How To Be More Sociable And Make Friends? – Tips And Tricks

It seems difficult to be sociable if you are introvert and you often ask how to make friends if your shy? Here in article, “How To Be More Sociable And Make Friends? – Tips And Tricks” is discussed in detail, how to make good friends in your area, school, college or online. Also, some tips are given to answer how to be more sociable and how to make friends?

 How To Be More Social

By nature, human being is social. We can’t think of spending the life alone. Friendship has a huge effect on our lives. In the traumatic situation, friends relieve stress, prevent loneliness and isolation, provide comfort and joy, etc. A person, whole of his life, tend to make connections and new friends. There is no age limit to make new friends.

If you are shy or suffering from social phobia, making quality connections can be really hard for you. Also if you are tired of struggling to make connections and lost your hope, remember, it is never too late, you just need a guideline. This article provides you some tips and trick to be more sociable, so read the complete article.

  • Realize Your Fear


In order to make new friends, the first step is to generate a healthy positive image of meeting new people. Most of us take it as a horrifying event to meet new people. This is because we emphasize on making a good impression, we have different thoughts which make us nervous such as whether the other people will like us, how will we keep the conversation going, and so on.

In reality, all the fears are in your head. We should realize that 99% of the people are too busy being concerned about themselves. While you’re worried about the notion you make, they are worried about the impression they will make. So don’t fear to meet new people.

  • Start Little With People You Know

Start Little With People

Socializing can be difficult if you have not been involved in it for a long time. So you can lower the hurdles of the task by beginning with your circle of friends. If you have friends with whom you lost touch with over time, you can drop a friendly message, Ask for a meet up when they are free. See if there are chances to reconnect.

You should tend to know your friends’ friends. For this purpose, you can join them in some parties or ask your friend to introduce them. If you are affluent with your friends, it is a great opportunity that as you will be alright with their friends too. In this respect, you have to come out of your inner zone and reach the people.

  • Interact Through Social Networks

Interact by Social Networks

Social media is a blessing for those people who live far away. Share your thought and publications that you like, keep a regular interaction with other contacts. The great advantage of these communication channels is that you can maintain a link with people who are not near you. You can connect to new people easily through these channels.

  • Participate In After Work Activities

Participate In Activities

Your workplace is the best environment for socialization. If you are invited to any after work activity, instead of making excuses to constantly evade them, change your attitude thinking by attending these plans. From now on, when you are invited to a new plan, you can say: “Of course”.

  • Organize A Party

Do not wait for the suggestions of plans made by other people. Party is the best source to invite those people with whom you have a good friendship and, also, other acquaintances with whom you would like to strengthen the bond.

Organize Party

 Just like that, attend those parties to which they invite you. You can also deliver a personalized greeting card.

Be Open-Minded

We have a preset notion of the type of friend we want. We seek a friend who is understanding, has the same hobbies, listens, watches the same movies, has a similar educational background, etc.


But when we meet the person and realize that he/she differs from our expectations, we then close ourselves off. It is recommended to immediately stop doing it. Be open-minded and don’t judge people.

  • Get To Know About Other Person

Get To Know About Other

In a friendship, you try to know about other to make them comfortable. Given below are some questions to be considered

  • What does he/she do?
  • What has he/she been up to recently?
  • What are his/her hobbies?
  • What are his/her values?
  • What are his/her upcoming priorities/goals?
  • What motivates/drives him/her?
  • What does he/she value the most?
  • What are his/her passions in life? Goals? Dreams?

Dress Well

well dress

Your outer appearance may not be the best way to attract people, but it can help. Always tend to send other people great body language. Be unique by being true to yourself. Smell nice, brush your teeth and smile as much as you can,take a shower once a day. Tapping feet, crossed arms, sighing and rolling eyes are all signs of exasperation, boredom, and disappointment.

Always Give Compliments

In your office or in parties, try to give good compliments for their dressing or doing nice work. If you are disputing with someone about something silly, try to get out of arguments. Never say foul or offensive things to people.

Give Compliments

 While sitting in a group, avoid sensitive subjects like politics and religion, because people get hurt easily talking about them. No matter what they think or say, respect everyone, in a result, they will treat you the same.

Note: This article is merely informative. In case, you feel that your stress is leading you towards serious psychological problems such as intense depression and you can’t overcome it alone, then it recommended to seek the advice of professionals. You can go to the Psychiatrist if you found that these tips are not working for you anymore. 

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