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How To Do A Messy Bun In Just 7 Steps? Give Your Hair A Fluffy Stylish Look

A messy bun is the easiest way to pull off your hair for any outing. No matter where you are going a messy bun is the best hairstyle. Whether it is for shopping, for your work or you want to feel relaxed at your home.  There are many different ways of making a messy bun.

You do not need much skills or expertise to make one. It is a very simple 4-5 parts process and you can get a perfect messy bun.

how to do a messy bun

All you have to do is wash your hair so that your hair is not greasy. Your hair must be washed, cleaned and dried before you do any type of styling.

How To Do A Messy Bun?

You can make a perfect messy bun if you follow these simple steps:

Step#: 1

Brush your hair so that they are not tangled anymore. A messy bun does not mean that your hair must be left tangled. You always have to brush them for proper styling. Before you start to make a style make sure that your hair is smooth and tangle-free.

Brush your hair

Step#: 2

 After you have done brushing you will need a straightening spray. Always use a texture spray. It will give a straight hair texture to your strands. Do not get confused if you already have straight hair, that is a big plus for you. Use this spray and your hair will look managed at once.

hair straightening

Step#: 3

 Now pull all your hair back and gather them in a ponytail. Use your best skills to put your hair up in a ponytail. It is not necessary for it to be perfect. Just gather all your hair back and pull them back. There is no need to settle every bump. Leave it as it is.


Step#: 4

 Make an imperfect messy bun. Be ready now your ponytail is converting into a bun. Twist your ponytail and enclose it around the base of its own. Again, do not try to make it perfect.

messy bun

Step#: 5

 Save your bun with a hairband. Make a few loops around your bun with the help of the hairband. Do not over-do the loops. Keep them slightly loose enough to handle your bun. Making it tight will not give a good look to your hairstyle.

hair tie

Step#: 6

 Now, look for any strands that are straying around. Pin these down with bobby pins. This is totally optional if you want them like this leave them. This will not ruin your hairstyle. But if you want them to be tucked used bobby pins.

bobby pins

Step#: 7

Give a finishing look with the hair spray. Do not use too much of the spray as it will not give a messy look. It will settle your hair down and give a greasy look. But remember you do not need that. So just spray a little and then leave it as it is.

Add a Touch of Flair In Your Messy Bun

A messy bun is considered to be typical classic, but if you want to spice it up you can. Here are a few tips that you can add up for your messy bun:

Messy Bun For A Special Event

To make an instant bun you will just need a fancy hair accessory. It will give a fancy look to your hairstyle if you are going to any occasion.

Messy Bun For A Festival

If there is any festival in your area soon you can definitely try this hairstyle. Don’t hesitate if you feel the need to change the color of your hair. The best option is that you can use temporary hair color spray to make your bun look classy in the crowd.

Messy Bun for Everyday Hair Look

You do not have to have special plans to get this messy bun. You can do it at your home as well. Try to add flair to your bun by saving it with a fabric band rather than your normal hair tie. This better is simple and good looking.

You can also visit any of the best Hair Saloon near your location or visit Zia’s Salons to make your hairstyle more stylish.

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