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How To Clean Dog Ears? Simple Way To Clean Your Dog Ear At Home

Ear cleaning is very important for your dog and it is an essential part of a dog’s grooming. You need to clean your dog-ear regularly, through it the chances of ear infection is reduced. Being a pet owner you should know how to clean dog ears.

Some dogs need frequent ear cleaning such as a dog who is infected by the ear infection. If your dog regularly visits a groomer, then sure there your dog ear will be cleaned, but it’s better to verify from the groomer.

ear cleaning

Regular cleaning will keep your dog away from the ear infection.

Tools You Can Use to Clean Dog’s Ears

You should choose the best supplies while cleaning your dog’s ear. It is important to use the right tools, maybe wrong supplies cause damages.

dog ear cleaner

Below is a list of few safe things that you can try.

1- Ear cleanser

Your first choice should be the veterinarian prescribed cleaning solutions. Never use products that contain hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. They can damage your dog’s ear, so avoid such things. If you are not sure what to do, you can get help from the professional dog groomer.

2- A towel

Using a towel is the best option for cleaning a dog’s ear. It is recommended for having potential messes if your dog is sensitive to head-shaking when something gets inside his ear.

3- Tweezers

It is recommended to use tweezers if your dog has a lot of hairs inside the ear.

4- Cotton balls or pads

The cotton balls is another best option for cleaning a dog’s ear, but with it, you need to be careful. You can cause serious hearing damage, It is recommended that use this to clean the outer ear ridges, never try to insert in the ear canal.

5- Treats

Treats is very important, as you have to reward with treat your dog’s once you have cleaned ear.

How Often Should I Clean My Dog’s Ears?

Well, the answer to this question might depend on your dog. It is important to clean your dog’s ear but maybe over cleaning cause injury in the ear canal and that will lead to an ear infection. Dog’s that is healthy and ears are cleaned, didn’t need regular ear cleaning.

how to clean ears

You have to check your dog regularly if you notice something like discharge or odor, then you need to clean the dog’s ear. Maybe it will be better to consult with the vet and he can suggest you in a much better way.

How to Clean Dog Ears at Home

The very first option should be to get your pet to the vet or a professional groomer if you are nervous or didn’t know how to clean dog ear. This may be expensive if your dog needs frequent ear cleaning. You can try it yourself it is not that difficult.

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You need to choose the right tools while cleaning dog ears, it is so easy and simple to clean a dog’s ear at home. Once you need to visit the vet and learn how to clean dog ear, after that you can try at home. Follow the below steps in order to clean your dog ears.

  1. To clean the ear, you need a vet recommended cleaner solution and cotton balls. You can buy an ear cleaner solution from the online store. Make sure the solution you choose is safe and gentle.
  2. After getting your dog to sit, you should reward him with the treats and allow him to check out the ear cleaner solution.
  3. Now you have put that cleaner solution in his ear, for that you need to hold the ear flap and insert solution in the ear canal.
  4. Start massaging the base of the ear gently with your fingers for about 15-20 minutes.
  5. Leave the ear and let your dog shake head, but hold a towel around his head to avoid spreading solution all over.
  6. Get the cotton ball and wrapped around your index finger and smoothly wipe the visible part of the ear.
  7. Reward your dog with the treats, repeat the same steps while cleaning the other ear.

How to Clean Dog Ears With Vinegar

You will find various kinds of ear cleaner solutions but all of them are not safe, it is important to use a cleaning solution after the vet recommendation. You can also use Vinegar to clean the dog’s ear, it is also not expensive and available at home.

cleaning dogs ears

You have to use a half cup of vinegar and mix it well with the half cup of water. Few vets recommended that use 10 percent solution. Because too strong solution will cause allergies and ear mites. Use the solution and follow the above steps. Never save it for next time, use it for once.

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