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How Much To Feed a Puppy? A Complete Guide With Feeding Chart For Your Puppy

How Much To Feed A Puppy?: To get the proper proportion of how much you should feed your puppy is a challenging task. All the pet owners get genuinely stressed about their pet’s food when they buy any pet. It is more common for those who are doing this for the first time.

Unlike older dogs, the puppy’s usually gain weight more quickly. So you must be very careful about their diet. They must get food properly and timely.

puppy feed

You must have a clear idea about the caloric needs of the pup. They must get enough calories per day according to their feeding chart.

How Much To Feed A Puppy?

Big dogs are fed on the basis of their body, activities, body condition, their needs and calculating their calories is quite easy. For bigger dogs, it is very easy as they can take care of their diet by themselves. But for the puppies, you will have to do it by your self. You will need to be very careful about every minute detail.

Moreover, If you want a normal growth for your puppy you must follow the exact same plan for 8 months. When your puppy is of 4 months you will start the diet plan by making a chart. Focus on their number of calories, their food intake, and their activities. Your puppy must take 1,000 calories at 16 weeks.

puppy feeding schedule

While your dog is getting bigger he needs more calories and food depending upon on his activities. But remember, do not force anything on your puppy. Feed him enough till he wants to be fed. He just needs enough food to meet his body requirements not juts the calculated number of calories.

When To Feed Your Puppy?

Feedings must be scheduled according to the bowel movements and their activities. With the schedule or chart, you will always know that when is the time to feed your dog. How much food your dog needs depends upon the weight, age, and breed of your dog.

Portion Size

The portion size of puppy food is not always the same. Sometimes your puppy needs small portions or maybe large portions. It all depends on the activities it has been doing and his poop time. If he has been playing for too long then he will need a large portion size.

If you have any queries, you can refer to a veterinarian anytime. He will probably recommend you:

  • Always check the package details of your puppy. Most food products give feedings according to the puppy’s weight and age.
  • If your puppy leaves some food back in the bowl, it means its way too much for him. Next time reduce the quantity until you get the right portion size.
  • Just like that if your puppy eats the whole portion at once but you still feel that he is hungry it means the portion size is small. You will need to increase the portion size.
  • Beware, when you increase the food amounts. Some dogs eat every last bite of their food no matter how much they have already eaten.

Puppy Feed Chart

The following chart will guide through the food portion size according to the weight age of the puppy.

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