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How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Your System? [Oxycodone Guide]

How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Your System– Oxycodon is kind of drug which is used for the treatment of various kinds of pain such as cancer pain.

There are many factors on which “Oxycodone stay in a body” depends such as metabolism, weight and liver function.

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Oxycodone acts as a central nervous system when someone takes it, which is the universal feature or characteristic of this drug. In this article, you find How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Your System and how does it work in the body.

What Does Oxycodone Do?

Oxycodone when taken at high dose, creates a sense of euphoria. That emotional response is one of the basic reasons for its controlled substance.

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People try oxycodone to get a high relaxation which is generally abusing this drug. Oxycodone is used for many purposes such as deep relaxation and sedation etc.

How Oxycodone Works?

Oxycodone comes in various forms such as liquid solution, capsule, and tablets. You might hear someone calling this drug with some other name. As it is the illicit street drug, So it is called with many names such as Oxies, OC, and hillbilly heroin.

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There are many brands which are providing the oxycodone in different forms. Few popular oxycodone brands are listed below:

  • Percocet
  • Tylox
  • Oxycontin
  • Percodan
  • Roxicodone
  • Roxicet
  • Endocet

Oxycodone starts working as it changes your nervous system and brain respond to pain. As it has strong on the central nervous system, so your heart rate and breathing are affected by it.

How Do You Take Oxycodone?

The most important thing is that oxycodone should be taken as it prescribed the expert. Oxycodone comes in tablets, capsule and liquid form. Most doctors prescribe a low dose at the start stage, but if the pain continues then you can increase the dose gradually.

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People who took oxycodone for some time, become addicted to it and when they try to leave it suddenly, they will face withdrawal. This can be avoided by discontinuing this drug gradually rather than stopping suddenly.

How Long Does Oxycodone Stay In Your System?

How long does oxycodone stay in the system can also be phrased as “What is a half-life of oxycodone”. The half-life of oxycodone means that the amount of time which this drug will take in your body. This time depends upon many factors.

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You should know about this because if you take other doses soon after the first one. Maybe it will increase respiratory depression. The half-life of oxycodone also has great importance for drug testing purposes.

There are various factors on which he half-life of oxycodone depends, few of them are briefly explained below:

1- Age

The blood concentrations of oxycodone observed in the people with age above 65 years 15% higher as compared to younger adults. So it will take longer in elder people to clear oxycodone from their system.

2- Gender

There is a different effect of oxycodone on male and female. According to one study, oxycodone concentration in a female is 25% higher than in males.

3- Kidney Function

The half-life of oxycodone also depends upon the function of the person’s kidneys. According to one study, the average half-life of oxycodone increases by one hour in-person with kidney problem.

4- Liver function

The half-life of oxycodone also depends upon the function of the person’s liver. It means that this drug will take more time to clear from the body. The half-life of oxycodone increases by 2-3 hours in person with liver dysfunction.

Speed of Metabolism

A person who takes the oxycodone, it goes through the digestive system and then forwarded to the liver. The human body breaks down this drug into nor oxycodone, oxymorphone, and noroxymorphone. After that, they are excreted by the kidneys in the urine and sweat form.

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The half-life of the oxycodone is probably 3-4 hours while the metabolic process will last longer.

Oxycodone Showing Up On Drug Tests

People who take oxycodone might be wonder about the drug test. The half-life of oxycodone is only 3 hours but maybe the drug took a day for completely leaving the body.

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You are thinking that you will clear the drug test after one day taking the oxycodone, then you are wrong. Few tests are mentioned below with the brief description of oxycodone impact.

Urine Test

The urine test result can reveal the use of oxycodone for approximately 4 days. The Oxycodone drug may show up in the urine within a few hours following consumption.

Oxycodone and Hair

Oxycodone can be exposed in the hair for approximately 90 days following the recent use.

Blood Test

After the use of oxycodone, it can be detected in blood for 24 hours. This drug remains in the bloodstream within 15-30 minutes after the latest use.

Saliva Test

A saliva test can reveal the use of oxycodone up to 4 days just after the recent use.

Risk of addiction

Excessive and regular use oxycodone may lead to addiction to this drug, so it is better to use this in limit or use it as the expert prescribed. In such a situation, you need to contact or visit the Doctor Anesthesiologists in town.

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You are at high risk of becoming dependent on this drug if you belong to a family with alcohol use disorders, even if they have never used illicit drugs.

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