Best Way To cut a Mango, Eat a Mango & Peel a Mango: Easy Steps

How to Cut a Mango: Do you know the daily consumption of mango is greater than any other fruit around the world? In order to enjoy this delicious fruit, obviously, you have to peel and cut it. At first, it seems quite easy to cut a mango however it often leaves you with a juicy mess.

There is a big pit in the center of the mango which is not easy to cut around. But once we learn how to cut around the seed, the rest is not difficult. It is worth mentioning that always use a clean cutting board and knife to cut a mango.

how to cut a mango: mangoes

Also sanitize your work area, hands, and utensils before cutting not only fruits but also vegetables. In this article, we will describe different methods to cut or peel a mango in a proper way. So if you are interested to learn these easy methods, then read the article till the end. Fruit skewers are fun and delicious as well as obviously healthy way to eat fruits, it is also the easiest way to make your children eat fruits.

How To Eat A  Mango?

Here are some of the methods to eat mango:

how to eat a mango

  • Peel And Cut: Peel the skin of mango using a knife or vegetable peeler. After that cut the fruit in cubes shape or slices and eat.
  • Juice Sucker: In this method, you have to gently massage the mango until soft. Eventually, it will become a sack of juice. After that bite a small hole in the end or stem and suck out all the pure juice.

How To Cut A Mango In Cubes?

Sometimes, we need perfectly diced mango in order to add them in a fruit salad or any other recipe. This is because perfectly cut in cube shapes seems good and reflect your skills.

how to slice a mango

Given below are the steps to cut a mango in cubes in an easy way:

Cut Around The Seed

There is a long fleet seed in the center of each mango. Once we know how to clear it off, the rest will not be difficult anymore. For this purpose, you have to position the mango in such a way that the stem is on the top. After that, slice off the sides of mango and make sure to leave some border to fully avoid the seed.

Cut A Grid

This step is similar to the cutting cubes of avocado. We will need a paring knife to cut a grid pattern on each half of the mango. Make sure not to cut the skin of the mango. After that, take one half of the mango and press the underside of it. In this way, the inside of the pulp is pushed out as individual cubes.

Scoop It Out

Next, we will use a spoon or a paring knife in order to scoop the pulp from the mango skin. Press gently against the fruit and pull it out.

The remaining fruit that was left around the seed cannot go to waste. Using a paring knife slice the remaining pulp and cut them into the cube shape. You should also eat much fruit which contains the highest water content.

How To Peel and Cut A Mango Using Glass?

A regular drinking glass can work as a wonder when it comes to peeling a mango. This method is convenient only for the mangoes which are not much ripe as more riped mangoes can create a juicy mesh.

how to peel a mango

The steps involved in this method are as following:

Slice Off the Sides

This step is similar to step one of the previous methods. You just have to cut the mango in half from either side of the seed.

Slide On Glass

In this step, we will need a regular drinking glass. It would be better to use a glass with a thinner rim. Put one end of the mango on the rim of glass and press against it and continue to slide the fruit in the glass until you reach the other end of the slice.

Remove Fruit From Glass And Slice

From the previous step, we will get the fruit come away as a perfect half from the skin. Now we are free to dice or slice them as we choose.

How To Cut A Mango Using Knife?

If your mangoes a little bit ripes and you want them to be cut in perfect cubes or slices then you can do so using a knife.

how to tell if a mango is ripe

Healthy teeth are the sign of a good diet so you should eat foods that keep your teeth strong.

This method comprises the following steps:

Cut Off the Stem

Just grab a knife and lay the mango on a side and cut off the stem. Make sure to cut the bottom in a way that the mango has an even surface and can stand up on the cutting board.

Peel The Mango And Cut Off

In this step, we will use a knife or a vegetable peeler in order to cut off the skin of the mango. Try to peel as close to the pulp as possible. After that cut around the sides of the pit to get two large pieces of mango. Also, cut the fruit that is left on the two narrow sides.

Dice Or Slice The Pulp

In the end, just lay down the sides on a cutting board and slice into strips or dice into cubes as you want.

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I hope you like my post about How to cut a mango and if you have any query then ask us or if you want to share your way of cutting mango then hit them down in the comments section. We will be waiting to hear from you. You can also read:


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