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How to Cut Bangs in Different Styles? On a Wig, Curly Hair & Side Bangs

How To Cut Bangs?: If you wish to get your bangs without going to the salon, it is 100% possible. All you need is a good advisor who can guide you about the perfect way to cut your bangs. You can do it yourself at home. Though everyone will recommend you to go to the professional to get your best bangs.

how to cut bangs

It is very easy to get bangs at home. If you cannot do it yourself your sister or mother could help you. In this article, we will tell you about how to cut your layered bangs at home. Here are extremely easy steps which you can follow to get perfect bangs.

1. Dampen your hair: You must cut your hair when they are damp. So you must cut your bangs after you have towel-dried your hair. You can also just mist your hair with a spray bottle to get then dampen.

how to cut bangs

2. Part your hair: Take a comb and part your hair from side to side, creating a triangle shape. The center of your bangs is exactly the middle of your eyebrow.

3. Twist your hair: To keep the layers from looking too sharp, twisting your hair is imperative. you need to twist your hair so that when you cut them it has a layering effect. Also, you can cut it in a way that each strand is snipped at different lengths. The difference will be very slightly visible but enough to soften the bangs and give a stunning look.

cutting your own bangs

4. Decide where to cut: When it comes to where you should place your scissors, it depends on how long you want your bangs to be and what is your hair type. If you have straight hair cut from your mouth if you have wavy hair cut it right below your mouth and if you have curly hair, cut it near your chin.

Scissors matter a lot. Do not just use the easily available pair of scissors. Use the smallest scissors you have. The smaller the scissors, the more control you’ll have over the cut. Yes, that means you can use manicure scissors. Or you can order a pair of professional hair-cutting scissors.

5. Shake and dry: After you snip, shake your new bangs out, comb them through with a round brush and blast them with a blow dryer. Turn your brush inward toward your face and roll the hair through. Also, point the blower dryer downward for smooth hair that falls lightly around your face and creates those face-framing layers.

hair style

It’s like having a brand-new haircut that doesn’t cost a penny and takes less than 10 minutes to do. Always cut your bangs longer than your desired length especially when you are doing this for the first time, always cut your hair longer than normal. Then you can touch them up if you think the length is still long.

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