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How To Camp In The Summer?

Camping in hot summer days maybe not a good idea for some people but for die-hard fans of camping they may find it enjoyable to do camping in the cool summer nights and prove that it’s the best time for camping and relaxing in the lap of nature. By keeping in view some tricks everyone can enjoy camping in summer. Camping is one of the best activities.

How To Camp In The Summer

You can go on camping along with your friends to your desired destination. Camping allows you to discover a lot. You can go on camping to various places like some might enjoy their camp beside the ocean, some might love the bonfire in the jungle and so on. Camping is a healthy activity and you can see the night view of nature in complete depth if you are camping on a hill station.

Choose The Right Campsite

During summer, the nights are cool and breezy and people feel comfortable in nights of summer but the temperature in the day is so high that everyone feels uncomfortable in hot atmosphere.

To get relief from the hot sunny day choose campsite who has a cluster of trees so it will prevent you from the sun directly and provides shade with colder wind than the other parts where trees are not in numerous number and the sun hits the head directly which can be a possible cause of heat stroke.


Also, it’s best to camp near a river or a lake so that you can shake off the heat with the swim. The temperature near the river or lakes is quite cool than that of near the land. Moreover, must check whether the place is infested with ant hills or not because camping anywhere near anthills can become a nightmare as they can attack both you and your food.

Avoid camping in places containing depression because in such area with one spell of a rain you would wake up in a puddle. So make sure that your campsite is perfect for all necessary requirements especially in summer.

Always Include A First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is one of the most essential parts when you are going camping and if you have kids with than its must to carry a first aid kit. When kids are along with you then obviously it becomes indispensable. Keep all the essential things in the first aid but since it is summer, you must need some extra things too.

You must carry insect repellant for flies and mosquitoes. Also, keep some immobilization bandages in case someone gets bitten by a snake or mouse spider.


These are the most essential thing you must carry in your first aid when you are camping in summer and the most important thing you must carry is plenty of water with you because in summer, especially kids get dehydrated so it’s necessary that water must be always available for you.

There are many places where it is difficult to find water and if you do not have much water with you the survival would be very tough similarly you should also carry some eatables with you.

Pack The Right Gear

Plastic dishes and cutlery, spoons, forks, knives, dishpan, bucket, rope,  cord, waterproof matches, flashlight, and lanterns should be an indispensable part of your gear while you are going for camping.

Also, carry a small stove and enough fuel which may last at the end day of your camping! Some people also carry plastic sheets with them in their gear this puts an extra color to the already colored surroundings.

Comfort zone

Before packing a gear you must make the list of all necessary items because this will help you to not forget anything at home and you will carry each and everything which is necessary for camping. Then as you start, the packing keep ticking the items that you have packed. In this way, no essential thing would be left.

It is very important for you to remember and enlist all the important essentials which you feel that you will be in need of on your camping tour, so be very particular about it.


You must pay equal attention to the tent you buy for summer camping, The type of tent is the most important thing, you must buy a particularly high-quality tent with sunproof sealant. You should always keep your tent covered so if you are not using it you can pack it.

Always pitch your tent in the shade so when you sit in it you feel cool and comfortable. You can also opt for an open-air hammock.

The tent will be your major comfort zone, keep in mind that you have checked the tent when you are getting it that whether it is fine or damaged as you might see rainfall and a lot more things, so make sure that your tent is comfortable, big enough, and perfect for you.

Stay Cool

For summer camping you must make sure that the clothes which you pack are of light color because the dark colors absorb heat and you feel more uncomfortable in them and in light colored clothes you feel comfortable as white color emits light.

You must wear the light colored clothes with loose fitting and moisture wicking. Also, pack a hat or bandanna and of course don’t forget to pack open sandals.


Water, water, and some more water. Yeah, water is one of the most essential parts when you are camping in summer. You must carry plenty of water with you and keep hydrated all the time. You must carry a portable filter along with you so even in emergencies you carry a plenty of water.

In summer, especially kids get dehydrated so it’s necessary that water must be always available for you. You must carry a small fan with you. You can also have fans which can be charged by your smartphones or just buy a solar power adapter which can power at least a small fan.

These were all the techniques and things to remember when you plan a summer camping tour.

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