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How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have? Dog Dental Care

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?: The dental health of your dog is very important as of your own. It should be one of the things that you should focus on a daily basis. It is not something that your dog can take care of for himself. Your dog needs proper care for his teeth.

how many teeth do dogs have

Just like human beings dogs also start with temporary teeth that grow in 8-10 weeks after they are born. Later, these teeth wear off and permanent teeth come out. Permanent teeth are also called adult teeth. They usually come between 5-6 months after they born.

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have?

Like us, dogs also have temporary and permanent teeth. Temporary teeth are 28 in number and permanent teeth are a total of 42. When the temporary teeth are falling out your dog may become extra sensitive. These teeth start to come after two weeks of their birth and complete in the 10th week.

Dogs are awesome creatures. From their noses to their tails they are unique, beautiful and graceful. Each part of their body has its own fun facts.

The teeth, skull, and mouth of the dogs are so incredible and beautifully made. Oral activities of dogs and their misunderstandings can lead to some serious health issues.

dental health

You must be very serious about your pet’s health. You must know about their dental health as it is very important. If your dog’s teeth are not healthy your dog may not be able to have his food properly. You must also know about the type of teeth in dogs so to know which teeth are used for which task.

Types Of Teeth In Dogs

There are many different types of teeth in dogs. Every type of teeth has its own job and helps the dogs in chewing their food. Dogs have the following types of teeth in their mouth:


Small teeth located in the front of the dog’s mouth are called Incisors. Their main function is to scrape food. Dogs use these teeth to scrape meat from the bones. Pups mostly use incisors to remove insects from their skin. Moreover, dogs also groom themselves using their incisors.


Besides that, canines are located behind incisors. They are pointed and long teeth in front of a dog’s mouth. Dogs have four canines. Two in the upper jaw and two in the lower jaw.

These sharp pair of teeth are used to tear meaty food apart. They are also used to grip a toy or food whatever the dog is having is his mouth. Canines are for locking on to an object in dog’s mouth.


These are the teeth with sharped edges behind the dog’s canines. They are basically used to tear and chew the food. You might have seen your dog chewing a bone and tearing the meat with the side of his mouth.

dog teeth

This is why their pre-molars are made sharp to shred the food.


Molars are functioned to break down the hard food that your dog is chewing. This may include the dog’s biscuit or dry dog kibble. Molars are found behind the premolars. They are located at the back of their mouth in a dog’s jaw.

Frequently Asked Questions From Dog’s Owners

Most dogs owners have a lot of questions about their dogs. They usually get mixed up answers from every other person. So here are some important and interesting questions along with their answers given by the experts:

When do dogs begin to lose their baby teeth?

By the age of 12 to 16 weeks, dogs lose their baby teeth. They shed and then permanent teeth find their way out and grow in the same space.

Can we determine the age of the dogs by examining his teeth?

It is totally dependable. If your dog is young you can obviously tell his age by examining his teeth. But if your dog is an adult you can just have a guess. Many people claim that they can determine the age of a dog by the teeth. Maybe they can. But it is not always the case.

Can the permanent teeth regrow after being lost?

No, dogs cannot grow the damaged or lost teeth. Many species have this capability but dogs don’t. There is no chance of these teeth growing again. They have to last long enough till their life lasts.

Do cavities occur in dog’s teeth?

Cavities are very rare in dogs. This is because of many problems in dogs health like bacteria in the mouth, low-sugar in diet and the shape of their teeth. Cavities may be treated the same as the human cavities.

Which dogs have more problems in their teeth?

Both small and large dogs can have serious oral issues. Small dogs can develop cramped jaws and large dogs develop plaque and tartar. Sometimes small dogs also suffer from plaque, dental calculus buildup, and tartar.

How to know if my dog is suffering from any gum disease?

Lift the dog’s lips. If you see ugly colors like the brownish-green color then it is time to see your veterinarian. This is actually tartar on your dog’s gum. Then check if there is any redness or swelling on the gums.

What is that big tooth on the dog’s upper jaw?

Nothing to worry about. It is the bigger tooth in your dog’s mouth. It is the fourth premolar which is also called carnassial tooth. It is designed differently from other teeth.

Can dogs get mouth cancer?

Not very often. One in four dogs will get cancer of any kind. They can get very aggressive during oral cancer. If you observe any lumps or swelling in your dog’s mouth then you must visit your veterinarian.

How to take proper care of my dog’s teeth?

You can get your dog’s teeth brushed by the trained veterinary technicians. This is the only thing you can do when your pet doesn’t let you brush their teeth. The vet may also take X-ray to confirm if there is any hidden problem.

Pets teeth should be clean and for that, you can visit any nearest Veterinary dentistry. You can also visit the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association). They provide the cleaning, adjustment, filing, extraction, or repair of your pets’ teeth.

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