How to Change Default Google account– Gmail account is a free service by Google. Google provides multiple Gmail accounts feature. Many people have multiple Gmail accounts these days, one for the office work while others for personal use. Maybe they have more than two accounts.

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It is difficult to manage multiple Gmail accounts on a single device. To resolve this issue Google provides a feature of “Default account” setting. Through which you can easily switch among different accounts. Here you will find an easy guideline with images about “How to Change Default Google Account“.

How to Change Default Google Account

Gmail account is one of the best services of Google, which is used everywhere. Gmail account is very useful in business, due to its various features making it easy to organize emails. Gmail account makes it easy for people to get in touch with their client and also save the conversation for the future.

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A new job changes the work priorities which indirectly means a specific account will become the top priority. For that, you will need to make one account as the default account.

It is easy to make an account a “default account”. For that, you need to remember all the accounts login credentials in order to get through this process smoothly.

How To Change Default Google Account on Chrome on PC

Multiple accounts might create a mess and it is difficult to switch accounts. This feature provided by Google makes it easy and simple for us. Now you can view the content of other accounts while one is logged in. But you can’t access some content of other accounts such as google drive etc.

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Follow the below steps to make a default account in Google Chrome on your PC:

Step-> 1

Visit or on your browser. At the top right corner, click on your profile picture or icon.

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Step-> 2

A Drop-down list will appear, click on the sign-out option, located at the bottom of the section. Also, sign-out from all other accounts if you are signed in.

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Step-> 3

Sign-in into an account which you want to make your default account. After that, sign-out from the account and login-in to another account.

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Step-> 4

To check that your desired account is set as the default account, you need to click on the profile picture or icon which is located at the top right corner. A drop-down list will appear with multiple accounts listed, in parenthesis “Default” will be mentioned with that account you set.

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Step-> 5

To change the account, want to make the other google account as default, just follow the above steps.

How To Change Default Google Account on Android Phone

You have to provide your Gmail account when you set up for the first time your android phone. After that, you will be able to access Google services such as Play Store, etc.

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You can also set a default account on android phone but for that, you need to make sure the below things:

  • Changing account may delete your contacts and data related to the primary account. So make sure you have done back-up important information.
  • Make sure that the account which you want to make default account is listed in the Settings> Account> Google.

Now you have to follow the below-mentioned steps in order to set a default account”

Step.1: You have to go to Phone settings and then tap Google settings.

Step.2: Go to Search now > Accounts & privacy.

Step.3: Tap the Google account option, at the top of the list. Select the account which you want to appear as the Default account.

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