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How To Apply Highlighter & Where To Apply Highlighter | Some Mistakes To Avoid

How To Apply Highlighter: Same as choosing your outfit, before you start your makeup you have to ask yourself, “What type of look I want?” or “What type of look I am in the mood for?” Some days you don’t want to put so heavy makeup layers but only glowy skin, and other days you may be thinking to Roll me around on a makeup palette and highlighter kit.

Regardless of the glow, you want for your skin, you must know there is a method to achieve it.

How To Apply Highlighter

If you are looking forward to getting your own glow, then you have come to the perfect place. Everyone, who loves makeup should learn “How to apply Highlighter” makeup on because it is very important to achieve a radiant makeup look.

In actuality, a touch of correctly placed highlighter can instantly help you to open up the look of your face, eyes, and to create symmetry. Womens having hooded eyes should follow complete makeup tutorial for Hooded Eyes.

How To Apply Highlighter

Some important and useful steps for applying highlighter are given below:

1st Step: Select right Shade of Highlighter

Same like the character of Thandie Newton’s on West-world, a majority of highlighters have at least gold undertones or a heart of gold. That’s is because warm shades of highlighters normally look glowy on many skin tones.

Shades of Highlighters

So, if you have a darker skin tone, then a highlighter with more red in it will pop on your skin. Similarly, if you have a medium to medium-dark skin tone, then corals, tangerines and peaches will look best on your skin.

Some girls want their highlighter to be seen from Google satellite maps then you must try a shade of violet, icy purple or white.

2nd Step: Apply Highlighter in C Shape

The highlighter doesn’t go in the same area as a blush on, it should sit little up. Martin is an ambassador for Honest and Dior beauty, she says “You want to do it above the apple of your cheek“.

Apply highlighter in C shape

Smile and then put your finger right on your cheekbone, that’s an apple of your cheek. Now, place your finger about 2mm above that – that is where you have to start your highlighter.

Apply, pat and then blend highlighter starting from there and moving outwards in the shape of alphabet “C”, following a path that goes from the high point of your cheekbone to your orbital bone and the side of your eye.

Applying Highlighter

Where to stop? Martin Advises “When you get the bottom of your brow“. The main goal is to draw light to those features of your face, and direct attention from the parts that tend to be more shadowy such as dark eye circles.

3rd Step: Highlight Cupid Bow of your Lip

Most highlighter goes on cheeks, but there are other parts also which you have to highlight.

Highlight Cupid Bow of your Lip

Apply and tap the little amount of highlighter on your upper lip known as cupid bow, to make it look more full.

4th Step: Apply highlighter on your Nose

You need to calm down when it comes to highlighting your nose, no one ever says that “I need a shinier nose”, but a little bit of highlighter can enhance the bones of your nose, and make it look slightly more angular. Remember do not dip your brush back into the highlighter for this step.

Apply highlighter on your Nose

You can use any color of highlighter you have left, just slightly drag it down the bridge of your nose and then tap a little bit at the tip for the perfect look.

5th Step: Using Lip Balm to Juice it up

So, if you are using stick or powder highlighter, then you can make it look creamy by using lip balm. For this, you just have to dab your fingers into the lip balm of any type but not liquid, and repeat step one to three.

Juice it up using Lip Balm

You can also skip this step if you are already using liquid or cream highlighter.

How to Apply Powder Highlighter

For applying powder highlighter makeup, you need to follow some simple steps given below:

1st Step: Face Primer

Before applying a highlighter or anything on your face, you need to prep and prime your skin. So, start with a good primer which you normally use. Using a makeup primer before starting your makeup can play a vital part to enhance your luminous look.

How to Apply Powder Highlighter

Before picking any other product, apply primer smoothly over your full face and neck. Makeup primer helps to give a subtle radiant glow to your skin and it also allows your makeup to last until the end of your day.

2nd Step: Applying Foundation

You must select a foundation with a luminous finish, to create an amazing luminous makeup look.

Apply Powder Highlighter

Use a suitable brush or beauty blender for blending your foundation to create a professional look.

3rd Step: Set Foundation with Powder

While doing makeup, it is best to remember a simple science rule, “Like Pole Attracts”. Now, what does this mean regarding makeup? Put powders together with other powders for best results.

Set Foundation with Powder

After applying foundation, you need to prepare for your powder highlighter by dusting your skin with a radiant finish, long-wear face powder

4th Step: Apply Blush-On & Bronzer

Your skin complexion needs some color, too! So, apply bronzer in a shape of “3” around the edges of your face.

Apply Blush-On & Bronzer

Then use peach or pink blush on the apples of your cheeks for a natural-looking rosy finish. No Flat Faces here.

5th Step: Applying Powder Highlighter

Now its the time for the sparkling star of the show. Select your powder highlighter of your own choice.

Applying Powder Highlighter

Then pick out a suitable fan brush for applying highlighter. You can also use that brush to dust the high areas of your face.

How to Apply Liquid Highlighter

Do not forget that radiating liquids are also an option while using highlighter makeup. You can follow these steps while applying liquid highlighter.

1st Step:  Applying Foundation

To even out your skin tone and to hide any imperfections such as marks, blemishes you need to use a good foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone.

After selecting a suitable foundation, dot that foundation on your forehead, nose, chin, and cheeks.

How to Apply Liquid Highlighter

Then, its time to blend. Blend out towards hairline and then down using a perfect blending brush or you can also use makeup blender. Remember, we don’t apply foundation to become fair or anything, we just apply it to hide any imperfections and to even your skin tone.

2nd Step: Contouring your Face & Applying Blush-On

Preferably than skipping to set with a powder, you need to work on defining and sculpting your face with concealer and a contour Kit.

Firstly, take a beauty blender then buff contour color on your temples, down the sides of your nose and most importantly below your cheekbones. Then blend it properly to make your face looks slim.

Apply Liquid Highlighter

Now take cream blush, apply on the apples of your cheeks and starts blending the blush starting at the mid of your cheeks and back toward your ears.

3rd Step: Applying Liquid Highlighter

Now its everyone’s favorite part of makeup, it is the Glow Time! Choose any liquid or cream highlighter makeup.

Applying liquid highlighter

Then dot the shiny product above the apples of your cheeks, on the inner corners of your eyes, down the bridge of your nose, and on your upper lips, exactly on your cupid’s bow. Now blend it out by simply dabbing your fingertips for a seamless glow on your face.

4th Step: Makeup Setting Spray

To keep your makeup consistent and long-lasting, set your makeup with a makeup setting spray instead of using face powder. Always spray the makeup setting spray in “X” and “T” motions for about 4-6 times to extend the duration of your look.

Applying Makeup setting spray

Bonus Tip: If you don’t think that your look is pretty much illumination enough? Then no need to worry! Next time, try to mix a few drops of the liquid illuminator in your foundation or base for all-over radiance.

Then apply extra highlighter on your cheekbones for the most glowing look.

7 Places on your Face to Apply Highlighter

Now that you know how to apply liquid and powder highlighter on your face, let’s move to the seven main areas to highlight on your face.

Where to apply highlighter

  • Highlight your nose bridge or tip of your nose.
  • Highlight under the arch of your brows.
  • You must highlight your upper lip, your cupid’s bow
  • Highlight mid of your chin
  • Apply highlighter above the arch of your brows
  • Highlight your cheekbones
  • Highlight your forehead from the center.

Different Styles of Highlighter

Different styles of highlighters are mentioned below which you can easily follow to achieve one look:

A Dewy Finish

A famous makeup artist Wendy Rowe says, for a healthy-looking and fresh complexion moisturized and well-hydrated skin is very important. To get a dewy finish, just mix one drop of a liquid illuminator with your moisturizer before applying it.

Different Styles of Highlighter

So, if you prefer some specific parts of your face to be dewy, then you can use your fingers to tap a shimmer-free highlighting product such as a lip balm onto the parts you want to pop, for instance, your brow bones or cheekbones.

A Shimmery Glow

If you have completed your makeup and you want some extra shimmer, then you can lightly dust your face with a cream-to-powder or powder shimmery product.

A Shimmery Glow Highlighter

Dust it under your brow bones and on your cheekbones. Then you can dust matte face powder over the center of your face, meanwhile let the rest of your face to shine where it should.

A Matte Highlight

If you don’t like shine and shimmer, but you still want your feature to standout then try to highlight with concealer instead. You can either use a matte concealer which should be two shades lighter than your skin tone or a contour palette. Then start applying it on the high points of your face with a stippling brush or a beauty blender.

A Matte Highlight

A famous makeup artist Mary Phillip recommends that, placing the concealer at the right place where the light would hit, for instance, a high-point of your cheeks, a center of your forehead and under your eyes.

This type of highlighting matches nicely with little contouring to bring the light towards the mid of your face.

Pro Tip: Must Avoid Highlighting these parts of Face

Moreover, Martin also has some words of cautions about which areas of your face don’t need a highlighter.

  • Martin Says “Do not highlight under your eyes, applying highlighter on your under the eye can actually highlight your dark circles“. This sounds like a living nightmare. if you will apply highlighter under your eye, where everyone normally applies concealer, you have gone too far.
  • Your temples also don’t need to be highlighted, skip them. Applying highlighter there can fortuitously make your face looks wider.
  • Don’t Highlight your chin also. “It is just weird,” Martin Says.

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