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How Much To Feed A Cat? Some Mistakes To Avoid While Feeding Your Kitty

How much to Feed a Cat: It is a struggle to figure out what to feed your cat. Sometimes we make a mistake to give a lot of sugar and salt while sometimes we give a little amount. Both ways are not suggested, a balanced diet is a right way to feed your kitty.

Although, many people ask the vet about diet plans for their cat. There are a few things to consider; Activeness, Weight, Sleep and any special needs of a cat. A time spent in planning a diet will pay you off. In some food tin/box, a guide for feeding your cat is also given on the back.

how much to feed a cat

The simple answer to How much to Feed a Cat is that feed your cat with the number of calories that keeps him/her at an ideal weight.

How much to Feed a Cat

Remember every cat is different, so calorie intake could vary from 173 to 302 or more calories per day. A cat’s daily calorie intake depends on the cat’s weight.

For math nerds, we have the formula to calculate the intake of calories.
” 70 *[ weight (kg) ]^0.75 * Lifestyle Factor (range between 0.6 to 2.5) “.
Lifestyle factors are diets, activities and all those habits cats are engaged in. These are the controllable factors. 1.0 is an ideal lifestyle factor.

Cat Feeding Guide

Once you know your cat’s weight. Now you can either use the formula mentioned above or the following guide. This chart is a standard diet chart with a lifestyle factor of 1.0. In this guide, calorie intake is divided into both dry and wet food. Your kitty can enjoy both food types.

[table id=7 /]

It is an estimated chart, you can slightly change the ounces as per your cat’s weights. It is better to measure food on a scale (oz or gram) rather than using a cup.

There are two ways to check on meals. Either you can Measure the food for a day or each meal. Keep a record of feeding portions in a diary it might help you to consult with a vet.

Dry Cat Food and Wet Cat Food – How much to Feed a Cat

Dry cat food contains more carbohydrates than wet food. As dry cat food is of cornmeal or rice. Some contain protein from vegetables rather than meat which is not suitable for cats.

The big difference between wet cat food and dry cat food is moisture content. Wet food contains a good amount of meat protein and water.

Though many vets say dry food is good for the cat’s teeth. But only feeding your cat with dry food can make her/his body dehydrated and obese. It is important to give water with dry food.

 Feed a Cat

Yet it is not suggested to feed only canned/wet foods. The best dry food is better than the worst wet food. Bottom line is to check the ingredients; good food should contain animal protein as the first ingredient. No meat by-products should be in a portion of cat food.

Premium Cat Food – How much to Feed a Cat

Eventually, on a debate of wet cat food and dry cat food choose a premium cat food. Premium cat food with high-quality ingredients is the best food to feed your kitten. It is rich in animal protein with no artificial ingredients. Moreover, it contains antioxidants and vitamins.

Hence, premium cat food will give your cat a wholesome diet. For some days you can divide calorie intake in the wet and dry food. The key is to keep a balanced diet with a moderate to high activity level.

Best Time to Feed your Cat

You can choose any time to feed your cat. Wet food is spoiled after an hour, it is advised to give wet food when you can clean up after your kitty has finished eating.

Some people find it easy to feed cat dry food in the morning due to their busy schedule at work. At night they give wet food to the cat and refrigerate the rest and vice versa. Timings depend on your cat’s eating habits and your routine.

3 Ways to Feed a Kitty

There are 3 different ways to feed a cat:

  1. Free feeding
    • In this way, food is available all the time, though only dry food can be fed this way. Wet food could spoil.
    • Many small meals are eaten by your cat.
    • Yet free feeding can cause obesity. It is not suitable if you are having more than one cat.
    • Properly measure food.
    • If your cat has finished all the food in a bowl, do not refill. This will train her to eat food the whole day not at once.
  2. Meal Feeding
    • In this way, you feed your cat at specific meal times.
    • Both dry and wet food can be fed.
    • You can check how much is your cat eating.
    • Cats might ask you for more snacks between the meals.
    • Serve food and water to each cat in a separate bowl.meal feeding
  3. Combined Feeding
    • It means to serve wet food twice a day and dry food is freely available.
    • It gives nutritional benefits of both wet and dry food.
    • It often leads to overeating.
    • Measure food properly otherwise the cat will gain weight.
    • Make small portions of wet and dry food.

Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Adding garlic to treat tapeworms. Garlic doesn’t help in treating or preventing tapeworms neither flea. It is harmful to red blood cells.
  2. Feeding only dry food.
  3. Not giving enough water.
  4. Feeding only veggies. Meat protein is important for cats.
  5. Too much feeding.

No matter which method you choose. It is important to measure and keep a track of the food you are serving. Check your cat’s weight and health if she/he is losing weight increase food by 10% or in case of gaining decrease food by 10%.

Cat feeding

These are the guidelines for more information you can consult a vet. It is good to invest in health for long term benefits. Feeding on cheap food might get you to vet and expensive health treatments.

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