How To Cancel Twitch Prime? Twitch Prime is the premium subscription of Amazon. It brings you a number of free features and services like streaming premium videos and Ads-free viewing experience. Twitch Prime is an extended version of Amazon Prime.

Twitch Prime Free Trial

If you have a trial version of Twitch account and you want to unsubscribe your premium subscription. You can follow these simple steps to cancel your Twitch Prime Account.

How To Cancel Twitch Prime?

By unliking your Twitch account from Amazon Prime. You can end your Twitch Prime Free Trial Subscription. But still, you will be able to receive your premium services until the end of this subscription.

Step# 1

Visit Amazon official website at Sign in to your account using your email and password. Make sure to use the same login details which are associated with your Twitch account.

Step# 2

After you log in to your Amazon account. Navigate to the menu bar and hover over the Accounts & Lists section.

Step# 3

In the accounts and lists section select the Twitch account setting option. A complete set of options will available here.

Step# 4

Just scroll down to the bottom of twitch account setting. There will be an option of, unlike account. Just click that button and a confirmation box will popup. Confirm to, unlike your twitch account.

After you complete the procedure. All the prime benefits you receive will be canceled from your twitch account. Until your current subscription is expired you can use Twitch prime without any problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some really useful questions you might want to ask about Twitch Prime Account.

Question# 1: How to get Twitch Prime Account for free?

Answer:  If you want to get a free Twitch account you need to have an Amazon Prime account first. With Amazon Prime account you just have to connect your account with twitch account and you can get all the premium services for free.

But if you don’t have an Amazon Prime account you can only get a 30 days free trial. After your trial is over you can choose to whether continue with the Amazon Prime or you just want to cancel it.

Question# 2: How to Get a Twitch Prime Subscriptions For Free?

Answer: To get a Twitch Prime free subscription you must have an Amazon Prime account. Just login to your amazon prime. Click the subscription button on the right upper corner.  A little drop-down menu will appear.

Just click the option of “Start your free trial”. Then move on to the next page and select “Try Twitch Prime”. After that select your country and then complete the subscription procedure.

Question# 3: How to Toggle the Twitch Prime Subscription Notifications?

Answer: Login to your Twitch Prime account. Just under the Twitch setting tab, check the notification option that will enable the notifications. Then click the save changes option.

Question# 4: Are Amazon Prime and Twitch Prime Different?

Answer: Technically both programs are different. But if you subscribe for Amazon Prime you get the free subscription for Twitch Prime. One can also define as Twitch prime comes under the umbrella of Amazon prime.

Question# 5: How to Renew Your Free Twitch Subscription?

Answer: Once your Twitch subscription is over it will not automatically renew. You have to manually resubscribe for your free Twitch account. The subscription method is identical.

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