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How to Add an Admin to Facebook Group?

How to Add Admin to Facebook Group: A Facebook group is a medium of communication, where many different people can interact with each other. It is basically a group of persons to share their common interests and give their opinions.

A Facebook group allow many people to come together around a common issue, cause, or activity to organize, discuss problems, express objectives, post photos, and videos and they can share content regarding the current matter.

How to Add an Admin to Facebook Group

When a Facebook group is created, the author of that group by default automatically becomes the admin of that group. So, that person is capable of adding and removing people in the group. That default admin can also make changes in the group which provides him with an edge over other group members.

Furthermore, in majority cases after creating Facebook groups the challenge is always How to add an admin to a Facebook group because many groups need more than one admin. A number of admins depend upon the type of group.

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How to add an Admin to a Facebook Group

Firstly, you need to log in to your Facebook account by providing your correct requested credentials.

Then, at the extreme left-hand side of your screen, you will find an icon of a group with “Groups” written at the side of an icon. You can see this option right under your profile and it’s directly seen under the “explore” option.

add an Admin to a Facebook GroupThen you have to select the group of which you have to set up an admin.

You will see some pending group invitations (Invitations you have not accepted yet), just below where it ends, you will be able to see something like “Groups You Manage” right there you will find all the groups you manage.

This is specifically for those managing more than one group. They will click on the specific group they want to set up an admin to.

Then you have to click on the Members. This will link you to a page where you have all members of that group in alphabetical order.

Furthermore, you need to click on the dotted text box next to a group member.

how to add an Admin to a Facebook Group

Besides the member you want to make an admin, you will see a dotted text box, you have to click on it. A drop menu will appear with three options, admin, remove as moderator and remove from the group. So you have to select “admin” to set up that person as an admin of the group.

A person you want to make an admin must be a group member. You have to be very careful while selecting an admin of the Group because she/he would have the same benefits on the group just as you.

Some Interesting features of a Facebook Group

Facebook groups have many advantages that maybe you don’t even know, most relevant features are given below:

Customer service

All the Facebook groups allow their admins to inform and respond to the questions directly in the group, so in this way, everyone in the group can read the answers.

Furthermore, this allows you to take care of all your customers and fans in a general way. The admins can easily resolve individual doubts in a very easy and simple way. At the same time, they can share some useful information with all the members of that group, who may find it useful in the future.

Link with other Facebook Groups

Admin of a Facebook Group can Recommend and Link other groups. All the steps to link your group to other groups are given below:

Facebook Group

To link a group you have to follow all the steps:

  • Firstly you need to have a PC or a laptop with a valid internet connection.
  • Then log in to your Facebook account and click “Groups” located in the left menu.
  • Select your group.
  • After that, you have to click on the three horizontal dots under the cover photo.
  • Then, select “Link Existing Group” option.
  • Finally, search for the groups’ name that you want to link with and then press the “Link” button to proceed further.

How to Turn On Membership Approval on Facebook Group

One of the main settings that can impact the dynamics of the group is Membership Approval. If it is a closed group then a user can join the group in two ways. Either the group admin needs to add the user to his group or the user can request group admin for membership.

Once the membership request is made, all the Groups offer two settings for membership approval and both settings are given below:

  • In the first one, any member of the group can approve the join requests.
  • If an admin wants to check every member of the group individually, then they can go with Second setting that is Only moderators and admins can approve or deny the membership request. This can only be done with the latter setting enabled.

Turn On Membership Approval

  • Moreover, to turn on the membership approval you have to Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Then open your group and go to the Group settings.
  • Then you have to select Only Admins and Moderators beneath Membership Approval on PC.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some frequently asked questions are given below:

Question 1: Can I add More than one admin?

Answer: Yes, you can add more than one admin to your Facebook group. There is no specific limit of admins.

Question 2: How to remove an Admin from my Facebook Group?

Answer: The steps to remove an admin from a Facebook Group are given below:

  • Firstly you have to click on the specific group, on which you want to make changes.
  • Then you have to click on Members.
  • After that, press the dotted text box at the side of an existing admin.
  • Finally, click on “Remove as Admin” button to proceed further.

Many people face problem while using facebook so, If you face any query then you can visit the Facebook Help Center to get solved your queries.

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