If you are looking to make a delicious and luscious dish to charm your beloved ones, then you have come to the right place. We offer you the recipes which are not just appetizing but these are also very convenient to make. And if you have guests coming over all the time then you better go with our recipe.

It will not let you be tired of having guests over all the time whereas it will only make you their favorite host. This is more mouth-watering than it sounds. So, let’s get ready to prepare the tastiest dish. 

How to roast lamb in oven?


You will need these few simple ingredients to make this recipe. It is very easy to make as there are not many ingredients to deal with. These are the items which you have to gather for 4 portions

  • (2 quarters of lamb: 4 serves) 
  • Lard or olive oil
  • Salt 
  • Water


The utensils are also very few like ingredients since it is a very easy recipe to cook. 

  • Shallow Pan
  • Oven

Steps To Follow To Make Roast Lamb

Once you have gathered all the ingredients and utensils,  you can finally begin. If you follow these simple steps, you will not enjoy the cooking all along but also your meal will be ready before you know it. It almost takes 2 hours which are completely worth it. 

1. Age Of The Animal

Before you can start cooking your lamb, you need to make sure which meat you are using. There are different kinds of meat of lambs. Suckling lamb has the age of one month and a half whereas baby lamb ranges from 6-10 weeks of age. Spring lamb is between 12 weeks and 5 months. Mutton is the meat of animals over one-year-old. 

2. Cutting Off The Meat

The meat of the lamb is very tender than other meats of other kinds and it is tastiest when it is roasted in over. For this purpose, you need to ask your butcher to make the meat ready for the oven. Ask him to cut the lines on the meat without making deep lines because this will allow the lamb to be roasted easily. 

Lamb meat
Source: www.allnaturalmeats.ca

3. Make The Meat Juicier

When you are preparing the lamb then spread it with lard. If you do not want to use lard or you do not have lard then you can use olive oil as well. In any case, we are trying to make the meat juicier as well as form a kind of crust around the lamb meat. 

4. Adding Flavor To The Meat

The next step is to season the meat. After you have seasoned the meat, place the lamb on a baking tray or a pot of clay with two glasses of water. To add some flavor to your meat, include aromatic herbs like thyme or rosemary or some chopped garlic, parsley, etc. This will add flavor to your meat.

spices in lamb
Source: www.thekitchn.com

5. Heating the Meat

The next step is to preheat your oven to 150°C. Now place the pan or the tray, that you are using the oven and let it cook for almost 45 minutes on the one side. Now once this side has turned brown then turn it over and then let this side be cooked for another 45 minutes.

You should always make sure that steam is present during roasting. So, if you see that all the water has evaporated then add more water to avoid drying of the roast. Make sure the sides are properly cooked because the size of the lamb determines the time it will take to cook. 

6. Ready to Serve

Now your dish is ready to serve. You can place it in your favorite set of crockery. The last thing to do is to relish this dish to the fullest. Bon appetite! 

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