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How To Communicate in a Foreign Country?

Visiting a foreign country is always amazing and exciting but unless you have taken the time to learn languages beforehand, there are some chances that you have the communication problem.

This is because you have to communicate not much but a little in a new country like you have to ask for your tickets, the location of the hotel where you are going to stay, booking a room, even ordering some lunch sometimes the easiest of things becomes difficult due to the communication problem.

How To Communicate in a Foreign Country

Although nowadays most of us have smartphones and language translation apps are easily accessible so somehow it became easy to communicate but most of the time batteries die and roaming charges soar so this is not a good option as it’s not available all the time.

There are some steps which you should know to follow when you are traveling to a foreign country so you might prevent communication problem.

Step No – 01

Trying to communicate in a foreign country can sometimes be overwhelming and even a little nerve-wracking. So one of the basic thing you should keep before travelling is a phrasebook. This is always handy to carry in your bag while you are away and can make life much easier.

So phrasebook is one of the most useful items to invest. A phrasebook at least helps you in asking where the toilet is or to tell a waiter that you are vegetarian, you know that you can simply look it up.

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You should try to learn few of the basic words such as ‘hello’ or ‘how are you’ and you will for sure be surprised that how much local people will appreciate it too! There is a tip for you, learn how to ask if you speak your language and remember to ask. There might actually be a communication problem to worry about.

Step No – 02

Getting lost in a foreign country and not knowing about the directions is always a problem. As you don’t know their language as well so it becomes more difficult to ask about the directions. So an easy way to know about the directions is to get a map of where you are staying. This will make life much easier particularly if you need to ask about the directions from the local people.

make friends

If you are to explore something or seeking for the beautiful sights and cannot find the place you are looking for, so you don’t need to worry about the language barriers as you can simply point on the map where you are going.

Well you can also make some local friends or you may find many locals of the country which are from your country and can speak your language, you can easily communicate with them and can ask for the required things.

Step No – 03

Gesturing itself is a great communication tool in the foreign countries. Think of it as game of charades. It might feel silly but it is often miming what you want is the easiest for people to understand. You must carry a paper and pen because it helps you if you want to write the address of your hotel or sights you want to visit.

Pen Paper

Just remember that in some countries gestures are considered inappropriate and rude. So you must take care that your gestures should not be considered rude by the local people of whatever foreign country you are visiting.

Do get some deasible knowledge about the country before you are planning to go to that country it is very important. Rude behavior or gesture might disturb you during your trip, so be respectful, positive and friendly.

Step No – 04

Just smile, yes, it may be a little embarrassing standing there using some broken sentences which you can’t understand, occasionally throwing in the odd English word and wildly gesturing and drawing pictures all because you want to order noodles rather than the rice. You should try to see funny sights and relax.


Don’t let the language barriers to ruin your trip or frustrate you and remember whoever you are having trouble communicating with is probably finding it just as difficult as you. There are always sideways and convenient way find that way to communicate with the people or you may find people there from your place which may be the locals so don’t let language ruin your trip.

Step No – 05

If it’s possible for you to use a smartphone in a foreign country, as there are plenty of apps available to translate the language and phrases, it is the ever best first option to try. There are also some more easiest ways to communicate in a foreign country by showing the picture to the local people of the place you are finding.

There are also some apps which enable you to download the map of the place where you aspire to visit or the area where your accommodation is. You must use your map offline to secure data charges. But always remember to keep any other communication aid with you to replace it if your phone runs out of battery.


People from all over the globe are very loving and caring, and they welcome all the tourists by all their hearts and they love to help them, no doubt language issue might cause you a bit of trouble but it can not ruin your trip as there are many alternatives ways through which you can manage.

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