How Many Minutes In A Day? 24 Hours to Minutes Conversion

How many minutes in a day? Time is the most important thing in human life. We do all our works according to time. No matter where we are, what we are doing, we always keep a check on time.

How many minutes in a day

Sometimes a question pops up in mind that how many minutes in a day. The conversion of the time unit is extremely easy to understand. A day has 24 hours so we can easily convert it in other time units.

In this article, you will get to know how many minutes in a day. So if you are interested to learn this conversion, read the article till the end.

How Many Minutes In A Day?

A minute is a unit of time in different measuring systems.

  • One minute = 60 seconds


  • 1 hour = 60 minutes.

So if we have to convert a smaller unit to a bigger one, we simply multiply it with the smaller one.

Minutes In A Day

For example

We all know:

  • 1 day = 24 hours


  • 1 day = 24 hours
  • 1 day = 24 x 60
  • 1 day = 1440 minutes

How Many Days In A Minute?

If we have to find days in minutes then divide the minute value with 1440.

  • 1 minute = 1/1440 day

How Many Days In A Minute


If we have to finds days in 48960 minutes then simply divide it with 1440.

  • 48960 minutes = 48960/1440
  • 48960 minutes = 34 days

How Many Seconds In A Day?

If we go further and find a smaller unit then the conversion will be.

  • 1 minute = 60 seconds

How Many Seconds In A Day


  • 1 day = 24 hours
  • 1 day = 24 x 60 minutes
  • 1 day = 1440 minutes
  • 1 day = 1440 x 60 seconds
  • 1 day = 86400 seconds

Or else simply multiply hours with 3600

  • 1 day = 24 x 3600
  • 1 day = 86400 seconds

These were examples to help you understand the concept of conversion for days and minutes. Now it will be easier for you to use them.

I hope you like my post about how many minutes in a day. If you have any query then do not hesitate to ask us. Also, if you want to give your opinion then write it down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you.

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