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How To Crate Train a Puppy? Everything You Need To Know About Crate Training

How To Crate Train A Puppy?: Crate training of your dog is very important. It is time-consuming and also takes some effort. It can be helpful in many ways. If you have a new puppy or dog at your home, you may create a crate for him to limit his access to the rest of the house.

crate a dog

You must teach him the house rules. He must know what he has to do and what not. A crate is the easiest way of carrying your dog anywhere you want to. If your dog is habitual of living in a crate then it will not be a problem when you take him out. He will be safe in a place where he is not allowed to run freely.

How To Crate Train A Puppy?

The crate training process can last for days and weeks. It all depends on your puppy and the way you train him. You must keep something exciting in the crate always for your puppy. Make it attractive that your dog will love to be there. Training must be done in steps, do not force anything on your dog.

Step 1: The crate must be at a place in your house where you and your family spend most of your time. Mostly, it is the lounge or any family room.

Bring your puppy near the crate. Talk to him sweetly in a friendly way to show him affection. Make sure that the door of the crate is secured and opens quickly when needed.

To make sure that your dog enters the crate, you must keep some food inside of it. Do not put it far away but keep it near the door. Ask your dog to have the food. Do not force him to enter. Once he goes in keep on tossing him treats if he is interested in them. This will take a few days or maybe just a few minutes.

Step 2: Once your dog is getting used to the crate, start feeding him with the normal food. This will result in an exciting attraction with the crate. If your dog enters the crate easily then with the second step. Now start putting the food dish far away at the back of the crate.

If he is still reluctant to enter the crate, then you can put the dish closer to the door of the crate. Every time you give him food put his dish a little back inside the crate. Once he starts eating the meal in the crate you can close the door. In starting, you will open the door soon after he finishes the meal.

how to crate train a puppy

Step 3: After the dog has started to eat his daily meal in the crate, you can keep him there for a short period of time. You can tell him to sit in the crate and eat his food there. Encourage him while doing so. This will let him believe that he is doing the right thing and it is not his punishment.

While he is in his crate sit by his side and talk or play with him. 5-10 minutes with your dog in his crate can help him with his mood. Then you can open the door of the crate so he can come out. You may do this a few times a day. In every repetition, increase this time from 5 minutes.

Step 4: Once he has started spending half an hour in the crate, now you can leave him there for more time. You can also leave him there when you are going somewhere. You can leave him there with his toys and tell him to play. Whenever you are leaving your dog in the crate, appreciate him well enough.

When you come back, open his crate soon. This is the time when he wants to hug you and just be with you. Keep your outgoings short especially when your dog is in the crate. He must not be left alone for more time in the crate. It can affect his mental health and slow down the physical activities.

Precautions For Crating A Puppy

The crate is the best way to teach patience and manners to your puppy. Keep in mind the following precautions:

  • Do not let your dog be in the crate for a long time. He will become anxious and depressed. His physical activities will be lowered and it can result in his laziness.
  • Do not crate him in a way that he thinks it’s his punishment. Make it enjoyable for him and sit with him for time.
  • Puppies who are smaller than six months in age must stay in the crate for no longer than three to four hours. They cannot control their bladder for too long.
  • Crate your puppy only when you know he will destroy your house. Once he is being trained well now you can let them out.

train a puppy

Whenever you crate train a puppy, make sure that your puppy is happy. He must have all his pleasures in the crate. His toys and some of his food must be in the crate. Also, one person from the family member must be with the puppy when he is in the crate. This will help him in having a good time.

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