and enjoy the party
  8. Toddler: One thing you must remember if you have a toddler then use toddler chucky costume. By using this for a toddler will be more fun as in theory we could find chucky as adorable children’s doll

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Toddler chucky Costume for sale

If you want to purchase chucky costume for your toddler then you can purchase on sale. Below with some images, we provided some toddler chucky costumes that are on sale.

  • Chucky Kids Halloween Costume
Chucky Kids Halloween Costume

This beautiful chucky kidz Halloween costume is 52% off now. As the original price was the US $63.00  and now you can purchase just in the US $29.95.

  • Child Kids Rainbow Striped Chucky Good Guy T-Shirt Costume:
Chucky shirt

Another beautiful T-Shirt for child kidz is available on discount. You can purchase it in the just US $24.99.

  • Chucky Costume Chucky Kids Halloween Fancy Dress:
Chucky Kids Halloween Costume

Chucky Kidz another fancy dress is on sale and you must buy it as it provides 35% off. So recent price of Chucky Costume Chucky Kids Halloween Fancy Dress is the US $32.79.

  • Child Kids Rainbow Striped Chucky Good Guy T-Shirt Costume 2018:
Chucky shirt

There is also another T-Shirt costume 2018 that you can purchase at a very low price. So don’t waste your time and avail this offer. This shirt is available on the US $22.99.

  • Seed Of Chucky Sexy Chucky Ladies Costume M 10-12:
chucky tshirt

You can purchase this beautiful item on the just US $25.00. Although it is used but in a good condition and doesn’t come with high stockings and wig is also included that was bought separately with it together.

Video guide for Chucky Makeup

For your chucky makeup here I provide a video tutorial which will help you for makeup. So watch the video and follow every step for perfect Chucky makeup.

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