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How To Break A Fast Food Addiction?

Time to time, many of us do overeating, but some will go on to develop the addiction to food. A few years ago, the idea of food addiction was laughable and many people thought that addiction is only about drugs and alcohol. But now the condition of food addiction is characterized by its sufferer consuming vast quantities of food while he feels powerless to stop, just like other addictions, the persons’ behavior is not in control. They feel very guilty and depressed.

If you are a fast food addict and you want to get rid of this then you are in the right place. Tryarticles is going to give you some awesome and very easy methods which help you to kick the habit of eating fast food very often and you will no longer be a fast food addict.How to break a fast food addiction

Why Does Fast Food Make Us Feel Better?

For the better understanding that how we can perform this task it’s very important to find that what is the science behind this addiction.

The answer is very simple, these fast foods are rich in sugar, fat, and salt. They stimulate the brain and brain start to secrete “dopamine” or “serotonin” which are neurotransmitters responsible to feed us good and happy.

By the time our brain starts to develop toleration towards the dopamine. This means that even greater quantity of food is now required to achieve the factor of happiness.

Following are the things you have to do for fast food addiction.

Things To Do For Breaking Fast Food Addiction

Food addiction

Write Down Your Issues

The first thing that you have to do is to write food addiction issues. When you see them written they will seem to you more real.

You also have to write that how often you are eating fast food, your feelings about fast food and how difficult it will be for you to give it up. You can rate your feeling from 1 to 5 (1 mean weak and 5 means immensely strong).

Write down all types of foods to which you are addicted. Is it only fast food? Or there is also other junk food like candy, chips or soda etc?

Pack Healthy Meals In A Box

If you will have a healthy meal or snack available with you, then it’s a great way to reduce your fast food addiction. Instead of going out to eat, you already have your own lunch box with some healthy things like fruits or carrots.

You can also take some nuts with you in your car, briefcase or purse. So whenever you feel hungry take them out and enjoy it. Usually, when you are hungry, you are likely to make bad food choices.

Fruits and vegetable
Source: Carleton. ca
Try to avoid all soda including diet soda. Diet soda may make up your body to feel hungry even when you don’t need food.

Write All The Benefits You Will Have After Eliminating Fast Food

Take a paper and write that what will be the advantages of eliminating fast food and put that paper in your purse. Positive thought or the advantages may be weight loss, saving money, more energy, and better health. They will help you to stick with your goal.

Advantages of eliminating fast food

Build A Support Group

A change in your diet is a very difficult task especially when it is food addiction. Having a group of friends to motivate you would be very fruitful in difficult changes. You can ask your family members, friends, class fellows or coworkers to support your positive changes. You can look for the people who are willing to give up his fast food habit with you.

Talk To A Dietitian And Therapist

These health and nutritional experts will help you to teach the skills to overcome your fast food habits. They will help you to plan a healthier meal and take you out from the darkness of emotional eating issues.

Drive A Different Route

If you have your favorite fast shops restaurants or seller on your daily route then try having a different route to your destination. If you can’t do it then stick a note in your car that you can do it which helps you to focus on your goal.

Say no to fast food

Recreate Your Fast Food At Home

Research your favorite’s recipes. You can Google for ’’fast-food swaps’’ to find healthier alternatives for your favorite fast food option like you can fry your fries at home.

Reduce the fast food addiction

Go For Grilling Rather Than Fried

Fried food contains more calories and fat as compared to grilled items. So, go for a grilled chicken sandwich or nuggets rather than fried chicken.

Avoid Super-Size Or Combo Meals

If you will get a combination of a meal –fries sandwich and drink, then the calorie count will be high. Just purchase a sandwich for a lower calorie count.

Eat Protein With Meal

Protein helps to balance blood sugar level. Make sure you have some healthy proteins with each meal as eggs, baked beans on toast, yogurt, nuts, fruits smoothie, salmon, and tuna.

Eat protein with meal

Make Healthier Choices At Restaurants

Nowadays many restaurants have their menus enlisted online with nutrient contents for each dish. If you have a plan to visit a restaurant then you can check the menu for a healthier option.

Most restaurants are individual flexible. You can ask there for your chicken to be grilled instead of fried one or you can also have a salad to be served with dressing on the side.

Whatever You Do, Do Something!

Food addiction is a problem that will not solve on its own. Unless you include your efforts otherwise it will get worse over time and maybe it gets succeeded in ruining your life. So, please do something.

The above mention steps are very easy and can help you in your addiction with fast food. If you want to read similar articles like “How to break fast food addiction?” then you should browse to our mental health category. Moreover, please give us your feedback in the comment section below.


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