Motorists need to know all the conditions that can lead to serious trouble during driving even in smooth areas. Foggy windows is one such situation. it may not appear a serious situation but it sometimes results in some dangerous mishaps. Fog on car windows does not depend on the climate you are living in. Either the climate is warm or cold the fog on the windows can make it difficult and dangerous to drive, and it is necessary to learn “How to Avoid Foggy Car Windows?”.

How To Avoid Foggy Car Windows

Causes Of Foggy Windows

The temperature of the atmosphere and the moisture content in the air are the two main factors that results in foggy car windows. The modern cars are equipped with AC and heaters. When the temperature is very hot, the humidity increases i.e. moisture content is more in air.

While driving in these weather conditions, it has become a normal practice to turn on the AC. AC will decrease the temperature inside the car making the windows cold. The hot air outside the car will meet the cold windows, which will result in condensation and foggy windows. The same can be applied if the outside air is cold and you turn on the car heater. Furthermore, foggy windows usually result in rainy weather.


The causes of foggy windows may vary but the resulting problems are usually same: difficulty in driving and blur windows. If you are dealing with foggy windows of the car and have problem in driving, try to follow some of the cleaning methods to avoid foggy windows.

Methods To Avoid Foggy Windows

When the weather is cold the air has less moisture content in it. For these climates we warm our car’s inside temperature which results in foggy windows. To avoid it following precautions should be taken.

  • Keep Your Car Dry

Foggy windows result when the inside of your car is wet or moist. If you are cleaning your car from inside make sure it is properly dry. Do not enter the car with wet shoes or clothes especially in rainy weather conditions, and avoid putting the wet umbrellas in your car. It will only make your car window foggy, as the moisture will start building up inside your car.

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  • Windows Cleaning

An important way to to avoid foggy windows is proper cleaning of the car windows. If there are dirt particles on the windows it will make your windows moist and foggy. Remove the dirt from inside and outside of your car windows.

  • Anti Fog Coating

Anti fogging are the chemicals that will help you in preventing the fog on your windows.  These are available as sprays, wet wipes etc. It is advisable to use wet wipes after cleaning dirt from your windows to avoid fogging.


  • Avoid Use Of Cleaning Wipes

Cleaning wipes will just rag the windows they will not remove the moisture from your car, so do not use the cleaning wipe on fogged windows.

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  • Ventilate Smartly

Utilizing the car’s A/C and heater properly will enable you to drive fast. Your windshield and windows will probably not be misted up when you are driving the car.  When you turn on the car engine and air begins to blow on the cool windows, the window fog up. It can turn off the blower for a couple of minutes until the motor, which supplies it with warm, has warmed up.  The A/C expels extra moisture from the air when it is turned on but the A/C has a tendency to be less successful at low temperatures.

  • Seal The Car Doors And Windows

If you feel that your car windows or doors are not properly sealed, immediately consult your mechanic. Get the problem fixed as soon as it is possible. A little amount of air from outside when enters the car, it disturbs the inside car temperature, fogging up the windows.

  • Warm Up Your Vehicle Before Driving

It is a normal practice to start your car engine 5-0 minutes before starting your journey especially in cold weather. This helps to warm up the engine and the car making its operation smooth and avoid fogging on the windows. It is advisable to warm up your vehicle in open space so that you are not affected by the hydrocarbons that are burned when the engine turns on.

  • Maintaining The Moisture Inside The Car

Maintaining and cleaning your car is very important. It will help to improve the car performance and also avoid the foggy windows. For this purpose on warm sunny day open the windows and doors of the car and park your car in open space. In this way all the moisture inside your car will evaporate making your car dry and avoiding the foggy windows.

  • Using Dehumidifier In Your Car

Use good quality dehumidifiers in your cars to avoid mist building up.  But the important thing is to choose these dehumidifiers wisely. Choose those dehumidifiers that does not leak or leave stains in your car, damaging the car metallic parts.


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