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How To Choose What To Read Next? – A Complete Guide

Writing is the one unique way to express your thoughts or whatever you are feeling or facing in a very convenient way. You can deliver your message and the moral of the story very properly and in a completely professional way. There are many genres of writing, whichever you choose just make sure you give your best, talking about the mystery genre it is similar to horror but you need to focus a lot on the suspense and climax and a perfect ending will make it a record-breaking story.

What read next

Similar to writing, if you are not a writer then you must be a good reader. Reading habits are very good and one can learn a lot of things if he is a reader. Readers are of various kinds, as there are many genres some people love to read mystery stories some might like horror stories, some may like the comedy genre, some may like the autobiographies. Readers usually know what to read first but if you are facing difficulty in what to read next ? Then in this TryArticles article, we will help you with it.

Step 1

  • The first step once you are done with the previous book you were reading is that when you have completed it, it may take some time, do take recommendations from the fellow readers around you on what to read next.
  • Ask your friends and family members what to read next, especially those who are unrepentant bookworms. They know you and your reading habits, so they’ll know what’s the best book for you and they will surely recommend the best.
  • Librarians are not there only to show you around the place, they are actually giant book-lovers themselves. Go to your local library which you visit more often and ask the librarian that seems close to your age or style, they are dying to gush about their favorites, so that you can read the best. The same goes for language and literature teachers. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask, since they’ll probably feel flattered by your trust.
  • Take a look at book blogs more often. In this day and age, there are thousands of them, you’ll be able to find the one that most matches your tastes from the other blogs they follow, their general aesthetics and their lists of favorites. There are plenty of well-designed literature blogs that offer cool flowcharts and newsletters to help their audience choose what to read next.
  • If you’re devoted to books, you’ll probably have a favorite publishing house. There are plenty of specialist publishers in your area you can discover, for instance, Virago Press and Persephone Books focus on women writers. Check out their catalog and subscribe to their newsletter to stay up to date and you will get the latest information about the books.
  • Don’t forget literary magazines, like the New Yorker, Ploughshares or The Paris Review. While usually more artsy and high-brow, they always publish and review truly excellent stories which you might like a lot and you can get to know about few new good books as well.
  • Go to an independent bookstore rather than a big chain. Sure, they might not have everything, but they’ll have curated a selection with care. Ask whoever’s there for their favorites if you feel a similar vibe. You might have found your literary soulmate which you will love a lot. Sometimes you get big things in small places that’s why do visit the normal bookstores nearby.
  • You can get to know on what to read next and what are the famous novels or stories going popular by means of social media, you can join various pages on the internet which will give you the latest update about the new books or novels and maybe you find them very interesting to read.

Step 2

Is it purely for entertainment, to be swept away by epic stories and emotions, to keep up with the Art Scene? Or you genuinely need to get close to what the novelist is saying and you really want to go in depth, it completely depends on you.

No matter why you are reading it for, the best idea to pick up a book to read is to visit the list of the best sellers of the year. You will be amazed to see the giant list of the books which you would definitely love to read, obviously you would not like to read every single book but there is a very heavy chance that you may get a very amazing book of your specific genre and you love it, so it is another good way to choose a book by viewing the list of the best sellers.

There are also a lot of literary awards, most of them for particular genres. There is the Nobel Prize in Literature and the Man Booker International Prize, of course, but also the Newbery and Carnegie Medals for children’s literature, the Crime Writers’ Association awards for mystery, the RITA for romance, the Hugo, Nebula, and Locus for sci-fi and fantasy, and so on.


On the other hand another amazing this is that you go out of the box, pick an amazing genre for you something different if you are a sci-fi lover? Try to explore the mystery genre, if you like horror? Try to go for the wild romance. It is very important to switch your taste just for a good change and trust me it is always worthy.

Step 3

Well you can also choose a book by a fool considered method i.e. Judge a book by its cover, I mean do judge a book by its cover, yeah it sounds funny but who cares if you like the cover and you actually found it an amazing book to read, then you will definitely not regret your decision.


Step 4

If you have read many books and now you want something different something new then you can do a few things to choose the book for yourself.

  • Go to your to Read pile and pick the one on top. Or the one buried at the bottom. Just like that.
  • Did you see a good movie recently? It’s likely an adaptation from a literary work. Look for the original text and dive in.
  • Go to a bookstore and read the first page of the books that catch your eye. You’ll get a sense of the theme and writing style.
  • Choose what to read according to the season. There are plenty of “beach reads” sections in stores, as well as Christmas or Halloween anthologies. However, it can be more abstract. Take a look at when and where is the book set and decide accordingly. A tip – crime novels are especially good in the fall.
  • Write titles on scraps of paper and put them in a jar. Choose one blindly, as if you were planning a Secret Santa. There you have it.

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