How many ounces in a quart? There is a variety of systems for measurement across the world. Some of them are U.S. Customary, imperial, quart, grams, fluid, ounces, metric system, and natural units. Each individual deals with different quantities in his daily life.

how many ounces in a quart

These quantities can include quarts and ounces. However, before measuring one must determine that the item he is going to measure is in liquid form or dry form. This is because the measurement of these two things is completely different.

This article will provide you a detailed guideline on how to convert ounces in quarts and vice versa.  So to learn the basic formula and to use it in day by day tasks, read the article till the end.


The unit of volume in the US and empirical customary measurement system is known as a quart.  1 US fluid is equal to 32 US fluid ounces which also means 946.353 mL.


Also, one US dry quart equals 37.24 US fluid ounces that also means 1101. 32 ml. One Imperial quart is equal to 40 imperial fluid ounces that ultimately equal to 11 36.52 mL. “qt” is the abbreviation of a quart.

Ounce And Fluid Ounce

The word ounce is originated from a Latin word uncia. The unit ounce is used for measuring an item which is dry.  It is a unit of mass. So ultimately the ounce is a measurement of weight.  “oz” is the abbreviation of an ounce. 

Ounce And Fluid Ounce

The volume unit in Imperial and US customary measurement systems is known as a fluid ounce. So basically fluid ounce is used when we are measuring the volume while the ounce is the measurement of weight.

In the Imperial system fluid ounce is 28.4 131 ml. Also, 1 US fluid ounce equals to 29. 5735 ml. “fl oz” is the abbreviation used for fluid ounce.

How Many Ounces In A Quart?

As we have described earlier:

  •  1 quart = 32 fluid ounces

So to convert quart to fluid ounces we will multiply the quart value by 32.

How Many Ounces In A Quart

For Example:

If you want to find out how many fluid ounces in a quart and a half simply multiply 1.5 by 32 which makes 48 fluid ounces in 1.5 quarts.

  • 1.5 qt = 1.5 x 32
  • 1.5 qt = 48 fl oz

How To Convert Fluid Ounces To Quart?

Now we will convert the fluid ounces to quarts.

  •  1 fluid ounce = 0. 03125 quart
  • Or 1 fluid ounce = 1/32 quart

So to convert a fluid ounce in quart just multiply the value of fluid ounce by 0.03125 or else you can divide the fluid ounce value by 32.

How To Convert Fluid Ounces To Quart

For Example:

If you want to know how many quarts in 35 ounces simply divide the value by 32.

  • 35 fl oz = 35/32 qt
  • 35 fl oz = 1.09375 qt

These were examples to help you understand the concept of conversion for ounce and quarts. Now it will be easier for you to use them in daily life tasks.

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