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How Often Should You Wash Your dog? 10 Bathing Tips

It can be a little difficult for the new dog owner to determine how often should you wash your dog. There are many factors which should be considered while answering this question such as skin infection, breed, etc.

The most important reason for a bathing a dog is to keep him healthy. May be without bath, dog’s skin can get infected.

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So it is important that your dog gets bathed to ensure that he remains healthy and safe. It is also a reality that frequently bathing can damage the dog’s coat.

How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?

There are few factors on which the answer to this question depends such as activity level, medical issue or coat type, etc. A healthy dog which has no skin condition actually didn’t require to bath ever. The reason for bathing is also important.

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In general, the dog should not be bathed more than once a month. It is much better to consult your vet to come up with a cleaning plan. They can prescribe a hygiene schedule, dog bathing supplies, and care instructions for any medical problem.

Below is a list of factors on which batting a dog depends upon:

1- Hair Length

If your dog has long hair which can trap dirt and debris, then you should wash your dog regularly.

2- Activity Level

The bathing schedule is different for a dog which most of the time remains inside the home. Such dogs don’t require regular bathing.

3- Skin Conditions

There are some dogs which have skin allergies or have some health condition which makes them bath daily or less frequently.

4- When Dog Smells

Moreover, If you feel that your dog smells bad, then obviously it needs a bath. It is a simple rule.

5- Oily Coated Breeds

There are some dog breeds such as Basset hounds which have an oily coat, such kind of dogs require bathing regularly or once a week.

How To Bathe A Dog – 10 Bathing Tips

It is recommended that bath your dog at least once in three months. It can be a tricky trying to washing a dog in the tub. There are few tips, which will make easier to bath your dog.

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1. Make sure the place is clean

You should first check that the place where you are going to wash your dog is clean or not.

2. Buy Shampoo & Other Supplies

There are many specific dog shampoo which is easily available at the market, use that shampoo. You can also use baby shampoo if you didn’t have dog shampoo. It is highly recommended that use hypoallergenic and all-natural shampoo in order to eliminate the dryness and skin irritations.

Also, get a rubber or non-stick bath mat for the tub to keep your dog from excessive slipping and sliding. It will be better to have a cotton ball to place them in the dog’s ear, in order to block the water to get inside the ear.

3. Never Forget To Brush

This step should never be forgotten, it is the most important step. Before a bath, make sure you have given a thorough brushing to the pup get rid of tangles and excessive hair.

4. Select A Dog’s Favorite Spot

It is also difficult to wash a dog who is scared. You can make easy bathing for dogs, through choosing a place that your dog’s like most. A lick pad is a great product, that really helps a lot while washing your dog. This thing keeps your dog distracted and you can focus on the cleaning.

5. Gather Before You Lather

Once you have clean your dog, it is important to keep all the necessary stuff near such as treats or towel. Remember that never leave your dog alone in the tub, before going outside.

6. Water Temperature Matters

“Can I bath my dog in hot water”? It is one of the most common questions that we hear. Slightly warm water will be perfect for a bathing dog. Remember that never use too hot water, as though hot water there is a chance of burning your dog’s skin.

7. Rinse From Head to Tail

You need to follow some instruction, which is mention on the shampoo bottle you are using. After that use the soap in a circular motion on the dirt places. It is better to start with feet and move up to their face at last.

8. Dry With Towel

After the bath, you need to cover your dog with a towel in order to retain the heat. Also, it reduces the chances of spreading water all over through body shaking. Dog with long hair will take more time to dry.

9. Never Use Hairdryer

One thing that you should remember that never use the hairdryer for drying the dog after a bath. As it is too hot, there is a chance that harshness will dry his skin out. The towel is the perfect option for drying.

10. Make It Fun

There are few dogs which hate bathing, so it is difficult to deal with such dogs. The best way to wash them, make a bath enjoyable for them. Take a dog first near water, introduce to water and working up to the full bath. Be patient and gentle to handle such a situation.

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