How to Clean Beauty Blender: The standard makeup sponges are mostly disposable, but the other blending sponges and the Pink egg-like sponge called “Beauty Blender” are specially manufactured and meant for long term usage.

Everyone, who loves makeup needs to clean their brushes and beauty blenders regularly, to remove harmful bacteria and stains from them.

How to Clean Beauty Blender

If you have seen the little colorful egg-like sponges everywhere especially on makeup pages, it is for a good purpose.

Beautyblender Sponges are brilliant for applying foundation. Many people (Including me!) Love them because they are very easy to use. Using them while doing makeup is great fun and actually, they do a great job with blending everything in. The best part of beauty blenders is that they are reusable, so that is less waste of money.

But except if you are ok with breakouts, it means taking good care of your beauty blenders and cleaning them on a daily basis. Aim for at least once in a week, but the truth to be told, I clean my beauty blender after every application. Yes, it is a lot to ask, but otherwise, I break out.

So if you find difficulty while cleaning your “beauty blender” then you can read this article, we are discussing “How to Clean Beauty Blender” in this Guide.


You can buy the beauty blender starter kit that came with a Blendercleanser. It is a gentle soy-based formula that will not destroy the sponge, although it removes oil, pigments, and dirt from the beauty blender.

Blender cleanser has a mild lavender scent that doesn’t linger on the beauty Blender after it dries. Moreover, it is also low seducing, that is important because rinsing the detergent out of the blender is quite a tough job.

You can use this cleanser to clean your other makeup brushes and sponges also, it works very well. However, this cleanser comes with a heavy price tag, so when it runs out, you must have another plan also.

Importance of Clean a Beauty Blender

We recommend you to clean your blender after every use. This will keep your blender and your face both in a first-class condition. Furthermore, all the makeup tools are capable of Harboring oils and bacterias.Importance of Clean a Beauty Blender

A dirty blender or makeup brush can cause skin irritations, breakouts, bad application, and even skin rashes. Dirt can also damage brushes and blenders, so for a fresh and neat look, you have to use one of the beauty Blender cleansers. You must search for the best beauty cleanser before you buy them.

DIY Makeup Cleanser

You do not actually require more than a mild shampoo or a dish soap to clean your beauty blender. You must avoid harsh cleaning agents like bleach or bar soap.

You can also use facial cleanser or toner, I have heard that they also work well, but if you use a costly toner than you might not want to waste it in that way. But in any case, the main point is to get the blender completely rinsed and clean. Moreover, you must get every last sud out of the blender before letting it dry.

Steps to clean your Beauty Blender

Mentioned below are some steps which you can easily follow to clean your beauty blender:

  • Firstly you have to slightly damp the beauty blender. You do not need to soak it fully in the water, but the beauty blender must be moist enough to absorb all the soap.
  • Secondly, dab little amount of Blender cleanser or a face cleanser on the stained areas of your beauty blender.
  • Now massage the detergent or mild soap on the stained areas, wringing and pressing it well. You must use your fingertips to rub the soap on the stained part of the beauty blender.

  • Now start to rinse the blender with tap water. Squeeze and rub the sponge continuously to remove all the stains. Keep washing it until all the water runs clean and clear with no suds.  With sudsy shampoo and dish soap, this process may take a while but the end results are amazing.
  • Finally, you have to gently roll the Beauty Blender in a soft and clean towel to remove all the moisture. Then lay it on a flat surface to dry it.

Sterilize The Sponge Monthly

Even if you wash your sponge on a monthly and weekly basis, you should still sterilize it at least once in a month by using heat. To sterilize your beauty blender is equally important if you use it daily.

Normal cleaning of a blender only removes dirt and surface bacteria, but the only method to get rid of bacteria laying deeper in the blender is by killing them with a little amount of intense heat.

You might need to sterilize the blender more than once in a month but if you keenly notice the bacteria builds up more rapidly. Furthermore, the signs of intense bacteria build-up may include uncharacteristic rashes, acne, foul smell from the blender and irritation on the skin.

How To Clean Beauty Blender in Microwave

Most importantly, you will still need to perform the basic cleaning process after sterilizing the blender. Sterilization will only kill harmful bacteria from a sponge, it will not remove any makeup stain or foundation stains.

  • Place the sponge in a small container of water. Now fill a microwave-safe small container with roughly 2.5 cm (1 inch) of water. Now lay the blender down in the middle of the container with water.
  • Furthermore, you must put the blender into the water. Do not microwave fully dry beauty blender since doing that could damage the material of sponge and it can also cause the blender to catch fire.

How to Clean Beauty Blender in Microwave

  • Now microwave the Beauty Blender for 30 seconds. Now place the uncovered container in your microwave oven and run the appliance for 30 seconds.
  • Carefully, keep an eye on the beauty blender as you microwave it. Do not be afraid of small trails of smoke develop or the blender expands slightly. You have to stop the microwave oven immediately if heavy smoke starts to appear or if it expands more than its full size.
  • Now let is rest. You have to wait 1 or 2 minutes before removing the container from the microwave oven and taking out the blender from the water.
  • The beauty blender will likely be very hot once the microwave cycle ends. The waiting period is especially for your own protection. Although, you can actually handle the sponge as soon as it is cold enough to touch.
  • Now dry the sponge by gently roll it in a dry and clean paper towel. Then let it sit out at normal room temperature for drying.

If you are planning to perform a basic cleaning routine on a beauty blender after sterilizing it with heat, you can do so immediately after taking it out of the microwave oven. Moreover, you do not need to dry the blender first.

You must check whether the beauty blender is completely dried or not before using it to apply any makeup. You can Shop beauty blender makeup sponges at Sephora. Find complexion-perfecting sponges to achieve the perfect level of coverage.

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