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How to remove a YouTube video that someone else uploaded 100% Working

How to Delete a YouTube Video? YouTube is one of the most popular video-sharing services where users can watch, share, like, comment and upload their own videos. If you uploaded a video but there is a mistake in it and now you are looking for a way to delete it from your channel. In this article, you will find a way to delete a youtube video through the website or mobile application.

how to delete a youtube video

There may be several reasons for deleting a video from a YouTube channel, maybe the content is outdated, maybe there are some mistakes in that video or maybe there is a copyrights issue. So in such conditions, you will delete the video. You can delete the video either using a mobile app or website.

Reasons for removing videos

There are various reasons for deleting videos from your youtube channel or deleting the youtube channel. Considering the most frequent reasons that lead a user or company to delete a YouTube video, the most recurrent are these:

youtube video hot video

Not Following The Copyright

There may be a copyright issue appear, you need to delete the video because of unauthorized use of images or content. You can get rid of this issue by making your own videos and content. Or maybe something similar happens such as you use background music previously recorded by some musical group.

Content Updating

You may be removed the video from your youtube channel because the video is now outdated and it requires updating or now the video is worthless. So in such a situation, you will delete the video.

To Change Your Design, Brand, Business or Activity

Maybe the company changes the brand name or design so in such a situation user need to delete the videos on youtube channel or update them according to the new strategy they adopt.

For Change Of Strategy

There may be a situation in which you have observed, it is a better idea to upload your content to other social media networking sites which are more specific and related to your business.

Maybe you did great efforts to create your YouTube channel, but now you realized that it wasn’t the best way to communicate with your audience. So in such a situation, you need to delete the videos or even delete the Youtube account.

How To Delete A YouTube Video

Some people use Youtube on the mobile application while some use on the computer, You can delete the videos on both mobile and websites. Both methods are briefly described below:

How To Delete A YouTube Video Using the website

You are using YouTube through the website on your computer and you want to delete the video, here below simple and easy steps are given which you need to follow.

how to delete a video on youtube

Step-1  First, you need to go to the YouTube Official Website.

delete youtube video

Step-2 Click on sign-In option on the upper right corner.

Step-3 After Signing-in into your account, click on the YouTube Menu button which is located at the upper-left corner of the screen.

how to delete youtube videos

Step-4 Select My channel from the list that appears in front of you.

how to delete video on youtube

Step-5 Now Click on the YouTube Beta Studio option, which is located in the middle of the screen near the top.

delete video from youtube

Step-6 Click on the Videos option which appears after clicking video manager.

my videos youtube

Step-7 Locate the video which you want to delete, click on the dropdown icon, a dropdown list will appear.

youtube how to

Step-8 Click on the Actions button and then choose Delete option among the dropdown list which appears.

youtube video not playing

How To Delete A YouTube Video Using the Mobile application

You can also delete the video on youtube channel through your mobile phone, just follow the below steps:

how to delete videos on youtube

Step-1 Open the YouTube mobile application and Login to your account.

how to remove a video from youtube

Step-2 Tap a My channel option, which is located at the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Youtube mobile

Step-3 Then tap My Videos which you will see near the top of the menu.

Youtube mobile

Step-4 Locate the video which you want to delete.

Step-5 At the far-right side of the screen, you will a three-dotted icon, tap at that icon.

Youtube mobile

Step-6 A drop-down list will appear, select the Delete which is in the middle of the menu.

Youtube mobile

Step-7 Tap the OK option and the video will be deleted.

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