How long are cats pregnant? Cats reach sexual maturity as early as the age of six months. The pregnancy of cats usually ranges from 58 to 72 days. Felines in shelters or rescue care may often have shorter cat pregnancy lengths because of unknown conception dates.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant

If you are a first-time owner and your cat is pregnant then you need to know about cat pregnancy. This article will provide you with a detailed guideline on how longs are cats pregnant. So to know more about the cat pregnancy timeline keep reading this article till the end.

How Long Are Cats Pregnant: Cat Pregnancy Timeline

As described earlier, the cat pregnancy timeline ranges from 58 to 72 days or 9 weeks. The symptoms of pregnancy become visible in the third week of pregnancy. While behavioral changes start as early as two weeks into pregnancy.

As a cat foster parent, you should be prepared to support her for the remainder of the pregnancy length. Also, you are required to help her to retain her body condition, weight, and energy level and careful monitoring as her gestation mature week-to-week.

Week 2: How to Tell If Cat is Pregnant?

Here is what happens in Week 2 and how to tell if a cat is pregnant:

feline pregnancy and stages

Estrus Ends

The first behavioral sign of pregnancy for a cat is her estrus come to an end. Estrus is also known as a heat cycle. During the breeding season, cats are in heat for up to two weeks. With the end of estrus, females stop attracting males through long and drawn-out catcalls.

Ultrasound Or X-ray

A veterinarian can safely perform an x-ray or ultrasound on your foster cat in order to check on the development of kittens.

The gestation period for cats can be quite troublesome for you as a first-time pet owner.

Week 3: Feline Pregnancy

The process in week three of the feline pregnancy is as below:how long are felines pregnant

Pinking Up and Stages of Cat Pregnancy

Cats show the first visible sign of pregnancy in this stages of cat pregnancy called pinking up in the third week of the cat gestation period

At this stage, the cat’s nipples become dark pink and sometimes red. Besides, the become more noticeable against her usual pale abdomen colouring.

Cats tend to sleep more while pregnant and even left you wondering why do cats sleep so much.

Week 4

What happens in week 4 is as follows:

Morning Sicknesses

Some cats experience s morning sickness condition exactly similar to the human version in week four of pregnancy. During this time, nausea and vomiting may cause her to refuse food.

Sickness in cats can occur at any time during the day and is not limited to just mornings.

If you observe an abnormally high frequency of vomiting, immediately contact the shelter or rescue group’s, a veterinarian. He will examine your cat and recommend what you need to do.

In this case, learn a few handy techniques on how to clean the cats ears and when to give her a bath to maintain hygiene.

Swollen Abdomen

The swollen belly of a cat becomes more visible as she matures in gestation. Remember not to push on or touch her abdomen as this may affect the growing kittens.

If you do not suspect the cat is pregnant and there is visible abdominal swelling. Then contact the shelter or rescue group veterinarian so that he could examine her.

Weight Gain

As a cat’s pregnancy progresses, her appetite increases as her well. She will gain up to 2 – 5 lbs during pregnancy.

Always make sure that your cat has fresh water available. Besides, set her feeding and drinking bowls on the ground so that she can have easier access. This is because jumping up may be difficult for her and could hurt her baby.

Week 5

What happens in week 5 is as below:how long are cats pregnant


A veterinarian can perform an x-ray or ultrasound to determine how many kittens a pregnant cat is carrying at day 40 or week 5.

Week 6

The process in 6th week is as below:how long is a cat pregnant before giving birth

Affectionate Purring

Cats are known to become more affectionate during 6th week. Pregnant cats purr more frequently during these final weeks. They can be aggressive or intolerant of other pets in your house.

Week 7

This stage includes:

feline pregnancy timeline


As a cat comes nears delivery, she spends more time sleeping and resting.

Week 8

This stage includes:

gestation period of cats


A cat will begin nesting two weeks before delivery. She starts looking for quiet, warm, safe places to settle into for labor and birth.

Week 9

Now that the gestation period of cats is finally over. The last stage includes:

stages of feline pregnancy


A pregnant cat can refuse food as she enters the final stage. Kittens usually arrive between 63 and 67 days, or nine weeks. These stages also determine how long is a cat pregnant before giving birth and what follows in the gestation period of cats.

So usually a cat is 9 weeks pregnant. It is worth telling that a cat usually delivers alone so do not help her unless there is an emergency.

Now you must have developed familiarity with how to tell if a cat is pregnant or how long is a cat pregnant before giving birth.

I hope you like my post about how long are cats pregnant. If you have any queries then write them down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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