How To Do Arm Exercises Without Weights?

Exercises are done to achieve and maintain a certain level of fitness. While some of the exercises are designed to improve overall strength and fitness of human body, some are very specialized for one or the other part of the body. If you want to have a good looking physique, you need to work on each individual part of the body muscles, such as legs, arms, back and abs.

Arm Exercises

Similarly, some exercises are done with weights whereas some can be done without weights, giving the same benefits. You must be familiar with the arms exercises that are done with weights, such as dumbbells, barbells etc. But there are many such exercises for arms that can be done without weights. The best part of these exercises is, these are equally beneficial, as are done with weights.

Here, we are suggesting some useful techniques and exercises for arms that can be done without weights!

Exercise # 1 – Push Ups

One of the most effective and simplest exercises for arms that are done without weights are where you use the weight of your body to work on different muscles. For doing this exercise you need to lie down on the exercise mat, facing down towards the floor.


Now shift the weight of your body on your arms, by placing palms on the floor and pushing the body upwards. Do not bend the back or the knees. Toes of the feet should be firmly anchored on the floor, thus lifting the entire body. In this position, start doing push ups. 12-15 push ups in one set and 2-3 sets a day are recommended.

Exercise # 2 – Push into Wall

The second exercise for arms which is done without weights is also very simple and effective. For doing this exercise you need a wall. So, stand upright near a wall, with your face towards the wall. The distance between your body and the wall may vary with your height, normally you should stand some 3 feet away from the wall. Now place your palms on the wall, in line with your chest height.

Push into Wall

Now push your body towards the wall while bending your arms and then come back to the original position while straightening your arms. This way you will be exerting pressure on your arms, with the weight of your body. Although it looks very simple you will observe its impact on your arms, while doing this exercise.

Repeat for 10-15 times in one set and do 3-5 sets a day.

Exercise # 3 – Three-Stage Exercise

The third exercise that is done without weights for arms is also very effective. It has an additional benefit and that is on your back. Therefore, it is also very useful for those who are suffering from back problems. This exercise is done in three stages. Stand on the exercise mat and then bend your body in such a way that ultimately you touch the floor with your palms, while feet remained firmly anchored on the floor with back pointing towards the roof. This way your body will form a triangle.

Three-Stage Exercise

Once you have reached the triangle shape, start lowering your hips, while leaning forward. Doing so, your body should be straight parallel to the ground, with the entire weight of the body on toes and palms. Maintain this posture for few seconds. Now lift your head and neck upwards as much as possible, whereas all other parts of the body remaining in the same posture as were in the second stage of this exercise. Maintain this posture of the raised trunk for few seconds.

Repeat all these three stages for 10-12 times.

Exercise # 4 – Movement of hands

The fourth exercise for arms is also done without weights. In this exercise, body weight is not used, still, it is very much effective to work on your arms. In this exercise, you use the sitting style and hand movements that work on the arms. For doing so, you need to sit on the chair. You may also sit on a bench instead of the chair. While sitting, your back should remain straight.

Movement of hands

Now lift your arms, stretching in line with your shoulders, thus making the shape of cross, while back should be still straight without any bend. Maintaining this posture, keep moving your hands upwards and downwards. Keep doing this for 10-15 times in one set and do 2-3 sets. Next stage of this exercise is to maintain the same posture but instead of moving your hands up and down, make circles with your wrists.

In the advanced stage of this exercise, you may make circles along with the movement of your entire arm. As we always emphasize, be consistent in your workouts, take care of your diet and give a break of one day after every two to three days, enabling the muscles to re-grow.

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