How To Add And Delete A Car EZ Tag?

A turnpike or toll system is a form of road pricing system which implements a fee (toll) to recover the maintenance and construction cost of the road.  The noticeable quality of toll system expanded with the ascent of the automobile, and many tollways charge fee only for the automobiles. The toll fee generally varies according to the type of vehicles. The vehicles like trucks that have more weight are charged more than the cars as they can do more damage to the roads.

Initially tolls were collected manually at the toll booth. Some toll roads have machines installed were the users have to deposit some fee to pass through the gates. With the increase in automobile use, it became difficult to manage the manual toll paying system.

To overcome this issue an EZ tag system is introduced. EZ tag system is an electronic toll collection system that enables users to pay tolls without halting at toll booths. Drivers with the EZ tags are permitted to utilize paths assigned only for them on all roads. The EZ tag database and AVI system are not interconnected, so it is a secure system as it does not require personal information of the customer.


How EZ Tag Works?

To utilize this time saving facility, the motorists signs up through the EZ tag websites, or the store locations. Android and IOS applications are also available to sign up to the EZ tag. After the online application is submitted the motorists receives a small transponder which is installed in behind the rear view mirror inside the windshield. The EZ tag users choose the lanes especially equipped with the sensors to read the EZ transmitters deducting the required amount from the customer’s account.

How To Add A Car To EZ Tag?

Managing an account for toll tax customer is easy through online line customer services center.

To add a car to EZ tag follow the following steps:

  • Open your web browser and get access to the online customer services center available in your country. The online system is a 24/7 system which allows to add and edit your personal information at any time.
  • Log in to your online account.
  • To add a vehicle to your toll tag account click on the tab labelled “Vehicle\Toll Tag Info”.  A new window will open. Click on the tab labelled “Request Additional Toll Tag” and enter the vehicle information. The vehicle information is mainly the License plate number, color, model, state, manufacturer name and vehicle class. Click save and send request to receive your EZ transponder.
  • Manage your personal information and payment information by clicking on the tag labelled “Personal Info.” and “Payment Info.” respectively. The payment info requires your credit card number to deduct the toll when your car passes through the sensors.
  • To edit the existing vehicle click on the tag labelled “Edit Existing Vehicle Toll Tag”.  Edit your vehicle information as required and save the edited information.
  • Contact the customer services center in case of any query.

Following these steps you can add your vehicle to EZ tag.

How To Install EZ Tag To A Car Windshield?

To install the EZ transponder inside the windshield and behind the rear view mirror follow the steps discussed below:

EZ installed
  • With every toll tag the customer also receives a toll tag starter kit having detailed instructions on how to install EZ tag to your car.
  • Fist step is to peel of the clear banking surface of your toll tag revealing the sticky side of the EZ tag.
  • Place the toll tag in the center of the vehicle windshield beneath the rear view mirror.
  • The EZ tag will attach to the windshield. Make sure the the tag is evenly attached. If bubbles appear in the tag press gently to remove these bubbles. This tag has a transmitter installed init and if pressed hard, it can be damaged.

Following these steps you can easily install EZ tag to your cars.

How To Delete EZ Tag Of A Car?

Vehicles will be shown in the list of your EZ tag account but you can always deactivate your vehicles from the account, using the steps below:

  • Log in to your online EZ account.
  •  Click on the tab labelled “Users Preferences”. A window will open which will show the list of vehicles active on your EZ account. Select the vehicle you want to deactivate and click the button labelled as “Deactivate Vehicle”.
  • Another way to deactivate your car from EZ account is to contact the customer services center. Make sure you have the information about your car ready. This information includes license plate number, color, manufacturer name, model number etc.

The customer services will check if all the tolls are paid or not. If not paid they will deduct the amount from your account and deactivate the vehicle. After the deactivation process, remove the transponder from your vehicle.

How To Remove The EZ Transponder From A Car?

To remove the transponder is easy but requires great precautions so that the chip in the transponder  and the car windshield are not affected. Warmup the windshield from the opposite side to where the transponder is attached, and then remove the transponder carefully. It will come of easily without being affected retaining its stickiness.

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