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Merge Different PDF files into One Single PDF File on Mac [Easy Guide]

How to combine PDF files mac – There are many kinds of documents format which are commonly used today. But PDF file format among them is the most efficient and flexible file format, it has various advantages over some traditional file formats and that’s the reason for its popularity. So if you are facing issue regarding combining PDF files on Mac, then continue reading this article.

how to combine pdf files

Use of PDF files is common these days, as it is used in the type of things such as invoices, office memos, banking, and credit card statements, e-books, business quotations, downloadable documents from web services and many more.

How to Combine PDF Files on Mac

Academics tend to work with lots of PDFs files. We read articles in PDF format, students submit their assignments in PDF form and of course, in offices, all documents are stored in soft form as PDF documents.

combine pdfs

Depending on the field of work maybe sometimes you need to compile together a bundle of text resources in a single document or file. One way to manage all the files into a single file is manually copy and paste the data. But through this method, it will take a lot of time, especially if there isn’t a real need to make the final result perfectly neat.

The second method is to use some sort of application on Mac and combine all files into a single file or document. There are various methods and applications which can help us in this matter. Few of them are listed and briefly explained below:

Use Preview to combine PDFs on your Mac

Preview is a default feature or application provided by Apple on modern Mac, which is used for various file formats such as images, graphics, and PDFs. Through this default application, you merge one or multiple PDF files.

merge pdfs

Combine two PDF Files

Follow these steps to combine two PDF files:

  • Open the PDF file format in Preview.
  • At the top-left of your screen, Choose the file > Edit > View options and Click on the Thumbnails option in the sidebar.
  • To find where to add the other document or file, click on a page thumbnail.
  • Select Edit > Insert > File from the Folder, Select the PDF file which you want to add and then Click open.
  • To save that file after merging select File > Export as PDF.

Combine Part of a PDF File With Another PDF File

To combine a part of a PDF file with another PDF file follow the following steps:

  • Open both PDF files you want to combine or merge in Preview on Mac.
  • In both documents or files select File > Edit > View options and then select the “Thumbnails” option under the View menu.
  • Then press and hold the Command button, choose the page that you want to add to the other file or document, then leave the command key.
  • Drag the selected thumbnails into the sidebar of the other PDF file and release where you want them to show. If your Mac has Operating System Sierra or earlier, then drag the thumbnails onto a thumbnail in the other PDF document.
  • To save that file, select File > Export as PDF.

Applications Used to Merge Files on Mac

There are few Applications for Mac Operating system through which you can merge documents or files easily. They are briefly explained below with step by step method.

Adobe Acrobat Reader

Adobe is the name which is synonymous with PDFs, it has been the driving force behind PDFs for many time and their Acrobat Reader application is the most common PDF apps on any platform.

how to combine pdfs

Adobe Acrobat Reader is quite popular, if you check 50 computers randomly, you will find 75% among them will have the Adobe Acrobat Reader application installed in order to handle the PDF files. It takes time to find out the way about how to merge PDF files using Acrobat Reader on a Mac.

Let’s check the following step by step guide in order to accomplish the task of the merging file:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Reader Applications on your Mac.
  • Then click on the Tools option which is located at the top left side of the Acrobat Reader window
  • Click on the Combine Files option
  • There you will find the Add Files option which will allow you to choose the PDF files that you want to merge manually.
  • Once you have selected the PDF files you want to merge then click on the Combine Files to begin the process.

PDF Expert

PDF Expert application can also be used to handle the PDF files as it makes it incredibly easy to combine or merge PDF files on Mac. You don’t need to worry about manually copying and pasting text, images, or about losing your data. PDF Expert automatically handles everything for you.

combine pdf pages

In PDF Expert application there is two way to merge the PDF documents, both are described below.

Menu Based Option

  • Open the PDF Expert application on your Mac.
  • Click on the File in the menu bar.
  • Click on the Merge files option.
  • Choose the PDF file which you want to combine and then click on the Merge button.

Drag and Drop Option

  • Open the PDF file in PDF Expert.
  • In the PDF Expert toolbar, click on the “Thumbnails” option. PDF Expert will show you a grid of thumbnails.
  • Then locate the file you want to combine with the primary file, drag and drop it onto this grid of thumbnails.

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