You get tired from the telemarketing or harassing calls, now looking for the way to block such calls on a landline. Don’t worry, here is this article we will explore various ways about how to block a number on the landline.

Telemarketing and harassing calls from unknown people are the two main and basic reasons that let a person, searching about the blocking number process on a landline. There are many ways that you can try to get rid of such calls.

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Call blocking feature is offered by all the telephone service providers, that allows the users to block the unwanted calls. This method should be your first choice, but there are few other ways, through which you can block the unwanted or unknown numbers.

How To Block A Number On A Landline

Some features such as call rejection or call blocker are offered by the landline service providers. Using these features you will be able to block certain numbers. You can also block the number that you don’t remember through blocking last call option.

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Once you blocked a number, you will not receive the ringing bell of that number. While caller will receive the voice message that the receiver is not currently accepting the call. There is also an option through that you can unblock the number later.

Below are the ways through that you can block the number on a landline.

#1- Blocking Specific Numbers on a Landline

Step-1: First you need to call your telephone service provider and ask for the blocking feature. Request to activate it this feature in your landline number.

Step-2: Now dial *60, listen for the recorded voice and confirm that blocking feature is enabled. If not, then follow the instruction and turned it on. In most phone providers, you activate it by pressing 3.

Step-3: Once the Blocking feature is enabled, now follow the instruction and add phone that you want to block. Enter the area code and phone number that you want to block, then press #. Repeat this until you added all the unwanted numbers.  There is a limit of 6-12 phone numbers in a few phone service providers.

Step-4: Once done with the blocking call list, end the automated call. Now you will not receive any calls from blocked list numbers.

#2- Blocking Anonymous Calls on a Landline

Step-1: First dial the *77, this will activate the anonymous call blocking feature on your landline number. But remember that this feature is only available for the user who has caller ID.

#3- National Do Not Call Registry

Step-1: First type in the browser and press the enter button.

Step-2: Now click on the Register a Phone Number option.

Step-3: Enter your landline number and register it. Also, provide your email, so that approve the request.

Step-4: Open your email account that you enter in the step-3. Confirm the mail received from the website. This will block calls from telemarketing.

How To Unblock A Number On A Landline?

There is also an option of unblocking a number that almost every phone service providers offer. If you have changed your mind and decide to remove the number that once you have added in the block list, you can remove it from the blocking list.

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Below is the list of ways that will lead to empty the block number list:

#1- Unblocking Specific Numbers on a Landline

It is also possible to unblock the number that you have added to the block list. You just need to dial *60 and follow the instruction. Correspond to the automated call and press the button to delete the number the from the list.

#2- Unblocking Anonymous Calls on a Landline

Well, you can also deactivate the blocking anonymous calls feature. You need to press *87 at dial tone, you will receive the confirmation message.

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