When you feel love for someone affection will develop in your heart. It is very important part of any relationship. It shows the importance of love in your life. It is observed that children who receive affection are more efficient than those who have always seen the pain in their life. Another example is those relationships are long lasting which have affection in them.


Affection with Touch

Sometimes showing your affection by words could not satisfy your partner. Then you have to express your love through touching your partner.  You have to understand the comfort level of your partner. Because sometimes too much affection may cause distress for your relationship.


  • You have to be brave in taking measures regarding any relationship. You have to deal with your fears about another person. If you are worried about something you have to admit that you are afraid. This will be helpful for your relationship.
  • Discomfort: If you are not feeling easy about something regarding your partner you have to talk to your partner. But in discussing this issue you have to be affectionate and worried about it. do not talk like you are complaining about it. you should tell your partner to be tolerant. You have to show affection to your partner so that relationship may prolong.


  • Expert: You have to consult a specialist regarding your reluctance in your relationship to get rid of it. a specialist will help you to control your negative thoughts and emotions. If you are not feeling safe talking about it you may write to someone regarding your issues.
  • Be Physical: in your relationship, you have to be physical to convince your partner regarding your feelings and emotions about it. holding the hand of your partner or touching a should help you in your relationship. Sometime even a hug may be enough to show your affection for your partner. You should not hesitate in doing so because it is necessary for your relationship. You should sit with your partner and discuss your issues at dinner or even at watching TV together.
  • Verbal Affection: You have to show your affection verbally to your partner. You can say a sentence like “I love you” they would be nothing for you. But these three words would be all for your partner. These words would be a sense of hope and affection for your partner. Sometimes touching or hugging your partner would not work in a relationship. But when you say these three words your partner becomes satisfied with you.
  • Feet: You can roll your partner feet or even touching feet may be enough in showing affection to your partner. This may help in connecting to your partner physically and shows to your partner that you are there in the hour of need. You can just massage the feet of your partner. Because giving massage has many health benefits also. It relaxes the brain and your body. For all these reasons touching your partner feet would be enough. Sometimes your partner would enjoy it or demand it.
  • Be Funny: you should not always be serious with your partner. You have to enjoy relationship not take it as a burden or your duty which you have to perform. You should always be finding humor in your partner.  even a good smile would show your affection for your partner.

be funny

  • Say nice words. You can say nice words to your partner like sorry when you have done something wrong. You can say thank you when your partner has done something for you. Because it shows affection towards your partner.

say nice words

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