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How Long Does a Spray Tan Last? Tips for Long Lasting Spray Tan

Spray tanning is a type of self-tanning where you spray a fine mist on your body to get a fake tan, especially in summers. This mist contains an ingredient known as Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which interacts with your skin to turn it bronze or tan.

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how long does a spray tan last

It is basically a temporary effect that lasts from 3-7 days and is totally safe for your skin. The results that you will get from spray tans are actually very good. Mostly celebrities and models use a tanning spray to just get the desired color they want.

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Does It Vary By Shade?

Basically, the average spray tan lasts for 10 days. It really depends on how dark does you wish to go.

For example:

  • Lighter shades may last up to five days.
  • Medium shades last for seven to eight days.
  • Darker shades do last for 10 days.

spray tan

The variations are tied to the tanning solution’s active ingredient, dihydroxyacetone (DHA). Darker solutions contain more DHA. The more DHA, the longer the color will hold. The important part is how you care about your skin before and after the tanning spray.

What To Do Before Spray Tan?

The best spray tan starts long before you walk into the tanning or spa salon. Here is the guide to prepare for your appointment.

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Schedule Your Appointment Around Your Period

It might seem weird but it is actually true that tanning sprays one week before your period may not result as good as tanning after one week of your period. There is no specific reason for that but the experts have sworn by this tip.

Exfoliate Every Day For Three Days Before

Physical exfoliating techniques like loofahs, dry brushing, scrubs that remove dead skin cells that cause flaking and streaking. If you don’t have these options then a washcloth will also work best.

tan to go

Don’t Use Chemical Exfoliants Or Oil-Based Products

Chemical exfoliants use elements like glycolic acid and retinol to uplift exfoliation. Stop using these products 24 hours before spray tanning to get exfoliant from taking off your spray tan also. Oil-based products are a big no for someone is who is spray tanning.

No Waxing Within 24-Hours Of Your Appointment

While smooth skin is perfect for this tanning but waxing before 24 hours is risky as it can leave you with uneven tint on your skin. The reason behind is that waxing temporarily opens your pores and leave them larger than before.

Shower At Least Eight Hours Before Your Appointment

When it comes to getting spray tan you must know that eight hours is a limit, you need to take a bath before eight hours of your appointment. In this way, your skin has time to resume its pH balance while you enjoy the advantages of exfoliation.


Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes And Shoes To Your Appointment

Spray tan means no tan lines unless you are wearing a strappy shirt, tight bra or another fitting garment immediately after your session. Plan for a loose-fitting shirtdress and slip-on shoes to prevent friction from creating unwanted tan lines.

Remove Your Makeup And Deodorant After Your Reach

If you do not want to go without makeup bring a pack of unscented, oil-free wipes along with you at the appointment. Remove any makeup from your skin and deodorant and allow the skin to dry before you get your spray on the skin.

What To Do After Spray Tan?

Your spray technician will tell you about the results for the next 24-hours. This includes what clothes you should wear when to get showered and what products are suitable for you to use. Here are some general guidelines for that:

Beware Of VLPs While You Go For Spray Tan

Many tanning salons give their clients paper panties to wear for the rest of the day. If your salon doesn’t give you one you can buy it for yourself. They are not fashionable but they prevent your tanning and also your VLPs.

Apply Baby Powder To Prevent Streaking

Unluckily, deodorant is still something that you can not use after your appointment. Sprays and sticks contain ingredients that can interact with your tanning solution and result in unpleasant patchiness.

spray tan shades

Sweating can also cause spots and streaks, so what must a newly tanned person be supposed to do? Apply baby powder. Shake a big amount onto all the sweat-prone areas, such as:

  • inner elbows
  • under your butt
  • underarms
  • back of your knees

Wear Loose-Fitting Clothes And Shoes For The First 24-Hours Of Spray Tan

If possible then try to wear loose clothing for 24 hours after the appointment. This also includes sleepwear. Friction from tight clothes can cause streaks and leave an indentation on your skin.

Don’t Wash The Solution Off For At Least Six Hours

You must wait for six hours after the appointment to take a shower. This gives your skin enough time to ensure an even shade and absorb the solution. There are some new products in the market that let you shower soon with some mind-blowing results.

When It’s Spray Tan Time, Take The Proper Shower Precautions

You don’t have to spend much time in the water. Doing so can result in fading color before making it public. Use mild-warm water and not hot water, avoid using any soaps or scrubs. Just allow the water to run over your skin. To wash your hair make sure your skin remains intact.

Mix the oil-based products and fragrances

Avoid using oily products until your tan has faded. They not only prevent your skin from absorbing the tan solution but also they prevent your skin from retaining the product. Oily products may result in the bad result and your tan may not last for long.

tanned skin

Lightly Exfoliate Every Two To Three Days

Each exfoliation scrubs away from your freshly-tanned skin, so keep it less until after the tan fades away. You may also use an exfoliator which contains round beads every day to help keep your skin fresh and smooth. If you have to shave, then shave gently.

Use Self-Tanner To Top Off Your Spray Tan

You can extend the life of your tan by using a self-tanner or any other gradual tanning product. Although these will not give the same results and depth as that of your actual spray they may add a few days to the lifespan while keeping your skin soft.

Apply Highlighter To Enhance Your Spray Tan

Highlighters have glowy components that can literally set off your tan. Apply some shimmer wherever you wish to pop your color of the spray for instance cheekbones or your collarbones as they are the most prominent parts of your body.

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