When you think to fill spaces of room walls or have some creative ideas to make some interesting drawing but don’t have any specific ideas then Chalkboard Paint is the best substitute for the creative twist. It can help your children to groom up with their artwork and to which they love to draw on spaces.Decorate with Chalkboard Paint

If you want to draw anything in a decorative way but don’t have any exciting ideas then don’t worry about it because here I am providing the guide and giving the best tips and ideas of doing such decorative artwork at your home spaces. We will discuss five unique and creative ideas which will help you in knowing the art of using Chalkboard Paint.

Note: Here you can also write for your loved ones which will be memorable for them.

Some Exciting Ideas of Using Chalkboard Paint

Here we are going to share some exciting and useful ideas with you to give you an interesting way of drawings.

Chalkboard Paint on Home Appliance

Children love to draw on cupboards, walls, fridge and on other furniture at home. Sometimes they want to write something to express their feelings which they may not feel easy to say.

Another interesting use of Chalkboard Paint is to cover damaged furniture or turn old and rough furniture in new shape.Sometimes we want to renew the home furniture or other appliance but because of time and expense, it get ignored mostly but if we think it is very easy to maintain things at home with some of creative ideas.Chalkboard paint on Home Appliances

By doing artwork with chalkboard it will not only be cured but also gives a decorative and fresh look to the viewers. So, you must do it to save your money and time for renewal of accessories.

Appliances which you can easily paint with Chalkboard are:

  • A Headboard.
  • A Table and Desk.
  • A Shelf.
  • Fridge and Kitchen Walls for Writing Weekly Menue.
Information: You can get Chalkboard Paint from any authentic or specific store easily.

Chalkboard Paint Used for Labels on Jars

You can paint on Jars which may be used in the kitchen for saving foodies or that can be your beauty jars so that you can write the name of that particular thing on them. It will give a feeling of relaxation when you may find concerning thing you need on time. When you go for this type of little artistic stuff, it will be enjoyable as well as useful for your busy routine.Chalkboard Paint for Jar LabelsJars can be painted from the front side and also upper place on their covers.Its all up to you as they seem good to you and suit with space where you place them after painting.

Chalkboard Paint Calendar

If you are a busy person and don’t have much time to remember dates and events, you can get a perfect solution by allocating a wall of your room. On that wall, you can draw a big calendar with the help of Chalkboard Paint. This calendar will remind you to do all those special things you have to do.

Chalkboard Calendar will not only give a sophisticated look to the wall near your study table but it will also be your reminding diary on which you have written down those specific works you want to do on time.

Chalkboard Paint on Drawers

If you have old drawers at your home which seem useless and garbage just because of their fainted paint or scratches, you can renew them with using Chalkboard Paint. There are many ideas to make them new by following proper ways but the best one is to give a new and creative touch to make them classy and good looking.


It will not only recover your items of furniture but also give you a way to express your feelings and write about them. This idea is considered as one of the best for children too because they will love to have such activity in their room and learn many things from a creative activity. If you go for the positive response of the activity, it will be beneficial for you as well with your children.

Chalkboard Paint In The Kitchen Area

The kitchen is a basic area of the house which should look very impressive and intention taking. If you found any space in your kitchen you can fill that with Chalkboard Paint. It can use for love wishings to your loved ones, you can write the weekly menu on that space and also draw some interesting drawings like fruits, veggies etc.Decorate Kitchen With Chalkboard PaintYou can write some daily routine details which you want to remember every day and these can be:

  • Shopping List.
  • Any Special Diet Plan.
  • Exercise Routine With Daily Diet.
  • Write Some Interesting Moments That Makes You Happy.

Combination of white, black and grey on kitchen wall will give smooth and relaxing feelings because these colors always create the light atmosphere.

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